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Today 10:39 PM
Software/Robotics Engineer position at FIRST Global
As one of those students just starting to look at internships, this was actually really helpful. Thanks so much!
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Today 10:37 PM
Strategies for this year
This brings up an interesting point. If a team decides to play defense on you, the best option for you to do is try and drive away. In a shoving match the defense bot will win most of the time simply...
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Rory Lippert
Today 10:31 PM
What is the fullest the scale has been so far?
Yeah, there were 3 more cubes the red alliance attempted to place that just missed including one from 1559 that seemed to be completely on and barely slid off. I'm sure someone will break that...
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Today 10:16 PM
Best Power Up Intakes
I know you guys already decided on what you guys wanted to pursue, but I just wanted to add that it seems like teams have made a decision between spring loaded and pneumatic gripper. Of course I am...
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Travis Hoffman
Today 10:16 PM
2018 Greater Pittsburgh Regional
Well, 52 minutes south of it, anyway. You get the parking lot pit for signing up so late. ;)
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Today 10:14 PM
Anyone have a list of the best shooter bots this season?
Seconding 180 & 4481. 219 has also been making some impressive shots.
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Today 10:10 PM
Randomness of the Scale in the Playoffs?
Take a picture of 1000 Lava lamps=random
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Today 10:10 PM
2018 SCH MAR Event
As always an awesome event, which is run really great. 1218 Thank you for the great hospitality wish we could have played together 3 times instead of against each other 3 times.. 103 - When the...
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Today 10:09 PM
Jaci's Pathfinder not responding as expected
All of our units are in feet and our encoders read as expected
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Today 10:09 PM
pic: Completing the Collection
Well deserved! Without your team support there would be many other teams, like ours, that might not have made it through the first year or two.
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Today 10:05 PM
Congrats to the winners of San Francisco!
Thank you so much! Your teamís scouting department and ideals as a whole really serves as a model for us, as well as all of FIRST, for how a team should be. We wish you luck, and we hope we can play...
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Today 10:02 PM
Limelight 2018.3 and 2018.4
I would like to see some of these cube tracker pipelines in practice. To bad our angle is 8" off the ground. Sounds like people who have been successful are using a looking down view. Our drivers...
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Today 10:02 PM
Introducing FAST for iOS
Update today! Version 1.1 is now live. Features include: .CSV Exporting Blue Alliance data is now downloaded in the background automatically, including OPR, rank, and predicted match times Max Cubes...
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Today 09:56 PM
Tuning Pathfinder PID / Talon Motion Profiling/Magic Etc
Don't worry, it's a perfectly reasonable question. Something to note is that Pathfinder's EncoderFollower returns unitless values (% output). The v-intercept is used to calculate kV, but if you want...
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Today 09:53 PM
North Dumpling Island
Dean has a map of Dumpling Empire at Deka. Itís pretty neat. :D If I remember correctly, it has a portrait of ďDeanus KamenicusĒ on it. :P Also, Iím pretty sure he wrote a constitution for his...
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Today 09:50 PM
Best Switch/Vault Bots in Competition
Thanks for the compliments! Had a blast working with you guys at both events, and hope to see you guys in Boston in a couple weeks!
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Today 09:44 PM
Who is the best necromancer?
Per the rules, Taylor would still be the current "best necromancer". Also, by way of my post, it resets the clock!!!
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Today 09:26 PM
Double Climb Instances
4388 with 2353 in Heartland! :) Qual Match 70 I felt like there was actually quite a few double climbs in Heartland, or it could just be me.
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Today 09:23 PM
2018 Hudson Valley Regional
The webcast will be hosted at twitch.tv/nycfirst
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Today 09:19 PM
Past game logos in vector format
If you can find a high-resolution bitmap version, you can probably trace it into vectors using something like adobe illustrator.
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