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Today 12:31 PM
Robotics Merit Badge : How do you teach it
Vex EDR, quite some time ago, had these kits available.. https://www.vexforum.com/index.php/5896-vex-robotics-merit-badge-bundle-now-available/0 With the transition to the new V5 control systems it...
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Today 11:56 AM
Call for updates - Driver Station Best Practices
Bah, nvm. We set the power settings at the competition rather than before the competition. Looks like the doc has laptop power settings covered in the pre-competition section.
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Today 11:05 AM
Motion Profile Generator + Jaci's Pathfinding
Hey! So I have been working with vannaka's motion profile generator as well as Jaci's Pathfinder to make a test auton program. I don't know too much about either but they are documented well and so...
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Today 10:46 AM
Talon SR Datasheet
The output MOSFETs on CTRE controllers are discrete but they do use a integrated gate driver (Allegro A4957 in the Talon SRX) and a microcontroller intended for motor control (dsPIC33EP64MC504 in the...
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Today 10:32 AM
#FuelTheMission - Live show at 7pm ET with Giveaways!
Hey Volunteers (and potential volunteers!), Tonight at 7pm ET on the FIRST Twitch channel (twitch.tv/firstinspires) we'll be kicking off the 2019 volunteering season: #FuelTheMission! Stop by to...
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Today 10:12 AM
Chezy Champs Draft - Cooler Master Keyboard Giveaway!
3310 971 3512 1678
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Mike Schreiber
Today 09:11 AM
[FRC Blog] Pool Noodles for the 2017 Season
I've seen the noodles AndyMark sells as small as 2 1/4". I would not worry about 2 3/8". Most inspectors don't measure as long as they look reasonable. As always it will be up to the LRI-a-roo at...
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Today 09:05 AM
What bits to use for cnc and what speeds and feeds to run at
We have been using the 4mm option from WCP and absolutely love it. Started off with Onsrud (I believe the 63-620), but made the switch for cost reasons and have been very satisfied. I don't have our...
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Today 08:32 AM
Intake Bands - what are they called and where do I buy them
What printing material are you using for your Polycord pullies?
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Today 07:52 AM
pic: 4587 Flat 3 Mini CIM Gearbox (Cheesy Spoof)
This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing!
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Andrew Schreiber
Today 07:36 AM
Java on Mac
As others have posted, yes you can. I wrote large chunks of 323's code on my mac using gradle last year. The previous year I didn't want to setup java on my mac at all so I ran all builds in a...
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Today 07:14 AM
Rate the Scouting Apps
Hello :) Team 5943 The Bad News Gears we use to use HYPE Scouting which is all based on google forms and spreadsheets along with some APIs that go along with it. This year we are currently...
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Today 05:34 AM
Collar clamps slip loose, alternative options?
Just to put some numbers to this statement, I ran some basic FEA simulations. I created three sample 7" long 1/2" hex 7075 Al drive shafts, fixed on one end with 9.6 N*m of torque distributed across...
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Yesterday 10:23 PM
[FF]: [OFF] Chezy Champs Sign up Thread 2018
1. BrennanB 2. tmpoles 3. pchild 4. nomythicalbeast 5. Stryker 6. Caleb Sykes 7. SenpaiYoshi 8. ThatSoftwareGuy 9. abbymarie 10. SPang
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Aaron Li
Yesterday 09:56 PM
Helping North Carolina Teams Affected with Hurricane Florence
I'm thinking we should do this.... When is the deadline for this? And if there are people with cash instead of credit, how should we send it over?
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Yesterday 09:51 PM
Vision Code
I realized as I was familiarizing myself with my code again, what I could do, which would be easier and more practical, is just to use a kangaroo as a secondary source. Using that to process the...
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Yesterday 09:01 PM
Can we Suggest Rule Changes for Next Season?
Why is it too far? I am positing a hypothetical. It could be just far enough. It could be not far enough. So would you mind explaining why it's too far? The point, which you seem to be missing...
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Tom Line
Yesterday 08:34 PM
pic: 5803 4513 Double-Climb West Valley
Always a different way to skin a cat. We've always had torsion issues when we drive an arm at the joint because we want it to move more quickly than it can. Shearing bolts and bending components. ...
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Yesterday 06:01 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #741
When the T-shirt cannon is unavailable, the candy cannon will work as a substitute. The Roomba will negate the issue of candy thrown on the floor. Someone did remember to bring the Roomba, right?
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Yesterday 05:44 PM
Any information on the CORI Invitational 2018
late add 1317
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