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Today 07:18 AM
2018 Rocket City Regional
We had a blast attending our first Rocket City Regional! The team social was something I'll remember for quite a long time. It was humbling to see von Braun's slide rule alongside students who...
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Today 07:10 AM
Introducing FAST for iOS
Itís coming. This is also being worked on. It is indeed being time stamped already. We hope you enjoy using FAST and will let you know when these are added. Thanks!
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Koko Ed
Today 07:07 AM
2018 El Paso Robots
Post 'em if you got 'em! 418 Purple Haze 624 CRyptonite 1164 Project NEO 1817 Llano Estacado RoboRaiders 1828 BoxerBots 2468 Team Appreciate 2583 RoboWarriors
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Koko Ed
Today 07:01 AM
Cube Condition after 3 weeks.
A few torn covers but I have not seen much cube damage over three weeks of events. Very hardy game pieces.
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Today 06:08 AM
Troubleshooting High PDP Current Draw
For anyone who is experiencing the same problem, the firmware update took care of it for us.
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Today 05:23 AM
Celt-X 5406 Robot Reveal
It was great to watch you this weekend, you guys did an awesome job. We are hoping to join you in the RoboDrome before McMaster!
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Today 05:17 AM
A Thank You and a Complaint
I have had the honor of partipating in FIRST for 20 years. I have served as a mentor, inspector, referee, volunteer and FTA. I only was an FTA for one event. It was one of the most stressful...
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Today 04:53 AM
2018 SPAM Poor Man's Scouting
Am I reading it right that you're placing a negative value to cubes in the exchange?
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Today 04:05 AM
3211 The Y Team autonomous compilation
https://youtu.be/RtZaE1-TaQk Very proud to demonstrare the work of the team. Expect even more for the Israeli DCMP.
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Today 03:39 AM
Best Switch/Vault Bots in Competition
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkWqfVIytMM, in this match we put 8 cubes in the vault in 0:51 seconds (starting at 2.30) . They did it way faster on the practice field but i think this is the...
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Today 03:38 AM
Chairmen's Equipment Provided
We've never used anything that required power in our presentation, mainly foam core boards on easels that we printed at made when we arrived at each event. There were a few reasons we never tried...
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Today 02:28 AM
2018 Los Angeles Regional
Reseda Regents Robotics, Team 2584, wants to thank and congratulate Team 5802 - Los STEMateros and Team 330 - The Beach Bots for being such wonderful partners. We were excited to have the opportunity...
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Today 01:47 AM
Using Talon PID slots
May I ask why you are gain scheduling between move and hold? That seems like it ought to be unnecessary.
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Today 01:29 AM
2018 Shirt Trading Thread
I've got a bunch of 1868 shirts. Open to anything, but very interested in 3132, 2485, 330, and 16. PM me! I'll be at Silicon Valley Regional and Houston Champs. :)
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Today 01:22 AM
Inagural Canadian Pacific Regional --- Wow!
Team 1868 would like to thank all the amazing volunteers who made this event possible, we had a blast! Like others said above, this was one of the smoothest events we've ever been to; very...
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Today 01:10 AM
Team 5818 presents: Floptimus prime
Thanks Nick! Sorry about your troubles, and especially after a replay match. When everyone was running they were all good tough matches. So after one week, I'd say the flaps (aka floppies) are pretty...
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Today 12:20 AM
Congrats to the winners of San Francisco!
I echo Don's entire post in full. This year, just as last, showed why San Francisco is what I believe to be the best regional in FRC. Don and the RPC have an unwavering commitment to run a...
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Today 12:00 AM
FRCTop25 Week 3 Poll Open. Closes 3/19 7:00pm Eastern
I think 2811, StormBots, is worthy of the top 25 this week. After being on the cusp of greatness for several years, they broke out onto the PNW scene this year, captaining one finalist and one...
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Yesterday 11:18 PM
[paper] 2018 raw score data and analysis
Interactive percentile plots of alliance scores of each of the 77 events completed as of 3/18/18. Pick which events you want to compare by checking (or un-checking) the checkbox for the events of...
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Yesterday 11:09 PM
Team 5940 Technical Binder
A first for Team 5940 B.R.E.A.D., we have a full technical binder with some details and logic around each of our major mechanisms! With the help of frcguy, I put this together for our events, and to...
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