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Today 07:48 PM
CNC Routers for FRC Robotics
Here's a photo of our's: https://i.imgur.com/WiItdzal.jpg If you would like, I can send you the CAD file for it. It can be cut fairly easily within a few hours (if you do less slots it will take...
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Today 07:47 PM
Roaring Riptide's (Re)Branding Guide
Are you a rookie team that is looking to find its identity? Or perhaps you're a veteran team that is just looking to refine its image. If so, you should check out Roaring Riptide's (Re)Branding...
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Today 07:34 PM
Your dream Championship Conference session
One way to expand on this idea is to find successful teams from a variety of backgrounds and resource levels and learn what the common threads are for those teams. I think there could be a lot to...
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Today 07:33 PM
Will the Ri3D Channel Still Post Other Team's Content?
The consolidated location will now be CD. Hopefully someone puts together a playlist of all the ri3d that build simple mechanisms that are helpful for teams learning the prototyping process Edit -...
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Today 07:25 PM
Software for REV Brushless motor
Thanks Andrew
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Today 07:13 PM
FRC Blog - 2019 Motor Controllers and MXP
Thank you so much!! I've been persistent in asking about this feature for a while, but the results are absolutely amazing!
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Today 06:51 PM
CAN Connector or Micro Fit Molex Connectors
This is what we use on 2655: https://www.amazon.com/Hilitchi-300Pcs-Housing-Terminal-Connector/dp/B0188YKCFC/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&q id=1545176977&sr=8-7&keywords=jst+conne ctor+kit The connectors are...
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Today 05:46 PM
pic: 694 Getting In On The Action
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Today 05:44 PM
Electrical Boards and wire management
My team uses them and they make things alot more organized.
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Today 05:32 PM
Versaplanetary Vs 57 Sport
Did you refer to the VEX gear ratio chart vs. load? It tells you what combination is recommended. I saw a lot of 10:1's fail that year during rope climbing because of that.
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Michael Corsetto
Today 04:56 PM
Introducing the new TubeMagic Fixturing System
We just ordered 3 of these for our X8 Omio. Hope to run most of our tubes with this jig this coming season. We had an in-house design that was showing promise and able to run 6 tubes on the X8, but...
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Today 04:56 PM
local robotpy docs - how?
Thanks - will look at the post-process option
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Today 04:39 PM
Cyber Tribe 4020 LabView Code 2018
This is Cyber Tribe 4020's code from the 2018 competition season. Included in the folder is our Driver Station, LabView Path Manager, Robot Code, and Vision Software as well as 3D objects. In our...
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GDG 2337
Today 03:51 PM
chain in tube experiences
We’ve also found the exact c-c distance is not an exact science, at best the various models get you close. From experience, VexPro and AndyMark sprockets and chains are not the same. If you’re...
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Today 03:39 PM
FUNalysis: Analyzing this decade + giveaway 8:30pm ET!
Oh this is gonna be good. I maintain that 2011-2014 was the best four year game cycle we've had in the modern era, and I'm willing to debate this with anyone.
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Today 03:35 PM
[BobTrajectory] Announcing Version 1.0!
We ran BobTrajectory last season and it worked great for us. The new improvements are a big update, thanks for putting in the work to make this better for the community.
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Today 03:34 PM
Best Practices for Compensation of Robotics Mentors
I'm not sure that there really is a Best Practice for this. Within my district, the CTE office provides a modest stipend for teachers who mentor/coach a team, but the schools themselves don't provide...
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Danny Blau
Today 03:05 PM
AndyMark Ri3D Sponsorship Application 2019
AndyMark is excited to announce the recipients of our Ri3D sponsorship. Ri3D 1.0 (Florida) 'Snow Problem (University of Minnesota) Greenhorns (North Dakota State University) Team Cockamamie...
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Today 02:33 PM
$0.73 per Flanged Bearings 1/2'' HEX and 13.75 mm Thunderhex
I put in an interest for 75 1/2 inch regular hex bearings. Any updates on hitting your 2500 quota? Even with shipping and customs cost, these will most likely still end up way below 5$ per unit...
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Peter Matteson
Today 01:43 PM
Intake/shooter Prototyping Supply List
Add some PVC in there. You can use PVC with endcaps as rollers on round stock to make rollers/wheels. Instead of chain just make the shafts long, hot glue the rollers to the shafts and use drills...
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