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Today 07:51 AM
Nav-X Micro Libraries
Thank you for the clarification. The situation of which you explained is EXACTLY what we did. So don't do that if you plan to use the navy-micro!
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Koko Ed
Today 07:38 AM
[TBA]: 1stRoboticsRocks
Some of you may not know but my Instagram page 1stroboticsrocks documents all the robots I see at the numerous competitions I go to (at least I try to). This has proven to be a useful tool to help...
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Koko Ed
Today 06:04 AM
Best part of competitions?
Woodie had an interesting observation of the controlled chaos that happens between a match. It seems like everyone is scrambling around doing their own thing, Teams coming in and teams leaving. Field...
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Koko Ed
Today 05:52 AM
Team Update 4
We're not allowed to hold team hostage. If they want to go back to their pits they can they're just responsible for making sure they get back in time for their match.
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Today 04:37 AM
Unusually high memory usage by WPILib
2018.01.20 is now out to fix a number of issues here. Sorry it took so long to get out, my computer has been dead for a few days. - Added -Pdeploy-force-jre (usage: `./gradlew deploy...
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Today 03:33 AM
COTS question
umm yeah :eek: So not a thing out here... part of the price for paradise I suppose..
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Today 02:32 AM
FIRES Scouting App
Team 48 will be very interested in using your system again. It was very useful to us last year. Thanks for allowing us to use it. We will be looking forward to using it again this year. :)
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Today 01:55 AM
CAN Timeout Errors and Loss of DS Comms
So we found a work around or possibly a solution. For some reason the PDP is not happy when our code runs and the new 2018 Telemetry feature is enabled. We have our own thread that polls the PDP at...
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Today 01:35 AM
navX-MXP Java Problems
I have attached code that my team used before kickoff which worked perfectly with the navX so, you might take a look at the NavX subsystem and the corresponding commands to see if that helps....
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Today 01:26 AM
No rule this year to stay above 12" after T=0
Just climb high enough that they canít miss it. Thatís our plan anyway.
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Today 01:26 AM
Good Topic for WFA Suggested Ethics Discussions
I think like any COTS solution you have the choice of a likely above average widget (compared to the full spectrum of in house mechanisms) but you end up locked into that paradigm. Is it an...
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Today 01:20 AM
Powering LEDs on the Operator Console
Can't share what isn't released! Had a team come by today to pick up samples and they will report back next week. I want to make sure it works before we offer it up. Here is a link to old version:...
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Today 01:17 AM
What size drive train is your team making?
We're going 27.5" x 27.5" square.
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Today 12:59 AM
The Robonauts 118-Everybot
The Robonauts are proud to present the technical documentation on Everybot that includes a guide on how we built Everybot along with some robot photos for teams to reference.
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Thad House
Today 12:31 AM
Eclipse Mutex Error
It looks likes somehow its using make and the desktop compiler to build, which would explain these errors. How are you running the build? When you click build, eclipse should give a popup window with...
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Today 12:16 AM
paper: Teaching Labview with Pong
Hello, I am very new to LabView, just helped our students make a simple Celsius to Ferenheight conversion program. I would really like to help them make a simple Pong game, (As simple as possible). ...
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Today 12:01 AM
Accessing FRC FMS from robot
The data isn't sent to the SmartDashboard or LiveWindow, so users of the SmartDashboard won't be able to use this data without writing a plugin. Shuffleboard users can drag the FMSInfo row into a tab...
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Yesterday 11:24 PM
When to use the Vault
This is the way I have been viewing the Vault for game analysis. Points per cube can help you decide whether it makes more sense to fill the vault or buff a scale/switch to maintain ownership. It...
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Yesterday 11:23 PM
Rookie Team Help Request - New to LabVIEW
https://wpilib.screenstepsli ve.com/s/currentCS/m/labview The topics listed here should cover just about everything you plan to control.
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Yesterday 11:18 PM
I2C LED Control with Rioduino
I'm not sure how to do this with I2C as we used serial but we appear to think alike, as I sent single characters last season (over serial). Worked great!
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