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Today 10:50 AM
Dr Joe's Gif of the Week Contest 2018: Submissions Houston Half Worlds
I've been watching for this post for the past 3 days just to miss my chance! Darn! Quality stuff though, I'd say the most legendary thing since 330's 2016 finals match 2.
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Today 10:46 AM
Class of 2018, Where are you going?
Feel free to PM me with any questions you have! Kettering is a great choice.
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Today 10:39 AM
2018 Darwin Subdivision
Super pumped about Darwin! The division is crazy deep. Also will be trying to run around to do interviews in between coaching matches for FUN.
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Today 10:38 AM
Anyone use IronCAD in FIRST
I'll agree with this. I use this exact same argument with teams deciding on programming languages. Any perceived advantage in the complexity of the task is only dependent on whether or not you have...
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Today 10:31 AM
What's next? (Offseason projects)
Our team is making a Frisbee shooter! We will probably have a robot that drive down to the 50 yard line and spews custom school frisbees at the crowd!
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Mr. Lim
Today 10:23 AM
Toronto Van Incident
CD Community, As Detroit CMP draws near, please be aware that the Toronto area was impacted by a tragic incident on Monday...
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Today 10:21 AM
Best Switch/Vault Bots in Competition
I haven't studied the Houston divisions in-depth enough to answer this, but is it possible the top seed (1-4) also preferred a scale robot but the depth simply wasn't there? At some point a great...
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Jon Stratis
Today 10:00 AM
Detroit Load In - Security Badges?
Until/unless we get a blog post from Frank, assume you'll need an inspector to unlock your bag. That's standard procedure unless FIRST makes an exception for the event (like they did for...
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Today 09:58 AM
Why do some teams disappear after a few years and others last for decades?
One of the things that I personally have always loved about Ontario specifically is the amount of alumnus mentorship that is available and used. I genuinely believe that alumni can be the mentors...
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Today 09:57 AM
Examples of Great Defense
Yep. This kind of driving was what bumped your team up our pick list. It was great to play with you.
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Today 09:32 AM
OnShape Recommendation?
Don't underestimate the benefit to not needing a massive software install. It's very easy to add people to your design team or for non-design team members to view a design (even on their cell...
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Today 09:26 AM
Packing Essentials for Detroit Champs
It's cold in Maine too! I was wearing shorts in St. Louis last year and I saw some teams in winter jackets. For those who weren't there it was 45 and raining the entire event.
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Today 09:21 AM
5 Cube auto?
"All for dreams"
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Today 09:01 AM
What were the most important factors of 254ís undefeated season?p
His immense depth of FRC knowledge.
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Today 08:32 AM
Roboprom tickets now on sale
Pre-sale tickets for Detroit are SOLD OUT. We will have some tickets available for purchase at the Cobo Center on Wednesday and Thursday, and outside of RoboProm at the Marriott on Thursday night....
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Tom Line
Today 08:22 AM
[FRC Blog] Houston Wrap-Up and Detroit
Except every team going shipped their bots out a week ago so they can't cheat.
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Today 08:19 AM
pic: Rifle scope
Specifically a gillie (Ol' Gilly*) suit made from the yellow and black things that covered the corners of the scale between matches :yikes: *our 2015 robot's other name
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Today 08:13 AM
Was Dean drunk while giving his speech at Houston CMP?
x2. Know your audience....
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Today 07:58 AM
PSA: $100 Lowe's gift cards for $90
Passing this along for those that frequent it for a team or themselves: PayPal is selling $100 Lowe's gift cards for $90 right...
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Hitchhiker 42
Today 07:48 AM
Detroit Einstein Alliances/Results Predictions
My prediction: Archimedes wins it all. Beats Curie in the finals.
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