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Today 04:47 PM
Communications Issues
Pretty sure that is it! Thank you so much! Not sure how we missed that in the update!
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Today 04:42 PM
REV Robotics Lift Kit issues
can you please elaborate on how you used the surgical tubing?
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Today 04:41 PM
Steampunk 1577 Two Cube Auto
Very impressive work by our programming team. Stay tuned for the reveal!
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Today 04:37 PM
Victor SPX LED Error Codes
Thanks so much, this was a great help and the SPX is working fine now. The button was held down internally, so just opening the casing and jiggling the pillar that allows you press the button fixed...
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Today 04:37 PM
How many auto codes does your team have?
We are prepared for 1728 auto modes, as we have three rotary switches with 12 positions each.
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Pi Fighter
Today 04:33 PM
Controlling Autonomous With a Push button Boolean (LabVIEW)
Probably the easiest way would be to use network tables. You could create a custom dashboard that includes an autonomous select button. Then, you could read that value in autonomous to select...
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Today 04:31 PM
"Quotes" that were said during build season
"Okay, I'm testing the shooter now." (Breaks whiteboard easel that we have had for 8 years.) "Let me fix the code then try again." -Head Driver
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Today 04:30 PM
How to rotate camera feed on shuffleboard?
Our team is trying to rotate the camera feed on shuffleboard and we are having trouble figuring it out. We have looked online and haven't found anything. Does anyone have ideas. Thanks in advance.
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Libby K
Today 04:25 PM
pic: My Minor Critique of the 2018 display
Agreed w/ the gray background - reminds me more of previous seasons' overlays. Even taking the existing pattern and fading it out would be nice - the yellow in the background is too busy when you're...
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Today 04:22 PM
Team #6404 need Batteries Help!!!
Pit admin at the competition has loaner parts and usually batteries, but not many of them. You may have to sign something or even leave a credit card. I hope you get offers of help from other teams,...
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Dominick Ferone
Today 04:19 PM
Central New York Regional
Hello, We actually have an email going out shortly to all the coaches to answer a few of the common questions we got so I will answer some of them here. We will have a half field, but I am told it...
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SPR Coach
Today 04:06 PM
Lab View Code Help
Help! So we are having some serious code issues. We lost our code mentor on Sunday and we are stuck. We are using Talon SRX controllers and versa planetary VEX/CTR integrated encoders on AM...
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Today 04:06 PM
pic: 1885 Un-Teaser, 2018
You also might run into some problems with G06. Keep it Together
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Today 04:05 PM
Week 0 Lessons Learned
This is good information to know. I also thought it was interesting how few teams did climb. Maybe those mechanisms are add ons after knowing how week 0 goes...
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Today 04:02 PM
Multiple InitDefault Commands don't work
That is definitely not what should be happening given your description. However, without your code to analyze ourselves, there likely isn't going to be much any of us here and do to help you debug...
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Andrew Schreiber
Today 03:35 PM
Team Update 11
If the LRI at the event is not following stated training and protocol there had $@#$@#$@#$@# well better a tough spot. Of course by hiding behind "confidential" they can't be questioned. Basically,...
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Today 03:34 PM
xrs450 spi gyro
Thank you!
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Today 03:26 PM
pic: 2386 Power Distribution
We have Velcro straps at the forward edge of the board that serve as the attachment plus the “hinge”. At the rear edge of the board we have some “dual lock” strips (you can...
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Today 03:24 PM
REV Robotics Single Stage Lift Kit Cabling Issues
If y'all could take some pictures or videos of your setups I can give some direct feedback. The most likely cause of the strings jumping off the V-groove bearings is misalignment of the bearings or...
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Today 02:54 PM
FRC 2363 Triple Helix gripper prototypes
Thanks for the video. It helped kick our intake team into action. We are lucky enough to have a laser cutter and a plasma cutter, so we were able to prototype on the laser cutter in plywood and...
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