Go to Post I had so much to say but I dont know how to get it accross -- but to all of you that we were involved with this weekend, thankyou for everything -- we're changing lives, and we truly are moving mountains, in more ways than one. - Jacqui Sutton [more]
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Tyler Olds
Today 11:24 AM
East Metro Collaborative Competition (EMC^2) Webcast Info
Great event going on in Minnesota this Saturday! Watch it at https://www.twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow or thebluealliance.com Team List: 1816 The Green Machine 2175 The Fighting Calculators 2220 ...
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Bryan Herbst
Today 11:23 AM
Drive Station Not recognizing connection
It sounds like you've done some great troubleshooting with the radio. Since you mention the DS doesn't have a connection to the robot, the next step would be to take a look at the roboRIO and the...
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Today 11:17 AM
Can you see deleted posts?
I see no deleted posts in this thread, though I am positive that I have seen posts deleted by the poster before. I don't think I have ever seen a post that was deleted by a mod, but I'm not sure.
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Today 11:17 AM
Bumper Frames - Are They Legal?
https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20180921/8b655c971902fa1bebd8 e3176cb1876a.png If this got by I feel like anything comparable to example 2 does.
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Today 11:08 AM
[FRC Blog] Event Ready and Beta Test Application
https://www.firstinspires.or g/robotics/frc/blog/2019-event-ready-beta-application A little late to post here but I wanted to highlight that the beta team application is now open! Please come help...
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Today 11:00 AM
Programming languages
We used a JeVois camera last year, which includes its own processor and gpu. It was programmed in Python and worked with our java code.
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Today 10:47 AM
pic: Captain USA Update
Are you providing power to the white outboard wheels?
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Today 10:43 AM
Best bandsaw for aluminum sheet?
What blade type are you using? If you have a 2 speed saw and it's heating up the part I would suspect you have a dull blade or something that isn't clearing chips out of the gullets between...
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New Post
Today 10:41 AM
Destination: Deep Space Teaser
Everything in the video is through a video monitor and in an inclosed-ish space. I think we have a "use a bot camera to navigate a maze" game this year.
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Today 10:39 AM
Deep Learning/Neural Network Use In Scouting
We use tablets to get scouting data with an app, that later gets compiled into an excel spreadsheet. Our mentor works with statistics quite a bit (CD username "Whatever") and he made an extremely...
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Today 10:36 AM
Rate the Scouting Apps
Depends on the back end you're using. IndexDB stores data in the browser and you can sync that with whatever database you want.
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Today 10:33 AM
Offseason drivetrain (X-009 style)
You might wanna check what kind of tolerance the laser cutter can hold. From personal experience Ive found industrial laser cutters to hold .005 and be particularly bad at bearing holes. But YMMV.
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Today 09:22 AM
Can we Suggest Rule Changes for Next Season?
I would suggest if you are going to have protected zones (Null Zone 2018, Platform zone endgame 2018, Loading Zone 2017, Secret Passage 2016, Outerworks 2016, etc) - come up with one criteria as to...
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New Post
Today 08:44 AM
pic: Average Travel Distance for FRC Teams to US
Haha. Me too. I guess my conceptual issue was I was thinking of distance from counties, with counties being weighed evenly... not by teams that actually exist in those counties. Explains why Alaska...
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Caleb Sykes
Today 08:13 AM
Chezy Champs Ranking Projection Contest
It's fine if you put your predictions in the "CC Prediction Summary" book, just know that official predictions need to be made by making a new link. The "CC Prediction Summary" is unofficial, which...
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Koko Ed
Today 08:07 AM
Newegg.com has been hacked
Got my new laptop in May. Near miss. I've had to replace my ATM card three times in the last two years. It's getting tiresome.
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Today 08:01 AM
Grasshoppers 2018 Offseason Activity
We're working on a number of things this off-season to prepare for 2019. First and perhaps foremost is that we are making the switch on OnShape after hearing about 319's wild success and trialing...
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Today 07:39 AM
[FF]: 2019 Season Long Fantasy FIRST
Any idea if list only drafts are going to be back?
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Today 06:23 AM
Sign of Encoder Value Randomly Flips?
Hmmmm. I believe the talon does store settings over power cycle, usually. Is there any logic in your code that "flips" the sign of the encoder configured in the SRX ? Like, do you happen to be...
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New Post
Today 05:59 AM
Please help 1729 win a donation by voting (quick!)
754-310. The weekend was not nice to you last time, the library might get a spike but probably not 400.
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