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Today 12:10 AM
Ways to organize a new community team?
Hi all, I wanted to get the perspective of how community-based (not school affiliated) are typically run. Besides having a build space, students, mentors, and funding, I know that things like...
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Yesterday 11:38 PM
Battery hot-swap.
Yup this is the solution. Well worth the price.
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Yesterday 11:21 PM
New Hardware Support?
For CTRE Phoenix, RobotPy just used thin wrappers around the C/++ API. My guess is that this will happen for the Spark Max.
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Yesterday 10:22 PM
"The level playing field" in FIRST
No offense, but I kind of hate this idea, and I think it would be a terrible idea for FRC for multiple reasons: I'm not sure how it works geographically since teams would potentially have to travel...
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Yesterday 10:12 PM
Powering a "Test Bench" bot with a plug.
Thanks Al, these are a lot of biiig reasons why I didn't go along with this project, and a lot of the theory you're talking about is pretty interesting. Once I realized the size of the transformer I...
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Marcus Q
Yesterday 09:13 PM
Swerve zeroing
Something often overlooked is if your using a absolute encoder or a incremental encoder with a index you don't have to gear it 1:1. As long as you start your wheels within the same one rotation of...
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Yesterday 07:23 PM
No, You Don't Need A Robot To Test Your Code
If you don't have a desktop toolchain installed (Visual Studio 2017 for Windows, GCC or Clang for other platforms), the builds are skipped.
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Yesterday 07:06 PM
Team 973 Signing Off
Yeah I have a bunch unpublished now need to get back to....
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Mark McLeod
Yesterday 06:25 PM
Configuring OM5P-AC radio
The Ethernet light should blink as communication packets go back and forth. That's normal.
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Yesterday 05:42 PM
[TBA] The Blue Alliance User Survey
IMO you guys should add an n/a field to the questions that ask - Not useful - useful, very useful, (there were some other of those like select on a scale questions, N/a would be good, because not...
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Marcus Q
Yesterday 05:41 PM
How to Paint Aluminum
TSP works quite well and is fairly safe (food additive) besides it's ecological concerns. I like simple green as well. Just try not to leave it in cleaner for too long as sometimes they can start to...
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Marcus Q
Yesterday 05:33 PM
STEP File Pre-viewer
If your using Fusion 360 you can upload them all to a project in a batch with the upload button in the data panel on the left. That'll give you a preview at least (sometimes you have to open it once...
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Citrus Dad
Yesterday 05:16 PM
Significant Change coming to FRC (in 2020)
The issue with getting rid of the allowance was the too frequent snowstorms in the heart of FRC's prime target community. You're right that became too big of a leak around Bag Day to be sustainable....
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Yesterday 05:16 PM
Howdy Bots (6377) Telethon on FUN
Thanks guys, can't thank you enough for all of your help and all the help you guys give to everyone in the area!
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Citrus Dad
Yesterday 05:09 PM
It's Official - No More Stop Build Day! (In 2020)
Oh yes, you're our shining example that our mentors have enough time to mentor TWO teams! :)
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Yesterday 05:08 PM
3 Scale Cube Auto Club #3SCAC
Don't think they're listed but here is 3130: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6w0-UFSfmAg
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Yesterday 04:48 PM
pic: Introducing MKCad, the Onshape FRC Parts Library
Are you sure you're using the official MKCad Library and not one of the many copies out there? I'm showing the most recent version as having the correct weight applied.
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Citrus Dad
Yesterday 04:44 PM
Poll : The Bag and You
We have dichotomous "stories" for FRC that we have not yet reconciled and are at the core of discussion on this issue. One story that has been promoted by FIRST is that a team can devote 6 weeks to...
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Yesterday 04:34 PM
[FRC Blog] Experiencing "Deep Space": a VR Project Update
Good to know about the Cardboards! Also, cool to see that they do appear to have some AR options.
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Yesterday 04:20 PM
How best to determine location on field?
When we were working on our scale-scoring autonomous modes where we wanted to also be able to pick up a second cube, I had been working on using ultra-sonic ranging for positioning by first driving...
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