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Today 04:59 PM
"Zem"asks:"How about the balance issue of teams capabilities, resources, and success"
I realized I misunderstood the OP there. While I spoke mostly from the viewpoint of rookie teams, I still think many of the same issues face 2nd year teams, just not as severely. Speaking from the...
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Today 04:25 PM
2014 Participation Pin (Aerial Assist)
Anyone in need of Aerial Assist or Recycle Rush pins, I have a stash of about 20 each. Let me know and we'll figure out how to get you one.
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Today 04:06 PM
FRC Season Pins
Zeta, Interested in a recycle rush pin! Sorry, Logomotion was before my time. Sending PM. Gus Also, a previous thread on the subject: https://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=158 858....
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Tyler Olds
Today 03:42 PM
Corsetto, Emerson, Holley Debate 8:30pm ET Tonight!
Thanks everyone for the comments and ideas for future shows. We will keep these in mind as we keep creating content as we are always in need of ideas.
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Prateek M
Today 03:42 PM
Can't deploy code from eclipse. No console output
The 2018 Libraries are to be used with JDK Version 8. WPILib will employ the use of JDK 11 when Build Season 2019 rolls around.
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Today 02:59 PM
Austin on FIRST Global and WPILib tonight at 7pm EDT
Austin is awesome! Tune in!
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Tom Line
Today 02:32 PM
Stall testing 775 Pro, surprisingly poor result
It's really easy to do in your own code though.
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Today 01:46 PM
Last Call for ROBOTICON Registration!
We've got room for at least five more teams at ROBOTICON (and check out our awesome new website while you're there!) Teams inside or outside of Florida are welcome to participate. Registration page...
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Today 12:54 PM
Electronic Communication Acknowledgement Form ?
Mmmmmmmmmmm dat letterhead.
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Today 11:57 AM
[FF]: [FF]: [OFF] Red Stick Rumble
1. BrennanB 2. pchild 3. Kevin Leonard 4. tmpoles 5. Attention 6. Hailey.faiella 7. Stryker 8. abbymarie 9. Golfer4646 10. Brian Maher
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Today 11:23 AM
pic: 2 speed flipped 4 775 pro gearbox
Not sure if you've seen our 2018 gearboxes but they look to be pretty similar. Something we did was instead of webbing the plate for vents we pocketed out the area around the motor mounts to create a...
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Today 10:56 AM
Ramp Riot 2018: The Official Thread
When will the attending teams list be updated?
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Today 10:49 AM
paper: AMB Design Spreadsheet
I just uploaded version 2.1. Here's what's new: Supports forward sprint distance calculation for shifting drivetrains. The formula assumes the drivetrain shifts instantly, and at the perfect time....
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Today 09:33 AM
2018 IndyRAGE - September 28-29
When is the latest to apply? We originally were not going to come out, since we only had 1 girl on the team, but recruiting has yielding 8 new female members. We still don't have an accurate gage on...
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Today 09:16 AM
[FF]: [OFF] MARC 2018
And we're gonna cap it here, at two tiers, with the 18 currently signed up.
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Chris is me
Today 07:48 AM
pic: Pseudo-Differential Swerve
Just depends on if you need the height vs the width more. A lot of games I'd prefer to take up more space in and under the chassis plane than above it, but I suppose just as many games with tighter...
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Today 06:45 AM
Team 254 Presents: Our 20th Season Recap
The 254th day of the year is 9/11
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Today 01:06 AM
pic: GBX-165, epicyclic differential swerve
The steering ratio is B/A+1, which in this case is 28/14+1 = 3. However, the upstream ratio only ends up needing to be a square of 28/14. Don't ask me why, because I'm not very clear on it myself. I...
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Seth Mallory
Yesterday 08:26 PM
pic: Low Profile Fully Enclosed Swerve
For the last couple years GRT has inverted the CIM motors. The CIM clears the field by about 1/2" and the shaft is about the tallest part of the swerve. I will try to get a picture of it tomorrow...
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Yesterday 08:24 PM
Team 4048 - swerve drive code release
Ah, fair enough, I missed that. Teaching by example works great!
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