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Peter Johnson
Today 02:33 AM
Driver Station says no communications, RoboRIO comms light indicates communication
What roborio image are you using? The problem you linked to was fixed in 2018v17. Also, is the DS reporting "No Comm" or "No Code"? Those are two very different symptoms.
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Chief Hedgehog
Today 01:17 AM
Best Power Up Intakes
We lose the cube when we make a mistake. We don't score when we make a mistake. Programmers are taking care of the mistakes.
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Today 01:12 AM
Mountain Man's Summit: Week 3
Yeah, 'bout that... First team through inspection... First climb in practice... 5-2-0 and in 13th seed with two to play... I think the CA equivalent of vultures is CONDORS, and you folks seem like...
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Chief Hedgehog
Today 01:06 AM
Rare Radio Problems - URGENT
After checking with our resident CSA, he has stated the same. It is most likely a power issue. Sorry if I led you down the wrong path with the PoE.
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Today 12:59 AM
Team 1114 - Simbot Smokescreen
I love the effective simplicity that seems to be dominating the competition. One question what happened to the red powder coating? Either way it is still beautiful.
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Today 12:58 AM
The biggest reasons Bag and Tag is terrible
So I have a reason B&T is terrible. A couple days ago, I was doing load-in inspection. Not a single team that I asked--and that was every team I checked forms for--bagged either freshmen or...
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Today 12:22 AM
"launching" tech foul resulting in yellow card
What frustrates me most is watching multiple events at once and seeing how different refs are calling launching completely differently. All thanks this gold nugget right here. The ultimate decision...
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Peter Johnson
Today 12:16 AM
Source for Long PWM Cables
Hansen Hobbies sells the connectors and crimpers as well. We love their latching polarized connectors for CAN bus (2 pin) as well as 3-pin sensor cables, but they also sell non-latching,...
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Peter Johnson
Today 12:09 AM
JVM Crash due to camera feed
Please post your code (at the very least CameraFeed.java and Robot.java), along with the camera model. Is it just one camera? Can you also ssh in and post the output of the "dmesg" command?
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Yesterday 11:18 PM
encoder not consistent
If you're using the E4T optical encoders, you could check them to see if the code disc is slipping. I've had this happen over time, especially if they're only a loose fit onto the shaft. You can dab...
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Yesterday 11:18 PM
973 Presents: Havoc
Yeah, our thinking at the beginning of the season was that a cube or two in the last few seconds wasn't worth much because the game is so time based, and the best possible point values in the end...
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Ginger Power
Yesterday 11:17 PM
How to Win Power Up as an 8 Seed?
Sure, let's just shoot 12/24 from 3 and score 53 points in the second half against one of the best defenses in the nation... sounds like a great strategy for an upset! ... oh wait
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Yesterday 11:15 PM
pic: Team 195's 2018 Robot
It's in a better place now. http://i.imgur.com/kjYysQ2.jpg
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Yesterday 10:37 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #714
"You said you need a peace."
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Yesterday 10:36 PM
Full Field View Only PLEASE
I'll pop in here with a conversation I had with some AV people who had run both of the two Kansas City events (Heartland, than Greater Kansas City three days later). If you look, all of the Heartland...
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Yesterday 10:27 PM
Introducing FAST for iOS
Thank you so much! New features are being beta tested now and will be released to the public soon! These include, but are not limited to: .CSV exporting, background updating of Blue Alliance data...
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Yesterday 10:22 PM
[FTC]: Running an FTC Program
As someone who went from being an FRC student to being an FTC mentor for the last four years, I think one of the biggest thing is to remember that FTC is not FRC. The entire competition is much more...
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New Thread
Yesterday 10:19 PM
Gearbox with Encoder -- how do you program it using Java?
My team and I have been stuck on this for two months now. We have this gearbox with a built-in encoder and we have tried wiring it as described in this thread. We're trying to get it to move...
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Yesterday 10:15 PM
Command Voltage without Talon SRX
Probably being naive, but what is a %Vbus command and how can I use it?
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Yesterday 10:09 PM
Pathfinder Help
As you said, it's very similar to Java, I would browse the various threads on ChiefDelphi about pathfinder and take that advice into account. In my limited experience playing with pathfinder, I've...
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