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Basel A
Today 10:38 AM
Stalling motors when attempting to turn
+1 to all of this. The simplest solution is definitely to put on omnis on the front or on the back.
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Ryan Dognaux
Today 10:38 AM
Team 1658 multi cube auto+robot reveal
Nice job Tech Heads! You guys always put out really solid stuff every year.
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Today 10:36 AM
Question about Bag and Tag
You should email FRCteams@firstinspir es.org to tell them of your situation and see what they advise.
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Today 10:21 AM
Talon SRX Brake
One other detail, implicit with Kevin’s good explanation, is that this will not save you at the end of the match when all robot motors are disabled. Brake mode will still be applied, but the closed...
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Today 10:13 AM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #710
Why is my access denied on d5robotics.org?
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Today 10:02 AM
MD Week 0 Videos
Our team was in the back corner and was having issues that couldn't be worked out alll day on the elevator .We added our spare e board to our other chassis with nothing added round 3pm to test some...
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Today 09:55 AM
A Night of Comedy Fundraiser - February 24
Tickets are still available for A Night of Comedy February 24, 2018 presented by the Grotto Foundation, Inc. to raise funds for area FIRST Robotics Teams as they conclude Build Season and begin to...
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Today 09:54 AM
Hyperion 3360 Robot Reveal : Thunderstorm IX
Great job Hyperion ! Can't wait to play with you in Montréal and Troy, NY. On fera peut-être enfin partie d'une même alliance en série ? Bonne chance et à bientôt, très très bientôt !!!
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Today 09:48 AM
Team 3117 robot reveal : STATERA !
Amazing robot, as always. On se voit à Montréal!
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Today 09:47 AM
Keeping people motivated?
https://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=147 101&highlight=scouti ng+motivation Maybe this thread will help you?
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Today 09:44 AM
Greyt Universal Cascade Elevator and Powercube Claw
Here is my updated opinion and experience related to the Greyt elevator, COTS solutions in general, and what I'm seeing with this game as we hit bag & tag day. We bought the Greyt elevator (two...
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Today 09:37 AM
PDP has no CAN and no lights
Hmmmm. If you disconnect all breakers and CAN wires, do the two status LED's at least start blinking? Basically, if just applying 12V to the input terminals (with nothing else hooked up) doesn't...
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Today 09:18 AM
All sensors not returning values
Is your power light on the roboRIO red by any chance? We had a similar sounding issue yesterday where a mis-wire caused the RIO's 5V bus to get shorted to ground, meaning no power was delivered to...
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Today 09:02 AM
Coding for Gyro
I see. "Gyro compensation" is often a term I hear used for this. What you're describing is a closed loop system. I just posted here about it for elevator. The basic concept is the same though....
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Today 09:02 AM
Shanghai Regional
I really wish I could attend this event! I recently volunteered at a Week 0 event in Taiwan. For all of you headed to Shanghai, here is a list of words I found super useful. Thanks to Howard for...
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Today 09:01 AM
Usually, FIRST has a couple batteries available for overseas teams at the spare parts desk. That said, you don't know their condition going in (and you should contact the regional committee to be...
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Bryan Herbst
Today 08:54 AM
Dropping Radio Comms from Wifi
Have you tried a different laptop as the driver station?
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Today 08:48 AM
Recommended Guide somewhere? - How to create a custom VI?
Thanks for the pointers! I'll mention this as well.
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Today 08:44 AM
Team 7013 Presents: Raptor
Very nice robot. Are you worried about being too high (above the 55" mark) at the start of the match?
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Today 08:42 AM
How to go about programming the elevator
Even still - Guess what kind of motor we're using on our elevator. Also, guess what kind of motor we burned out Sunday night :). OP - I believe what you're describing is some sort of closed...
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