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Today 09:40 AM
Game plan
Thanks Mate
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Jared Russell
Today 09:36 AM
No rule this year to stay above 12" after T=0
Teams pondering "jumping" or a Dukes of Hazzard-style launch would do well to read the first line of the glossary definition of CLIMBING.
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Kevin Sevcik
Today 09:36 AM
Current draw of stalling motors to hold up an arm?
If you're already using JVN, it gives you the required current when moving and loaded. Torque in a DC motor proportional to current. If it takes 50A to lift your load, it takes at most 50A to hold...
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Today 09:36 AM
Double Solenoid programming Labview
Can you talk a little more about what problems you are having? Is nothing moving? Is the compressor turning on? Is the lights on the solenoid lighting up? Is it constantly switching between...
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Today 09:24 AM
Best part of competitions?
Drive Team. The intensity of the matches and working with teams from across the country/world is an experience like nothing else.
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Today 09:15 AM
No elim points for RP tasks this year
Meh. The GDC puts out a game, I play the game. This isn't an 'issue' to me so much as it is a mechanic of the game. It means that for a team with above-average resources, there is no explicit...
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Mark McLeod
Today 09:14 AM
Magnetic sensors
Here's an example:...
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Today 09:05 AM
Motion Profiling with Pathfinder and Talon SRX
Consider adding a ramp down to stop in your motion profile code, such that the robot should have come to a complete stop before the profile completes in a controlled fashion.
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Jon Stratis
Today 08:53 AM
I need help with the Elevator concept
Keep in mind that a single stage elevator doesn't get high enough for the SCALE on its own. You'll need a second stage or an arm or something. The cubes are relatively light weight. My team used a...
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Today 08:20 AM
"Quotes" that were said during build season
The usual. "I want to die" "I'm so tired" "Can we go to the kitchen I'm hungry" "Jesus CHRIST" "Are you kidding me" "Kill me"
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Today 08:15 AM
Rookie Team Help Request - Kit of Parts Chassis
@EricH We left our robot wider then 28" in the front and back so we can not use your suggestion but it would have worked if we did cut the width down too 28".
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Today 07:34 AM
CTRE Talon SRX, Follower mode and setInverted()
3.1 update, sorry.
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Today 07:29 AM
Building cscore example code
That would be fantastic. Thank you for all you are doing with this.
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Jon Stratis
Today 07:23 AM
Measuring robot extension during inspection
With the rules this year specifically banning extensions more than 16" during most of the match, and then allowing them, I expect to be working closely with the head ref on that rule. Likely we'll...
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Today 06:59 AM
Game life of a Technician....FYI
Honestly I kind of agree. I think it may be difficult to tell a student they have to stand in the corner, possibly not be able to see the game well, and can't cheer on their own team because that...
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Today 06:12 AM
987 Tragic News
I am so sorry, Oscar and his family -including 987-, are in my prayers. I can't even imagine this situation, so devastating.
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Tom Line
Today 05:34 AM
Just a clarification about sensor names if you are confused. A pressure 'switch' is a sensor that only turns on and off, and only at a setpoint. A pressure switch is required by the FRC rules...
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Tom Line
Today 05:25 AM
Electrical planning
I absolutely love the cardboard method - and we're going to start doing that for our robot on Saturday now that we've pretty well finalized the systems we'll need. Gets everyone involved, even...
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Today 02:16 AM
JUnit test error with wpilib
Unfortunately, wpilib does not run outside of the roboRIO. We are working to enable this via simulation and hopefully unit test ability, but currently the HAL and JNI bindings are only compiled for...
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Chief Hedgehog
Today 02:01 AM
Carbon Footprint Project | IMC
You had me at planting trees. However, the survey is a bit problematic as it requires vast amounts of assumptions from the very beginning. Please understand that my team resides in a fairly rural...
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