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Yesterday 10:02 PM
6201 Marshmallow/Candy Cannon Robot - Off season project
Our team was invited to an local festival called Fluff festival. For that event, our robot had to be marshmallow themed. So we took the gear collector off our competition robot and used lawn...
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Mr V
Yesterday 09:05 PM
FRC Waitlists for Dummies
Yes in the past when the team joined the wait list mattered at least in this area. Yes the special cases moved to the front of the line and then the standard cases were assigned in the order they...
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Yesterday 08:17 PM
Capital City Classic 2017 - Registration Open
With a little under 6 days until this amazing event, I couldnít be more excited. 701 is going to be running our normal comp bot that will hopefully have a working shooter (itís like Iíve said this...
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The Lucas
Yesterday 01:20 PM
Duel on the Delaware 2017
Alliances, prepare for playoffs https://photos.app.goo.gl/8WieJmzVtDD4yOYH2
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Yesterday 12:47 PM
Talon SRX Position Closed Loop Control
If the thing is spinning off to infinity, you probably have an unstable feedback loop due to the sensor and motor being out-of-phase (i.e., sensor forward is not encoder forward). Try calling...
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Yesterday 12:19 PM
Any chance of this project being open source in the near future?
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Yesterday 11:53 AM
Recommended Timing Pulley Size
Correct. The "8 teeth per inch wheel diameter" rule of thumb is what I have always followed, without ever seeing a failure resulting from it - however, this has only ever been with gearboxes...
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Yesterday 10:08 AM
Programming Brake/Coast Modes
With a PWM motor controller like a Spark/Talon SR/Jaguar this would not be possible since the brake/coast mode is set with a button on each controller that must be manually switched. With a CAN...
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Mark McLeod
Yesterday 08:53 AM
Drive Station and Radio not connecting?!?!
Use the FRC Radio Configuration Utility 17.3 (2/14/17) Programming your radio for home use
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