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Today 03:29 AM
Dynamically Limit Voltage Through Software on Spark/TalonSRX
Just run it at 50% of percent output maximum instead of 100% max. The Talon SRX can also do this via the Voltage control mode.
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Today 02:54 AM
USB Serial ports aren't mapping correctly
I have two usb serial devices sending data to the roborio but I only receive data from one device on both ports. Also if I try to read from both I get a VISA already allocated error. Also I see that...
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Sean Raia
Today 02:29 AM
FRC Team 16 Bomb Squad Reveal Video
This robot looks incredibly underrated
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Today 02:27 AM
How to learn notion and the Pathfinder
The RobotPy project has a working pathfinder example that you can run in the RobotPy simulator (brief video demo here). Github link: https://github.com/robotpy/examples/tree/master/physics-pathfinder
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Today 02:22 AM
RobotPy 2018 release
pyfrc 2018.2.1 has been released, with some important fixes + features now available: Fixed simulation field dimensions Improved support for encoders in drivetrain simulation Robot code can...
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Today 02:20 AM
2018 Orlando Regional Robots
https://youtu.be/Gg5BCzBYYRQ This is our reveal video.
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Today 02:12 AM
Inspection Stories
Ouch. Had a team at an event I was reffing that year have to get it from the HR and LRI--they had a volleyball net for their blocker, which is all well and good, but then they put a tarp around it....
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Today 02:08 AM
Team 379's Robot Reveal Video
Team 379, The Robocats, proudly present our 2018 robot... https://youtu.be/dW9jgML7jHs We will be competing at the following regionals: Miami Valley Regional Buckeye Regional
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Jeremy Germita
Today 01:52 AM
Team 987 "BIG SHOT"
Love it. Lots of neat evolutions of concepts form your 2015 bot. Can't wait to see it up close at Vegas.
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Today 01:12 AM
Premiere Night Lessons Learned
I've seen one that sucks, quite literally -- our neighbor team Mercer Island has a robot that uses a vacuum to grip cubes!
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Today 12:58 AM
Team 2512's Not Quite A Reveal Video
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Today 12:19 AM
Possible bug in CTR "Open" VIs and "Invert" input?
Okay, I think I have a larger understanding of what's going on in the CTRE libraries, but I'm not sure how to fix it. The short version is: they're not quite compatible with the WPI libraries in some...
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Today 12:00 AM
Frank Merrick Email - "A Note to Ohio and West Virginia Teams"
Add in Alaska (PNW); if you want to look to next year, add Texas, which is going next year.
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Yesterday 11:31 PM
Our 2008 robot for Overdrive was named Sir Robin. Bravely Brave Sir Robin. Best song ever sung...by minstrels: https://youtu.be/BZwuTo7zKM8
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Yesterday 11:00 PM
Raspberry Pi Starting Code on Robot Startup
My team is running our vision code as a systemd service: https://github.com/thedropbears/vision-2018/blob/master/vision.service There's some fairly brief setup instructions in the README of that...
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Yesterday 10:44 PM
Team 3117 robot reveal : STATERA !
great looking robot and nice lightweight lifting platform. Can I ask where you sourced your metal members for the frame and others pieces? Thanks
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Yesterday 10:27 PM
Team 4003 Presents: Katie!
That intake is awesome. Nice work.
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Kevin Sevcik
Yesterday 10:26 PM
We Need Bumper Help
If you still have your robot from last year, see if you can modify the bumpers to fit your current robot. Bumpers are exempt from the usual fabrication schedule, and you only need to cover 6" from...
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kyire Wang
Yesterday 10:24 PM
About pathfinder
Thank you.But as I know my team only have one encoder which was given in kop. I am afraid we need to try pathfinder next year since we are in China.It is difficult to buy encoder now Sent from my...
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Yesterday 10:12 PM
How to Win Power Up as an 8 Seed?
I think your example of 1011 being "mediocre" at early events is a bit off. They were the #1 pick in Colorado and #3 pick at AZ North last year, and won the Colorado Regional. If that is mediocre I'm...
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