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Today 09:37 AM
1407... who needs a 2 rotor auto? https://imgur.com/glzJemV
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Today 09:20 AM
DataZ for FRC: Half Hollow Hills Invitational!
This is super exciting! I'm already working on ways to make use of this data, so I would also love to see a download for the data gathered at Half Hills. How will teams be able to access this at...
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Today 09:07 AM
Multiple Pi's?
Oddly enough, we ran that same Netgear switch as well. Didn't see any issues with the plastic one on the practice bot though.
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Today 09:01 AM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #698
GeorgiaDome On My Mind
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Today 08:31 AM
Best Battery Charger
For the longest time (since I was on the team) we have used the Battery Charger, 3 Bank, 6 Amp, Dual Pro RS3 with SB-50A Connectors (am-2026) and having either bad batteries or just a bad charger we...
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Today 07:59 AM
pic: Pneumatics - Electronic Speed Control sketch
was looking at it backwards.
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Today 07:32 AM
Net Neutrality
Okay, let us help save Net Neutrality! Let us be ware about how we can help protect our free and open internet.
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Today 07:29 AM
Newbie Here!
Hey everyone! Newbie here. I appreciate to be one of you here now. Anyway, let me greet you a "Happy Thanksgiving" to all!:)
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Today 07:07 AM
Using Pixy with Java and roboRIO
I2C is a bus. You can connect multiple devices to it. The four wires are Vcc, GND, SDA and SCL. As long as each device has its own unique I2C address, you can connect them parallel to each other.
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Today 12:42 AM
Code Ran successfully but not being able to deployed
The OI class is standard with Command-based programs, as it is automatically generated when a command-based project is made with WPILib. Besides syntax differences, (off the top of my...
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Today 12:30 AM
MAR 2018
341 got into Midwest today.
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Yesterday 11:39 PM
[FF]: 2018 Season Long Fantasy FIRST
And the first draft order, for Montreal, is... Wheat Coast Neat Coast Hammerheads NASUH The Breakfast Company The Kellen Hill Fan Club Falcon The Lunch Company Blucifer
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Yesterday 11:34 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #697
At last! First place goes to: Second place goes to:
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Yesterday 11:07 PM
Ethernet Switch
Sorry if I came off snarky. What I meant is if you have external Ethernet devices you probably already have a switch or understand why you would want one and if you don't have any external devices...
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Dominick Ferone
Yesterday 10:58 PM
Creating an Event Page Help
I am going to work this weekend on the layout design of the site. We are going to revamp hopefully the whole first page for suny poly. Having it be better set up for all programs and an events tab...
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Dominick Ferone
Yesterday 10:55 PM
Registration 2018
For us The decision for the third event came about pretty easy. We are used to traveling to two events, and having the event on our campus we said let's just raise the extra 4 grand to do a third...
(47,149 views, 331 replies)
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Yesterday 10:27 PM
Creating an online quiz for testing the Power Up Rules
In my experience, the referee tests have nothing to do with "how many points is X worth" but rather things like "here's some pictures, which ones are in violation of a rule" and similar things. Team...
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Yesterday 10:21 PM
NASA Grant for 2018 FRC season
I've merged two threads about the 2018 NASA Grants.
(4,487 views, 28 replies)
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Jonathan L.
Yesterday 08:37 PM
Using Source Control with LabVIEW
Sure Peter, just use the Full Installer. The difference between the Update Installer and the Full Installer is that the full installer has the run-time for the LabVIEW version it was compiled with....
(1,263 views, 4 replies)
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Yesterday 07:30 PM
pic: Goodbye Georgia Dome
What is happening on the right side of this photo? Is there a tall invisible man wearing a hard hat and looking down? Did that hat come flying off of the guy on 772? Is that driver doing Harlem Globe...
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