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Johnny 4130
Today 06:53 AM
4130 Off-Season
Thanks for having us out to demo with you. It was a good time with good people! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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Today 06:51 AM
Team 4048 - swerve drive code release
Thanks for sharing! A couple thoughts: 1) Do you have a list of the public API's? AKA, what are the methods the user is expected to interact with to make the code do its thing? 2) Awesome job...
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Yesterday 11:40 PM
FIRST Global Challenge Competition
FIRST Global is amazing experience. I met many amazing people from FIRST as a volunteer there. I definitely recommend you to go to FGC in 2019. Mexico set a bar really high during the opening and...
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Yesterday 09:38 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #736
The team discussed the best item to purchase next: a backpack vacuum cleaner, a backpack blower, or a cordless inflator. After the final decision, there was some minor miscommunication; however, the...
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Yesterday 09:27 PM
6th Annual Red Stick Rumble
The new team list is out! We are looking forward to seeing some old friends and to make some new friends! It looks like with second robots this will be at the max capacity of 32 robots! I am sure...
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Greg Needel
Yesterday 08:22 PM
Updating the ftc_app
There will be a new version of the SDK launching soon. I would wait for the next release as you will want the new features for this upcoming season.
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Yesterday 07:21 PM
CNC Routers for FRC Robotics
This mirrors my sentiments about CNC machining. Standardization and quick setup is the key to making parts quickly in FRC. I'm not sure what "circle mill" is, but a helical bore works very well with...
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Richard Wallace
Yesterday 06:29 PM
paper: 2018 Championship Historiy
Thanks for doing this again, Jim. I think of your cumulative CMP points summary as the "FRC Hot List", partly because 67 was at the top for so long. The Michigan team numbers on that list tend to...
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Yesterday 06:26 PM
Peach Blitz - A new FRC offseason event in Atlanta, Georgia
Pardon? I'm fairly sure Georgia has beaches. Not in Atlanta, but if the state doesn't have some sort of beach, you should probably check to make sure that Florida and South Carolina haven't managed...
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Davis Racing
Yesterday 03:00 PM
Shadetree Robotics signs off
I am sure I will still be looking for 3999 at the Texas events, as that team has made a permanent impression in my mind. Bill Davis
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Yesterday 02:42 PM
Setting Talon's Position
You'd be best off implementing motion profiling, either on or off the Talon.
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Yesterday 11:22 AM
Team 254 Presents: Lockdown Technical Binder 2018
It was a joke in response to the 27 decimal place accuracy in the dimensions provided in R.C.'s post. Should have added '/s', I guess. But I agree, that tolerance would be way too much.
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