Go to Post Most of all, I long to give others a chance to experience what I did with FIRST, to give people from my home town that opportunity, because FIRST really is that once in a lifetime opportunity that so many people dont get a chance to be a part of. It shouldnt be that way. - Jacqui Sutton [more]
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Today 09:52 PM
TimedRobot Not Updating at Consistent Rate
Have you tried this with a blank template project? It's possible that something in your code is causing the timing issue.
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Today 09:52 PM
Is Rookie KoP battery charger legal in FRC competitions?
One Anderson cable short, if you're a rookie. 1 per battery (2) 1 for the ROBOT (1) 1 for the charger (oops... time to spend some FIRST Choice credits on a battery cable!) Had a rookie run into...
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Pauline Tasci
Today 09:43 PM
Team 3476: Code Orange presents Gnaraloo (2018)
Thanks! Glad we didn't go with double elevators this year...
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Today 09:43 PM
2018 TVR
While this was not the showing 5881 was hoping for, we are proud of what we managed to accomplish, especially our list of "firsts" this year. To 1493, congratulations, it's been a long time coming...
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Today 09:39 PM
Shuffleboard starts slowly
Will add to the voices about slow start up times. We just switched to Shuffleboard because our smart dashboard was bugging out and not displaying our auto choosers. Shuffleboard showed them without...
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Travis Hoffman
Today 09:38 PM
G14: The Pinning Rule is Broken.
Or herding cubes to a strategically beneficial area in autonomous. Not that that ever happens. :rolleyes:
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Ethan Pui
Today 09:32 PM
2018 Shirt Trading Thread
Have 5663 shirts , trading a few of them, will be in Houston Champs Message me if interested
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Today 09:31 PM
Uncooperative Alliance Partners
So... what you're saying is that you, as the Alliance Captain (I'm assuming--other option would be the #2 pick) set the strategy with input from everybody and this particular team decided to go their...
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Today 09:31 PM
Attaching sprockets to axles
Depends on the situation, if the sprocket is on the gearbox output shaft, then no. Just one on the end will do, but in the case of how most intakes this year work, yes. Usually you will see a collar...
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Today 09:24 PM
TalonSRX configClosedLoopPeakOutput
I'm trying to use configClosedLoopPeak Output in my code but its not showing up as an available option in eclipse when I try and use it. The CTRE manual shows it as an available command as well....
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Tom Line
Today 09:14 PM
Ribbon Cable to PWM for Magnetic Encoder
Yes it is. However, you will want to use a ctre breakout board or something similar. The ribbon wires are small and soldering to them is very hard.
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Today 09:07 PM
North Dumpling Island
I did a project for school about North Dumpling Island and some of my favorite parts: -Ministers of Ice Cream are the founders of Ben & Jerry's -navy is a single amphibious vehicle -ice cream is the...
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Today 08:55 PM
"Quotes" that were said during build season
"It's got gription." How about that for a new word? "My life has begun again!" Context: Directly following kickoff 2017.
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Today 08:52 PM
why would FIRST use this antiquated language?
https://www.firstinspires.or g/robotics/frc/blog/some-metrics-and-a-new-contest . I don't personally care, but their use of slight antiquated lingo makes them seem slightly out of date. I just think...
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Today 08:51 PM
Dr Joe's Gif of the Week Contest 2018: Week 3 Submissions
The Ref Cube Launch https://media.giphy.com/media/1gVlnQMU478sD70mRP/giphy.gif Team 5498 accidentally launching a cube at a ref during Q23 auton of the FiM Lincoln District.
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Today 08:50 PM
pic: Team 972 at SFR
The front wheels are wrapped in vexpro wedgetop tread mainly because we needed to slightly decrease the distance between the front wheels to improve grip on the cubes. We found it worked quite well...
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Michael Hill
Today 08:45 PM
Best Pits?
254 and 1323 have great looking pits. They’re very functional and are lit very well.
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Today 08:43 PM
Top Region Lists + Tonight 8pm ET: FUN Special, FRCTop25, FUN After Dark
Thanks for the shoutout! So cool to be featured on the show. Our students were tuning in and were thrilled to see our name come up.
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Today 08:34 PM
WildStang 2018
Love the cable management up the elevator!
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Today 08:31 PM
2018 Autodesk Internship Applications *Now Open*
The 2018 Synthesis Internship applications have now opened! This internship is a paid experience and a great way to meet other FIRST robotics students. We encourage all FRC and FTC students to apply....
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