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Yesterday 11:25 PM
3D Printed Gearboxes
We've been using 3D printed nylon gears on our (almost completely) 3D printed swerve drive. So far, they seem to be holding up really well! We designed them with a fairly low DP so as to not tax our...
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Yesterday 10:36 PM
[Java] GRIP Vision help?!
So do you mean I have to do something like cvSink.grabFrame(mat ); inside the thread?
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Yesterday 09:49 PM
SCRIW VII (South Carolina Robotics Invitational & Workshops 2017)
Yes! We've got one locked down (Bumpers, that old scourge of teams all over...) and have room for probably two more. More on that coming up. Also locked down: a couple more teams, which will make...
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Yesterday 09:34 PM
Showdown at the Shore
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Lorenzo Kearns
Yesterday 08:55 PM
Beach Blitz 2017
I was wondering when you will post your schedule, and specifically what time load-in is on Friday
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Yesterday 08:47 PM
2018 New England District Championships hosted at BU Agganis Arena
Really excited to see the event return to Boston! Great venue, great food, great location.
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Yesterday 08:41 PM
[FRC Blog] Training on Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
+many I have met white anglo-saxons whose thoughts were way out there, and been part of groups which included minorities, but where I was the wacko. However, by and large, the most robust group...
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Yesterday 08:39 PM
Recent Trend In Game Themes
To heap on my own two cents to this thread, I feel the recent trend in themes has made the games much harder to explain and attract people to. Back in 2012 if someone asked me what the game was I...
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Yesterday 08:10 PM
Motion Profiling Problems
Well, this points me in new directions, so I'm happy :) Thank you! It's very much appreciated.
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Hitchhiker 42
Yesterday 08:02 PM
Is Bash@Beach happening?
I was just wondering if Bash@Beach is happening, and if so, if there is any information on it yet? Thanks!
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Yesterday 07:32 PM
Team Uniforms
I believe you get two colors: a primary and accent If you need something else, best thing to do is email them.
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Yesterday 07:21 PM
[FF]: Chezy Champs 2017
Apologies for my absence Iíve been pretty busy. The plan for the dropped teams is to take the average of the 3rd round scores and give those to the two who had teams drop. I should have scores by...
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Yesterday 07:08 PM
NEW: British Columbia Regional!
Not quite. There's only open capacity for 16 teams. That's because the Regional Director has reserved the rest of the capacity for rookies/late registration. See also: Reserve Capacity. See also: Why...
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Yesterday 06:56 PM
Westcoast Drive bearing + axle retention
Don't. You'll thank me when your robot's wheels stay on after a hit. That particular type just needs enough force to get past the center section it's supposed to be in and it's out. If it flips at...
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Yesterday 06:41 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #689
This is Vorpasaurus, the Barstow Kuhnigits' scrimmage robot, which plays defense during practice. I'm not sure who convinced them that dinosaurs were resistant to holy hand grenades, and they must...
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Yesterday 04:10 PM
2018 FRC events
New England DCMP is going to be April 11 - 14 at Agganis Arena according to Instagram
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Yesterday 03:40 PM
2018 Game Speculation
See the arrow in the logo? Seen it in an arcade?? Teams must use Dance-Dance-Revolution game pads as the sole robot control inputs. Get ready for the most frantic driver dance moves you've ever...
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Yesterday 03:36 PM
Official 2018 FRC Teaser - FIRST POWER UP
The game will involve streaming movies to the FMS?
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Yesterday 02:11 PM
[FTC]: Relic Scoring
Much appreciated. I must have shortage of attention. I looked through that section and didn't see it
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Yesterday 02:04 PM
4 Wheel vs 6 Wheel Drive
As others have said in the thread it mostly comes down to the center of rotation of the robot. I think it's generally easier to navigate a field with a robot that turns about its center than its...
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