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Today 12:08 PM
[FF]: [OFF]: WMRI 2018
1. Hailey.faiella 2. BrennanB 3. Golfer4646 4. pchild 5. Miklast 6. SPang 7. abbymarie 8. tmpoles 9. Caleb Sykes 10. nomythicalbeast
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Today 12:03 PM
Class of 2019, where are you applying?
I am applying to a few schools which I have visited before. I am going for Statistics and Actuarial Science. Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, NY)- Pending Case Western Reserve...
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Today 11:51 AM
Robot Carts
We built a simple wooden platform cart a couple of years ago. It uses 2x 5" fixed and 2x 5" swivel castors, a flat 1x perimeter frame and a 3/4" ply top, so the base cart is only 8 1/2" high at the...
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Today 11:39 AM
What gauge wires for 775pros?
If you are going by the rules, the breaker determines the required wire size. You size the breaker for the intended load, then you size the wires for the breaker or the voltage drop in the wire.
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Today 11:19 AM
Team 20 Help Desk
Thank you for the good word Brian! We can't wait to extend our teaching outside of the teams in our community.
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Today 11:18 AM
2019 Game Speculation
We seem to be on a climbing streak lately so I think that either there won't be a climbing challenge, or that we'll have to do/deliver something after we climb (deliver a game piece similar to the...
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Today 10:49 AM
Issues with Teleop
I fixed what you had mentioned and it deployed without any errors but when I moved the joystick axis and pressed the buttons the talens did not respond. What is the likely the issue?
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Today 10:37 AM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #745
We have to fit the whole school in that truck?
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Anupam Goli
Today 09:03 AM
Are veteran mentors out of touch? 8:30pm Eastern Tonight
I think you answered your own question there.
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Today 08:52 AM
New items for 2019 season
If you're not going for a pre-canned solution like Limelight, remember your camera & processing first needs to have low latency (aka lag). High framerates can sometimes help you get to this. But, a...
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Today 08:49 AM
Hello. Please welcome FIRST in Upper Midwest.
Holy Smokes this is exciting! Real good time to be involved in Minnesota/SoDak/NoDak Robotics! If there's anything I can do as someone with 3 years experience as a student and 4 years experience as...
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Today 07:45 AM
Swerve Pivot Bearing
We also used these Chinese Silverthin bearings for our swerve modules this year. The cost isn't too bad and their size and weight are great.
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Mark McLeod
Today 07:06 AM
Registration 2019
Crossed the 3500 team point this morning. Now at 3508 teams. That's almost 64% of the 5499 advertised spaces available at Regionals/Districts.
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Today 06:41 AM
[FTC]: Mounting 2x Rev Expansion Hub
Some of our friends made this compact, 3D-printable "sandwich mount" for two Rev hubs and a Rev battery: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2295615
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Today 02:16 AM
2471's Chezy Champs recap and Clark County Today videos
Here is a video we took of the cannon bot driving tonight: https://photos.app.goo.gl/1P4NbVGfMGbfxQey6 Sorry for the dark video. I'm sure we'll get better footage later, (once the robot is complete)...
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Today 12:52 AM
water game confirmed!!!!!!!!!
I am seeing nothing. ::safety::
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Today 12:36 AM
How would your team prototype this style intake?
My man Steve coming in clutch with the science! Mods can close this thread, the best answer has just been given.
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Brian Maher
Yesterday 11:13 PM
[FF]: [OFF]: Duel on the Delaware 2018
1. Hailey.faiella 2. Attention 3. BrennanB 4. pchild 5. LukeB 6. Golfer4646 7. Miklast 8. SPang 9. abbymarie 10. tmpoles
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Peter Johnson
Yesterday 11:07 PM
Alpha release of Visual Studio Code for FRC C++ and Java
The Azul JRE we used in 2018 was Java 8, not Java 11. The Azul JRE and the Oracle JRE used different JIT engines on ARM in Java 8. OpenJDK decided to adopt the (now open-sourced) Oracle JIT for ARM...
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Yesterday 11:00 PM
Big Change in JAVA
FRC will use OpenJDK 11 for the 2019 season. All the WPILib tools will continue to work, except perhaps SFX, which has been deprecated for several seasons now and is unmaintained. The warning you...
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