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Today 12:26 PM
4 Wheel vs 6 Wheel Drive
^ We ran 2+2 this season and what you get is the ability to pull off that large spin around defending robots making it harder for someone to side swipe you into a t-bone pin. What you lose is the...
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Today 12:12 PM
Westcoast Drive bearing + axle retention
Oh, good eye! That battery holder was a custom designed part, laser sintered from Nylon in Mohawk College's Additive Manufacturing Resource Centre. We've had a partnership with Mohawk's AMRC for...
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Today 11:29 AM
[FF]: 2018 Season Long Fantasy FIRST
I'll vote for option 3 as well.
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Today 11:09 AM
Kiwi Router
Now all they need is a router held by a 2 armed, 2 end effector, opposable thumbed, bipedal, upright standing adaptive unit and it can carve much larger work pieces. It can even come covered in a...
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Today 10:41 AM
[FTC]: Relic Scoring
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Today 10:16 AM
2056 Ways to Inspire Conference 2017
There better be a list of 2,056 ways I can inspire people to be shown at the conference.
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Today 10:07 AM
Official 2018 FRC Teaser - FIRST POWER UP
Did anyone else notice how this robot in the teaser art seems to be caring a piece of scaffolding? idk if this is feasible but robots could be carrying this scaffolds similar to recycle rush and may...
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Today 10:05 AM
Libraries for FRsky Taranis
We thought about doing the same thing, program within the OpenTX software. The problem for us that the USB driver seemed to be limited to 8-bit resolution. The thought of having to program a new...
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Today 09:41 AM
AndyMark Swerve & Steer: Feedback?
Oh my dear CalTran... wait until you actually come across some absurdly small screws. Like working on a CubeSat or, more practically, a pair of sunglasses. ;)
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Today 09:35 AM
pic: A More Versatile STEAMWORKS Intake
I think the design choice for air was a good one with that setup. The only drawback I can see from that picture is that it appears as though the pistons are mounted so that they over-center.(meaning...
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Today 09:19 AM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #689
Many people are wondering if they'll need to put arms on their robot for next year's game. What they should be wondering is whether they'll need to put mouths on their robot for next year's game.
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Today 08:32 AM
FRC Team 1296 Annual 2017 Car Raflle
What an awesome idea for a fundraiser! Hopefully I can be the next young mentor from Pennsylvania to win the car!
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Bryan Herbst
Today 08:27 AM
Include referenced libraries in github commit
If you start pulling in external libraries, I also definitely recommend checking out GradleRIO. ANT (the build system that FRC projects use by default) just isn't designed for proper dependency...
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Mark McLeod
Today 08:17 AM
NY Regionals and Options 2018
Nassau Coliseum would be several times more expensive than Hofstra, so it's still financially unmanageable. It gets looked at and revisited all the time, but the rental's even more now after the...
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Today 06:51 AM
3D Printed Gearboxes
This guy designed a 3D printed planetary gearbox that can lift a couple hundred pounds on a 4" winch, which is more than I expected was possible. His used almost 2 lb worth of filament though, which...
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Today 06:40 AM
Website Beta Test
I made some changes let me know what you think. The botom bar where the Weebly branding is will be removed in the coming weeks
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Today 04:13 AM
Spacing between sprockets
Oops...missed that this is for FTC. One chain run with idlers will definitely be fine. There was a thread on small cheap idlers for FTC a few weeks ago.
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Yesterday 11:31 PM
Chezy Champs 2017
I'd like to apologize. Not only did I derail this conversation, I feel that my response was inappropriate. Having the RSN guys there is a privilege that we enjoy at a limited number of events, and I...
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Yesterday 11:21 PM
Capital City Classic 2017 - Registration Open
Hey Mentors!! Don't forget the Mentor Social on Saturday evening. Please plan on joining us for an evening of stress free socialization and networking. (Food and beverage of your choice...
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Yesterday 11:09 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #688
At last! First place goes to: Second place goes to:
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