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Scott L.
Today 07:58 PM
Dead Mans Switch
How about a sliding potentiometer that spring returns to 0. User must hold slider in center region if they panic and either release or push to far it cuts power.
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Today 07:48 PM
pic: 4 775pro compact gearbox
Yes that would be one way of gearing it down but it would increase its vertical hight
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Today 07:24 PM
Turning Motor / Gear Ratio for swerve drive
We have had good success with 9015s with about 180:1 gear ratio (including the final ratio between the gearbox output shaft and the turret). That would put our steering speed at around 80 RPM (if you...
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Today 07:13 PM
RoboRIO dpkg or apt
Unfortunately I can't edit posts... Well the distro itself seems to still be alive actually, but the original website doesn't look to be maintained. Do you happen to have an updated link to their...
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Today 07:07 PM
3D Printers
One of the most important aspects to consider when looking at competing carbon fiber/filled materials is the percentage of carbon by volume. You can have a countinous fiber strand running through...
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Today 06:45 PM
pic: i want my baby bot, baby bot, baby bot 179's off season project version 1
Pretty sure those are bag motors not Cims but I could be wrong.
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Tom Line
Today 06:27 PM
Robot Maintenance and Problem Prevention
Ahhhh yes. We have encountered this many, many times using the standard dashboard and trying to send data to the robot using combo boxes / radio buttons / numeric controls. So much so that we now...
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Today 05:56 PM
2018 IRI Invite Prediction Contest
It's that quick internet connection. Doesn't get me registration for good regionals anymore, but it still gets me 18th place in an IRI invite prediction contest :D
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Today 05:38 PM
2018 IRI Invitations
Eh... I don't think the IRI committee is obligated (nor should they) to explain their decisions publicly. It's a private event with a black box selection process advertised from the get go. It's...
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Dan T.
Today 05:03 PM
WVROX 2018
Dang, I (and our team) would love to go to this event. Too bad we signed up too late though. :(
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Today 04:25 PM
pic: Swerve Module, 2910 Off Season
Certainly, Below is the link to the CAD for the entire mini swerve chassis we build last summer. The modules are in there. https://github.com/woolfepr/Swerve-MK1
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Today 03:42 PM
What is your off season summer project this year.
Current plans for 2220: - Outreach out the wazzoo - Fundraising for a router (Omio x8, probably) - Learning to use said router - Possibly a WCD or elevator - Learn CAD (probably Onshape) All...
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Tyler Olds
Today 03:15 PM
FRC Live Trivia Tonight! Win Prizes, best your friends!
Lol I don't think it randomizes the answers when I send the link. Thought it would since it's toggled for the live events. In the future I guess I'll have to randomize the answers ahead of time too...
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Today 02:18 PM
Extending RobotPy/wpilib for a new motor controller
I'm trying to port WPILib to a BeagleBone Blue, which has nice motor/servo outputs, encoder inputs, and an IMU on board: https://beagleboard.org/blue Pretty challenging so far, but I'm enjoying the...
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Today 02:13 PM
Need opinions on this red card
I can't quite make it out in that video. But, isn't the ref in question one of your mentors? If not, the mentor you had there could likely provide a bit more insight than anyone here can. I'd be...
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Today 01:18 PM
What do you want to see in Pathfinder?
The new version is in a completely separate repo that hasn't been open-sourced yet.
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Today 12:53 PM
Cooler Master Gaming Tournament
Would be fun to have a Kerbal Space Program tournament. First to successfuly land on the Mun! Or, fastest through a complex Portal map! All the regular choices seem to be pretty mainstream.
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Today 10:45 AM
pic: 4587 Swerve 1.0
I'll try to grab some within the next week.
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Today 10:32 AM
Team 5421: Battlecry@WPI Recap
Yes we are! We are going to Where's Wolcott (WIWI) and Brunswick Eruption.
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Today 10:22 AM
Team 498's Newest T Shirt Shooter Robot - Decimiator
Thanks Adam, this will come in handy. When we get ours done, we will need to have some kind of shoot off!
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