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Today 09:33 PM
Best Switch/Vault Bots in Competition
We were able to fill the vault in about 60 seconds along with an extra in the switch just for good measure when we were with 3940 and 4004 (who no showed). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHiAyn3Fahk
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Today 09:26 PM
[paper] 2018 raw score data and analysis
2018 raw component score data for all matches for all 77 events through 3/18/2018 77 events, 2686 teams 7094 matches: 5891 qm 694 qf 341 sf 168 f
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Caleb Sykes
Today 09:22 PM
paper: Caleb's Scouting Database 2018
The seed values were messed up in the book I just published, I'll have an update posted shortly.
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Today 09:15 PM
Quick connect fitting legality?
If you can stand the weight, you may be able to use different cylinders for extend than retract. A 3/4" cylinder is large enough to lift a reasonably heavy hook setup. 3946 is not using pneumatics...
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Today 09:14 PM
Tech Valley Semis Red Card
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Today 09:12 PM
State/National All-star alliances
Well, looks like we can cross 971-972-973 off the list of sequential alliances that have yet to happen.
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Today 09:05 PM
pic: Team 1756 - Argos 2018 Robot
Here is the PPT presentation our students put together to hopefully answer any questions people might have about our...
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Today 09:01 PM
2018 Triple Climb/Lift Club
Our team got the first triple climb at our regional by lifting the other 2 robots. https://youtu.be/4wj-kZ56ZP4
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Today 08:47 PM
Does anyone have Riolog working in Eclipse
I can't really help other than to say it works fine for us. Are you using this laptop to deploy code? If so, then it should already be configured properly. I'm not sure how the riolog data is...
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Today 08:47 PM
Stupid Match Algorithm Tricks, 2018
Updated for all 77 events completed as of 3/18/18
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Today 08:31 PM
Strategies for switch-only bots?
If your alliance can't do scale at all, you need to secure your switch in auto, then attack their switch, then get back to your switch if they are going after it, or back to your vault to put three...
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Today 08:28 PM
New Bag
+1 Many (most?) veteran teams will have spare bags. We tend to use only one bag throughout the year and hence build up a stash of spare bags. Also keep the old bags that did not get torn up. Always...
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Today 08:26 PM
Celt-X 5406 Robot Reveal
Can I just mention how much I love our marketing team? Great vid, and great weekend for Celt-X!
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Today 08:25 PM
Team 1114 - Simbot Smokescreen
Ryerson Finals 1
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Today 08:24 PM
"launching" tech foul resulting in yellow card
The call on match 59 was also g09, on autonomous. We releaed our cube in the switch an inch away from it. I knew we were getting DQd again 5 sec into the match. 229 never moved on that match, and...
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Today 08:16 PM
Pathfinder way points and coordinate system
Hey David, It is the first. All points are in relation to the robots starting position.
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Today 08:09 PM
Team 5818 presents: Floptimus prime
Congratulations on making it to the finals 5818, and of course your wildcard! It's kind of unfortunate that our robot got stuck on the scale/guardrail, as I would liked a more head to head battle in...
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Today 07:58 PM
CHS Platter - Moldy Cheese
Alright 5 competitions and still no 1 or 2 alliance wins, there cant be just bad picks and outplays there has to be something here.
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Today 07:52 PM
Rare Radio Problems - URGENT
I have heard that the VRM (and possibly PCM, if existent) can interfere with the radio. The radio's signal can also be blocked by metal (I think), so your radio's space should be fairly...
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Today 07:36 PM
2018 Championships Division Notifier
Done! Thanks for the suggestion Not this year, but possibly in the future
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