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Today 10:20 PM
[FF]: Canadian Rockies 2018 Tier 1
TBC will swap the missing 6406 with team 6841
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Today 10:16 PM
How to Win Power Up as an 8 Seed?
Compared to 2017 and, to a lesser extent, 2016, this yearís bonus RP is much easier to attain. Consistently scoring 8-10 balls into the tower or piling up 40KPA were both more difficult than the Auto...
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Today 10:15 PM
4" compliant wheels from AndyMark
Definitely looks like chemical attack. Loctite threadlocker contains "methylacrylate ester" (if I speeled that corectlly) which reacts with many polymers. Perhaps try a more plastic-friendly adhesive...
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Today 10:10 PM
weighing robot in bag
This is great, only if You know your LRI enough to have a contact with them They arent a muliple hour drive away If either of those happen, this rule means nothing and only taunts you.
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Today 09:37 PM
Team 5205's 2018 Robot: Candi
Thanks for letting us in today.
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Today 09:26 PM
Webcasts 2018 Week 1
Webcasts 2018 Week 1 Monterrey Regional Feb 28 to Mar 3, 2018 https://livestream.com/TecDeMonterrey/FIRSTmx2018 Great Northern Regional Feb 28 to Mar 3, 2018 https://www.twitch.tv/firstinspires7...
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Today 09:26 PM
New York State of Mind 2018
And just to round off this post and make it fully complete, let's not forget the volunteers. FLR and TVR are both known for having some of the most skilled and knowledgeable technical volunteers. ...
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Today 09:23 PM
Team 1339's 2018 Robot: The DeLorean
Looks fantastic! Hope to see you in Houston.
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Today 09:17 PM
340's 2018 Robot
I'm okay with it, it's a sick atuo
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Today 09:14 PM
Possible bug in CTR "Open" VIs and "Invert" input?
Mark, You are overthinking this. Check out the example at... https://github.com/CrossTheRoadElec/Phoenix-Examples-LabVIEW/tree/master/Simple%20Arcade%20Dr ive ... which uses the NI Drive VIs (they...
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Stephen Douglas
Today 09:09 PM
5172 Gators 2018 Robot Reveal
Great bot guys. Just wondering how you guys did the inner bearing mounts for your lift. Those have been giving us trouble.
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Today 09:03 PM
Team Update 11
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Today 08:40 PM
Celt-X 5406 Robot Reveal
Thanks Gabe! There's going to be some good competition at Ryerson - we'll have to work hard to match your team's awesome robot!
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Today 08:26 PM
Jetson TX1 does not power on
http://connecttech.com/product/orbitty-carrier-for-nvidia-jetson-tx2-tx1/ Try one of these guys if you are looking to power the TX1 or TX2 off of 12V, we use these on our Mars Rover and it works...
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Today 08:06 PM
[FF]: Ontario District Day 2 2018
drop 5596 for 7329.
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Richard Wallace
Today 08:04 PM
Frank Merrick Email - "A Note to Ohio and West Virginia Teams"
A few years ago, my team made two trips to southeastern Michigan each year if we qualified for DCMP, because our second district was also in that area. These days we first play twice on our own side...
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Today 07:44 PM
Team 1506 Metal Muscle Reveal
See link below for our team's first robot reveal video. https://youtu.be/xKR9lN3VZW8
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Aboudy Dairi
Today 07:38 PM
1768's 2018 robot
Thanks! As far as the lift, it mainly comes down to gearing. Mechanically, there really aren't any accommodations I would make just to allow the elevator to go fast. The only thing I can really...
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Today 07:34 PM
Silly Chairman's Question...
And if it did manage to pass inspection, I think it could easily draw a G06 if used during a match, since the confetti would be considered part of the robot. If you decide to use it during a...
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Today 07:34 PM
Pathfinder EncoderFollower following path too quickly
If you are assuming your execution loop will by synced to the time period of your points (even if you set the loop to run at a specific rate), you'll want to stop doing that, and instead get...
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