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Today 10:45 AM
pic: 4587 Swerve 1.0
I'll try to grab some within the next week.
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Today 10:32 AM
Team 5421: Battlecry@WPI Recap
Yes we are! We are going to Where's Wolcott (WIWI) and Brunswick Eruption.
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Today 10:22 AM
Team 498's Newest T Shirt Shooter Robot - Decimiator
Thanks Adam, this will come in handy. When we get ours done, we will need to have some kind of shoot off!
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Today 10:18 AM
Looking for old game pieces
While moving AndyMark came across a large number of USED 2016 balls and 2013 frisbees. If you would be interested in these PM me, we would gladly part with them for just the price of shipping.
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Tyler Olds
Today 10:16 AM
Behind the Bumpers FRC1796 RoboTigers
New Behind the Bumpers episode from the Detroit Championship with FRC1796 RoboTigers from New York. https://youtu.be/5-eBrR9AoeU
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Tyler Olds
Today 10:11 AM
FRC Live Trivia Tonight! Win Prizes, best your friends!
Thank you to everyone who tuned in. A couple issues but overall a success and something that I think we will continue doing into the future! Thanks for the comments. We could consider doing one...
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Today 10:06 AM
BattleCry XIX
I already posted on a different thread but my team made a BC recap so here it is: https://youtu.be/pjtoVLPXjWg
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Ginger Power
Today 09:49 AM
Robot Maintenance and Problem Prevention
Interestingly, we were preparing to do a thread about our FMEA process this year, but we were waiting for a higher volume time of the year to post it to CD (early December or something like that). I...
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Today 09:36 AM
Team 3357 The COMETS CAD Release 2018
The COMETS are proud to release our 2018 CAD model! We've worked diligently to keep it up to date with all the changes through the season, and it is with mixed feelings of sadness and pride that we...
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Maggie Heaney
Today 09:29 AM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #724
During the off season, instead of building a t-shirt cannon we decided to venture into designing merchandise. The result was disappointing yet somehow expected.
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Today 09:21 AM
Help! Pathfinder one my computer
Whatever. The link to my video is https://www.youtube.com/embed/ySsRsQlooWY
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Today 08:46 AM
Invitation to Stryke Force Open Houses
Saw you guys there too and meant to say hi (and to congratulate you on that win in Dow QM80 that was the battle for 3rd alliance captain :cool: )
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Doug Staunton
Today 08:29 AM
775 Pro Drive
Jinx, you owe me a coke.
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Today 05:04 AM
Gearbox Ratio
I'm also going to shamelessly plug my design spreadsheet, which features a calculator that takes the system's inputs (type/# motors, applied load) and outputs (desired linear speed/rotational...
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Today 04:57 AM
Summer Heat 2018 (Yikes! Sharks!)
Getting close to last call for sign up.
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Today 02:40 AM
pic: 4 775pro compact gearbox
no point in 40 amps each when 30x4=120 just as 40x3=120
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Yesterday 11:34 PM
What do you want to see in Pathfinder?
The new version of pathfinder addresses the second issue, but I'm not sure about the first. If it isn't implemented yet, it's on the todo list. Things are a lot more mathematically rigorous this time...
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Yesterday 10:25 PM
BIG BANG! 2018
The Goon Squad - Team 3604 - will be attending Big Bang for the 3rd in a row. TnT are awesome hosts and it is a great facility for a summer event (lots of room and air conditioned). If your team...
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Yesterday 10:11 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #723
Now that I've given people heartburn, let's get to it! First place goes to: Second place goes to:
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Scott L.
Yesterday 09:34 PM
RGB Light PLC project Help
Project update: So far I have have acquired the bulbs (FUTD04) and a transmitter(FUTD01). using open lighting architecture software on the rpi I can control the lights. I'm still working on getting...
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