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Al Skierkiewicz
Today 01:18 AM
How to insulate battery wires facing "out" of battery instead of straight up
If you want to use heatshrink, just cut a slit down one side and then push the heatshrink around the terminal with the slit on the bottom. Hold the open end of the tubing with a long nose pliers...
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Al Skierkiewicz
Today 01:13 AM
Bundled wire question
Multicore, jacketed wire in #12 gauge is pretty expensive and heavy. If you have the money and have enough weight, jacketed cable is legal. However, if one wire or pair should fail, you have to...
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Al Skierkiewicz
Today 01:08 AM
red to black wire
The rule that you are thinking of is this... R61. All non-SIGNAL LEVEL wiring with a constant polarity (i.e., except for outputs of relay modules, motor controllers, or sensors) shall be color-coded...
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Today 01:05 AM
Importance of the Scale After Week 0?
I saw a lot of missed opportunity where robots took opponents cubes to put on their scale when there was just one or two cubes on the opponents switch. Often the time left in the match made it more...
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Today 01:03 AM
Week 0 Lessons Learned
Now I get it with 125.. I was watching that and could not figure out what those two black poles were for on back ..thought they might be because they were top heavy. A ramp makes a lot more...
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Today 01:00 AM
Sendable Chooser not appearing on one Specific SmartDashboard
We are experiencing this issue as well, what shuffleboard thingy are you talking about?
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Today 12:57 AM
The FIRST Devil's Dictionary
Scissors Lift: A mechanism every team builds. ONCE. Jason
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Today 12:57 AM
Team 2404 TNT build Season video 1
we are way behind we have every thing done-ish we just need to mount it all
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Today 12:54 AM
How to cool compressor
Plus it makes an interesting sound when a curious student sticks his/her finger in the spinning blades.
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Today 12:53 AM
Can you drive w/ 2 cims?
You went from 160 lb to 125 lb. That tells me you didn't ditch the "55lb" scissor lift. That tells me that that's your climber. And THAT tells me that you should have ditched your climber instead of...
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Today 12:42 AM
Can't find Victor SPX calibration procedure
We are using Victor SPX controllers for our drive motors in PWM mode. The information sheet indicates that it has a brake/coast/calibrate button but I can't find any information about the PWM...
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Today 12:41 AM
Problems With XRS450 Gyro
Thank you so much! Now I wonder why it would always enable the accelerometer first and not the gyro? Either way it doesn’t matter. I’ll reply to this thread if disabling the accelerometer doesn’t...
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Today 12:40 AM
Fusion Chips
Clint, you know you better save me a Challenge Coin right?
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Peter Johnson
Today 12:40 AM
gyro not found
Is the snippet you posted the entirety of code running when you are testing this?
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Today 12:31 AM
Is Welding Worth It?
I'm taking a heliarc welding class at the local community college. They call it GTAW, or TIG, though. I guess we have to be really old to even know what heliarc means!
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Today 12:06 AM
ONT District - Georgian College Event [ONBar]
Any webcast?
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Yesterday 11:59 PM
Steampunk 1577 Two Cube Auto
Presents our 2 Cube Auto (Scale & Switch) for the close side: https://youtu.be/pkOzsT7R_mw And many more are coming. 1678 and 1806, we are coming for 3!
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Yesterday 11:57 PM
Running compressor blocks solenoid use
For these kinds of bugs, a very effective technique is to create a new program with absolutely the minimum code for the solenoid. In the CS world these are called “Test cases”and if they work you can...
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Yesterday 11:40 PM
FRC Indiana 2018
After getting our first look at Indiana teams with the Central Indiana Scrimmage, what are your thoughts on this years group?
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Alan Anderson
Yesterday 11:38 PM
Driver Station Robot Code Problems?
You need to build the program first, then run as startup. Don't use deploy -- it will usually work fine, but there are ways for it not to.
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