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Today 09:59 AM
Changing CD for the better.
These are valid points for sure, I do enjoy the super fast load and lightweight (by modern standards) construction. I think the key, as others have mentioned, is that if we want certain feature sets...
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Today 09:42 AM
Team 3161 Website Refresh
That was quick! I like it. Looks good on desktop! I just checked it out on mobile and the "WE ARE TEAM 3161 TRONIC TITANS" on the home page is a bit screwed up. All the letters are overlapping...
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Today 09:25 AM
Miter Blade for Aluminum
Thanks for a polite and professional response. It is much appreciated, especially when safety feedback can seem like a personal criticism.
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Today 08:01 AM
Please help 1729 win a donation by voting (quick!)
Currently at 639-274.
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Today 07:56 AM
Looking for Mentors to talk about Rover Ruckus!
Good Morning Fellow Mentors, We are looking for mentors to talk about the Rover Ruckus FTC Game for the RoboZone Podcast. If you are interested please send me a private message. We are looking to...
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Today 12:22 AM
Looking for mentors in Western Washington
Yeah, we are kind of being mentored by 4131 and a few members from other teams are also helping out, but we are primarily looking to get mentors who can stay for build season. I was on another team...
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Today 12:22 AM
2018 SCRRF Fall Classic
Still plenty of room, folks, come on down! (And volunteer if your team doesn't bring a robot!)
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Mike Schreiber
Yesterday 11:44 PM
Team 254 Presents: Lockdown Technical Binder 2018
I suppose the answer to that question depends on what the default state of your robot is. On a single there's one button and you have to hold it until you're finished otherwise the spring returns the...
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Yesterday 11:24 PM
[FF]: [OFF] EMCC 2018 Tier 2
And thus we begin! Times are enforced on Wednesday, September 19 at 10:00 PM EST, but picks may start now. If you don't see your name here, you are in Tier...
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Brian Maher
Yesterday 11:16 PM
2056 Ways to Inspire Conference 2018
These talks look fantastic. From the workshop list: Love it.
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Yesterday 11:03 PM
Rate the Scouting Apps
As the Robot Scouter dev, I'd love to hear feedback. 😊
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Yesterday 10:22 PM
Deep Learning Neural Network detects Power Cubes
I used a custom labeling tool I wrote called XLT, you can find it here
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Yesterday 09:44 PM
Using Talon SRX PID Controller through CANifer
Thanks! I did not know this was implemented yet. Will play around with this feature and see where it takes us!
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Yesterday 09:41 PM
[FTC]: Where is the FTC Q&A page?
I can see the forum but I can't post anything anywhere. I've message the admin and I get no response. I've looked at myfirstinspire page and there is no information on my login. Why is this so...
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Yesterday 09:24 PM
US Digital E4T-360-250 Encoder. Slipping?
AMT-103s are incredibly robust. They work great even when mounted by hand with super glue (although hot glue can delaminate). Of course, mounting them with screws is going to give you a...
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Yesterday 08:48 PM
SRX Encoder Mount Question
You're welcome. Sometimes I'm not sure if my crosswise thinking is a blessing or a curse. :] Given that my temptation a few years ago to buy a bunch of 5/16-16 threaded rod and throw away all the...
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Yesterday 08:38 PM
Tips on how to become a good coach.
Thank you guys, this is very helpful advice! :D
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Yesterday 07:11 PM
[FTC]: FTC Build Blitz 2018
Today marks the start of the 2018 FTC Build Blitz! Throughout this week, we'll provide the FTC community with a detailed analysis of this year's game, and different robots concepts that can be used...
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Yesterday 07:08 PM
BunnyBots 2018
Rules updated to 2.01. Under penalties, robots may not store a significant number of opponent's balls in a crate under a robot's control.
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Yesterday 06:39 PM
[FF]: [OFF] EMCC 2018
1. nomythicalbeast 2. abbymarie 3. Golfer4646 4. pchild 5. MikLast 6. Michelle Pitre 7. SPang 8. Hailey.faiella 9. drwhorx 10. BrennanB
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