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Yesterday 11:17 PM
Deep Space in a Nutshell
I noticed also it had 14 feet of reflective tape, which could be nothing, but combine that with the fact that FIRST has a new volunteer position designated for scoring, which leads me to believe we...
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Yesterday 11:05 PM
FIRST Choice What did you get?
Huh... Ours is still processing. Didn't realize people would be getting their shipments so fast already.
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Yesterday 11:03 PM
VEXmas 2018
Both parts are supplied by Vex, both parts had promised due dates, both parts have history of not meeting those due dates or supply not meeting demand. Seems pretty relevant to what is being...
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Yesterday 10:27 PM
Here's a 2019 Kickoff timer
Yes. If you live in Hawaii, well that's like 5:30am.
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Yesterday 09:08 PM
[FF]: [FFiT] Channelview 2019
TTP 2582 2882 6488 TI 624 4639 7418 TCC 1477 3735 3335 BMFC 4587 3103 7494 UL 231 5427 5829 FC 7510 7705 7492 RTC 5892 3834 4328 CN 5414 1255 6645
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Yesterday 08:43 PM
LimeLight Library
This is pretty cool, thanks for releasing this. We'll probably use it this year.
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Yesterday 08:43 PM
[FF]: [FFiT] Plano 2019
TI 5417 2714 4206 TCC 7179 2789 4610 BMFC 2848 3802 7319 UL 704 2657 6144 FC 7749 7303 7125 RTC 7091 4641 6655 CN 5431 6672 4192 TTP 4364 7704 6751
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Mark Wasserman
Yesterday 08:42 PM
Voltage Limiting
I did a copy paste from one of my posts from another thread about this issue: Here's a way to visualize what different limits do to motor performance. Every PM motor has a speed/torque curve and a...
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Yesterday 07:49 PM
FRC Blog - 2019 Motor Controllers and MXP
So...do we have any more info about the Spark MAX software and/or additional peripherals for the Spark MAX?
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Yesterday 07:28 PM
Alpha release of Visual Studio Code for FRC C++ and Java
Report problems on the beta forums. Chief Delphi is not the place to be asking for help on the beta test software.
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Yesterday 07:02 PM
Need help with I2C Communication between RoboRio and Arduino
If possible, I'd start by making sure voltages on the line are changing when you transmit "test" - hard to verify without a scope or logic analyzer or bus sniffer though. But, if you can do this, it...
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Yesterday 06:02 PM
[RSN] 9PM ET Wed (12/12) - 2019 COTS Review Show with Allen Gregory from 3847!
I"m definitely buying both swerve modules for future testing.
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Peter Johnson
Yesterday 04:59 PM
Java 11 & Raspberry PI
I'm planning on a beta release this Friday.
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Lil' Lavery
Yesterday 04:33 PM
MAR 2019
Did you update the gradient colors? Looks prettier than I remember. :o Also, the WT tab is broken
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Brian Maher
Yesterday 04:15 PM
FIRST Thanksgiving Fundraising Email
These emails remind me of when my college (that I still attend) calls my parents asking for donations. Are their tens of thousands not enough? Are my hundreds of of hours not enough?
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Yesterday 03:23 PM
Team 5404 modular drivebase
Agreed with everyone else, you might consider mounting the gearboxes in a second way, potentially to a base plate or use a churro/other cross member between the gearboxes to increase rigidity....
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Yesterday 03:00 PM
Mock FRC Game - Destination: Deepest Space
Robot starting position is in one of the dishes atop a pedestal assigned randomly by the field, before each match. Autonomous will be to reach carpet surface in 30 seconds. Blue box in manual will...
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Yesterday 02:53 PM
2019 Digital Animation Award question?
"What is it based on" - Not sure I understand what you are asking - can you re-state the question?
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Yesterday 02:44 PM
The Ultimate West Coast Drive Guide presented by 3506
I definitely want the students to get a C-C distance video going as well as some basic do and do nots around degrees of wrap on a sprocket. Too many good designs have gone poorly because of silly...
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Jon Stratis
Yesterday 02:02 PM
New AndyMark Website
I had an email exchange with them on this topic, was told they were working on it. So, hopefully we'll have decent invoices soon!
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