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Today 10:35 PM
CTRE Srx Mag Encoder Help
Ok I think my question was answered thx guys
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Today 10:29 PM
GRIP and CameraServer?
Ah! I did that earlier and I guess I didn't wait long enough for it to come up because I thought it wasn't working. Thanks Guys!
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Today 10:27 PM
How to simulate how many games will be played in a regional?
Pretty sure this is all public information: Each team will play no less than 8 matches, giving somewhere around 100-120 qualification matches. Each team will play more matches if the schedule...
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Today 10:19 PM
Missing post....
Do you mean something like this? https://www.tapeswitch.com/switches/101.html
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Chief Hedgehog
Today 10:18 PM
Greyt Universal Cascade Elevator and Powercube Claw
There is so much already written on this, my two cents aren't worth that much any longer. Still not certain why the big hubbub. Raise the floor, not the bar.
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Today 10:14 PM
Motion Profiling with Pathfinder and Talon SRX
Thank you
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Dominick Ferone
Today 10:12 PM
2018 Shirt Trading Thread
I can see what size spare shirts I have after giving to our new students. Remind me at the team dinner and Ill grab you it.
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Today 10:04 PM
Deploying wirelessly using Gradlerio Not working
First, make sure the ip is configured correctly in the GradleRIO build file. Here is an example of ours: deploy { targets { target("roborio", jaci.openrio.gradle. frc.RoboRIO) { ...
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Today 10:02 PM
[YMTC]: What determines a robot's intentions?
G09 for sure, just like gears last year.
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Today 09:57 PM
I2C LED Control with Rioduino
We have strips of NeoPixel LEDs (digital) and we use the Arudino_NeoPixel library. More information about the LEDs and the library can be found at the following...
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Today 09:46 PM
Recursion and Instance Variables in LabVIEW
Hi all, My team is currently developing a script to run autonomous routines and need to use recursion in LabVIEW (calling the same sub-VI). All of the programmers on our team are used to...
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Today 09:42 PM
Help with Java on Raspberry Pi - creating a runnable jar/exe
Have you tried setting the java.library.path on your runtime line ? java -Djava.library.path=/path/to/ntcore.... -jar your.jar
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Today 09:42 PM
Gradle- Building vision code on Pi 3
Thanks for the input! We were able to get it working downloading and building OpenCV 3.2.0, however now we're getting the following error when attempting to run the program in the output...
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Today 09:27 PM
Compressor not auto powered- pneumatics help
Hey CD, Our team is having huge issues with pneumatics...specifi cally, we are having difficulties hooking up our compressor to the PCM, and having it become automatically powered when the bot is...
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Today 09:12 PM
2018 Robot C++ Template broken? - What happened to CommandBase.cpp/h?
The examples have been modified/fixed in https://github.com/wpilibsuite/allwpilib/pull/906.
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Today 09:12 PM
MJPEG viewer plug-in for Shuffleboard
If you have network tables running on the Pi, it'd be best to set it from there, since it will always know its address. If you don't, you can still set it from your robot program if the Pi has a...
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Today 09:09 PM
AndyMark Compliant Wheels Warning
I should note that if you want to use these wheels on a 1/2" hex shaft, you should order 1/2" Hex as your bore. If you want 3/8" shaft, use 3/8". Off a shaft, the diameter will be smaller than...
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Today 09:05 PM
Motor Legality
Thank you very much Cothron Theiss!
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Today 09:01 PM
Rev robotics linear bearings...any others?
Anyone have another source for the rev robotics 1 linear motion kit? It has the plates, 2 bearings and the eccentric. I need 4 kits to finish our lift and they are out of stock.
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Today 08:56 PM
G20/G25 Scale Scoring Grey Area?
7 days, 2 team updates, and nothing. Is it time to rephrase the questions or talk counter strategy? I'm almost tempted to think if it wasn't allowed then the Q&A would have come back with a quick...
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