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Today 04:42 PM
Stupid Question
I learned Java through APCS, but I recently found this website which has pdf books. There is one on Java that I have given to members. All free and great stuff. https://books.goalkicker.com Sent...
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Today 04:00 PM
How do you teach new programming members?
One thing I noticed is that new programmers can sometimes rely too much on waiting for experienced programmers to give them the answer. Just this week, we had two students that needed to learn...
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Today 03:55 PM
China Update: China 2019 Canceled
This at the moment seems to be the real concern. I've already had discussions with some teams that would have changed their 1st and 2nd round preferences as a result of the 3 cancelled regionals...
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Today 03:47 PM
C and Java
I've leaned C, and I'm starting to learn Java. What are some of the differences between the two, so I can learn it better?
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Wayne Doenges
Today 03:44 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #745
Women: "See that door way over there? That's where you need to load in the truck. However, you have to do it all by hand. There is no way that truck will fit." Guy: "No habla English."
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A. Downer
Today 03:21 PM
Merge Troubles
Is there a proper way to merge objects? I apparently lack the knowledge. Is it surface specific or something like that? I hate leaving everything floating, not connected.
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Today 03:17 PM
[FF]: [OFF]: WMRI 2018 Tier 1
Times are enforced today, using eastern time. Miklast 7:00 7:37 7:39 nomythicalbeast 7:03 7:35 7:41 Niklas701 7:06 7:33 7:43 Golfer4646 7:09 7:31 7:45 CurtisB42 ...
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Today 03:08 PM
What do they do in beta?
We talked about our plans last Tuesday, things we want to do... - Upgrade 2018 code - Rookies create new project for a pancake bot - Checkout unit testing - extend gradle build script to ensure code...
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Today 03:06 PM
Git at competitions
Yes. We set up an extra server on each laptop that's being used for dev at the competition ("git remote add flashdrive F:\2018_repo"), then push/pull from flashdrive. During the competition, that...
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Today 03:06 PM
Are we out of touch? Is memes bad? Are meme good?
I like memes as much as the next guy, but it's disingenuous to imply that they're replacing words for serious communication. I don't understand why it's such a big issue. Whoa whoa whoa......
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Today 02:20 PM
Age breakdown of CD
^^ This post wins the thread, shut er down boys.
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Today 02:15 PM
BAN the person above you!
Banned because you unnecessarily reminded me that Family Guy exists
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Pauline Tasci
Today 02:07 PM
Beach Blitz 2018
Thank you all for supporting Beach Blitz and for helping to make this event a success for the third year! Beach Blitz is all about the teams and we were thrilled by this year's event! We'd...
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Today 01:21 PM
Sensors, TalonSRX vs Roborio
While the 1000hz loops and sensor integration might be nice at times, I think the talons real strength is in motion magic. For the vast majority of teams that dont have the time to craft perfect...
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Today 01:14 PM
Prusa i3 MK3 Upgrade
I personally have a prusa i3 mk2 and it works beautifully. Most maintenance I've done is tightening some bolts, or updating firmware. The parts are beautiful, it holds up amazingly, and it doesn't...
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Al Skierkiewicz
Today 12:27 PM
Is a battery screw terminal legal?
Nate, The robot rules have specified what I call "tab" batteries for as far back as lead acid batteries have been legal. During manufacture, the batteries have no terminals, so internally all...
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Al Skierkiewicz
Today 12:17 PM
Uses for Spike Blues
The RoboRio relay outputs are designed to interface with the Spike relays. However, the Spike is pretty simple and can be fed with a simple digital output. Spikes are designed so that output can be...
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Al Skierkiewicz
Today 12:10 PM
Minor help
Another way is if the device is part of a COTS computing device. Just saying...
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Today 11:35 AM
Class of 2019, where are you applying?
Super excited to finally be able to reply to this thread :D My schools in order of importance go -RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology): Early Desicion! -Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University...
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Today 11:09 AM
Issues with Teleop
I made sure the controller was in the right mode and even tried the other modes just because. I still didn't get a response from the talens so I am going to see if our old programmer that programmed...
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