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Brian Maher
Yesterday 08:26 PM
2018 IRI Mentor Matches - fundraiser for charity
Mentor match results, so they may be immortalized here: 1) 2056 118 1746 W 2) 1747 2337 384 3) 1741 33 6800 4) 4967 2771 1102 5) 4499 4944 1024 6) 3707 494 234 7) 694 3452 2451 8) 2791 20 5254 F
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Basel A
Yesterday 07:48 PM
Michigan Advocacy Conference (MAC)
I'm not opposed to getting more information to voters, but saying "Candidate X said they support FIRST and candidate Y did not respond" also reads somewhat close to an endorsement (even if it...
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Yesterday 07:30 PM
RPLIDAR help?!?!?
Attached are a bunch of files that should help get you started. Team 4678, the Woodland CyberCavs used the Slamtec RPLIDAR A2M8 on our robot for the 2018 season to find cubes in autonomous. ...
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Yesterday 07:23 PM
2018 Triple Climb/Lift Club
I witnessed the double triple climb by FRC 2992A & 2992B and it was quite exciting to say the least! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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Yesterday 07:04 PM
paper: ZebROS 1.0: ROS for FRC
Not trying to drive any particular approach, but the pain in a ROS for RIO cross compile is mainly in getting the first few packages going. Adding more after that is mostly painless - a few packages...
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Lil' Lavery
Yesterday 06:22 PM
775 pro adapter
Even if you don't use a VersaPlanetary, the clamping interface of a VersaPlanetary is rather simple and a similar concept could be applied with a number of custom parts. However, the effort and...
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Yesterday 06:04 PM
Apex Robotics 5803 CAD Release and Documentation
I was going to ask about the single part studio if u didn't bring it up! The way 319 structures their cad looks more promising, a single part studio per sub. Is there any trick to deal with mirrored...
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Yesterday 05:39 PM
2018 Alliance Selection Results
A bit late, but here’s Battlecry 19: Alliances: 1. 195-319-9985 (1) W 2. 5813-2168-3719 (3) SF 3. 4041-6224-7153 (5) QF 4. 3314-694-1073 (2) F 5. 228-1729-5943 (6) QF 6. 131-6328-5494 (4) SF
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Yesterday 04:32 PM
Need for two sets of PID gains for Elevator
Constant force springs are coils of metal that, when you pull on them, pull back with a constant force (unlike normal springs, whose force increases with displacement). Attach one end to the top of...
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Yesterday 04:29 PM
Spark motor controllers in series or parallel?
Thats great. Thanks for the clarification guys! :)
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Yesterday 03:52 PM
What does "strength of schedule" mean?
I looked closer and I think I see what is going on. It looks like 40 teams signed up but only 30 teams showed up. So the random simulation has 40 teams in it while the real schedule simulations...
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Yesterday 03:41 PM
Match ended software/legality
I can't think of a reason why anyone would power a Jetson (or any COTS compute device) off of a motor controller instead of just wiring right to the PDP or VRM.
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Yesterday 03:26 PM
Grasshopper End Mill Giveaway
My employer, Fujifilm Dimatix, has given preliminary approval for continuing distribution of the mills. We have a collection point setup in the machining center now, which should make this easier...
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Yesterday 03:17 PM
"Quotes" that were said during build season
Yes, we did this during drive practice. We did it again for a sponsor demo this morning; only took about 2 minutes.
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Yesterday 03:00 PM
Learning Team Roles
Duplicate thread! Here's the original, with five answers so far. Closing this one down.
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Yesterday 02:34 PM
FRC Breakdowns: Helping Hand Strategy
:o I thought this was going to be about repairing another team's robot.
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Yesterday 12:51 PM
Is it a sammich?
That's the sort of sandwich you make soup with.
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Yesterday 12:17 PM
[FF]: Fantasy First Hall of Fame
Updated IRI winner/runner up for 2018.
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Jonathan L.
Yesterday 12:16 PM
Internship w/ LabVIEW in St. Louis, MO with Mass Spectrometers
This is an internship/job opportunity using LabVIEW to program medical mass spectrometers in the St. Louis, Missouri area specifically in Soulard, south of the arch. We are looking for someone with...
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New Post
Yesterday 12:13 PM
[FF]: [OFF] IRI 2018 Signup Thread
Final Scores: 1 128 nomythicalbeast 2 123 pchild 3 119 Kevin Leonard 4 104 DohertyBilly 5 93 saikiranra 6 90 Niklas674 7 87 Golfer4646 8 86 tmpoles
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