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Kevin Sheridan
Today 03:53 AM
2018 Team Update 13
IMO its easier to verify if a robot is touching the Fence with their bumpers than it is to spot a zip tie sticking over the Fence. This game is already hard enough for refs with all the different...
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Jeremy Germita
Today 03:51 AM
Can confirm. Combine with the floating sprocket technique for more fun. https://i.imgur.com/E0xhpUel.png
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Ginger Power
Today 03:30 AM
FIRST in Minnesota 2018
With the Great Northern Regional 1 week away and the Duluth Regionals coming in the following week, it seems like a great time to get a conversation going about FIRST in Minnesota in 2018. Here's...
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Today 03:26 AM
Bagging your robot in 18.36 seconds
Yeah, would be nice to have an event on our island. No choice for us. Love FTC - just started here this year - because for the first time we can compete without flying. But not for FRC.
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Today 02:41 AM
FRC 2018 Reveal Video Playlist
Thank you! I was starting to get tired of replaying the 2017 reveal videos playlist so fresh music will be nice
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Today 02:19 AM
After spending the night rebuilding our intake (adding pistons... really should have done this in like week 2) and doing some last 10% stuff (electronics cover, wire management) we made it into the...
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Today 02:17 AM
"Quotes" that were said during build season
"For our next team bonding exercise, we're buying all the sledgehammers we can from tech theater and beating the battery cart to death."
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Today 02:11 AM
Trapezoidal Motion Profiling w/ Position Feedback (Pure Pursuit Controller)
My solution is to not encode speed as part of the waypoints and instead let the controller handle it seperately, given an acceleration and cruise speed. It calculates the distance required to ramp up...
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Today 02:09 AM
Dart Actuators
We used DARTs back in 2016 and decided never again... we had so many issues with that. Whenever that happened, we would have to disassemble the actuator and replace using the retaining clip at the...
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Today 02:07 AM
Shifting Issue with WCP Flipped Gearboxes
Loctite is an expensive adhesive, that has a long full cure time (24 hours) We simply use a dap from a hot glue gun, cures in ten minutes or less. On the spacer; We used a dial indicator stand...
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Today 02:07 AM
Bagging your robot
Have you considered bagging your robot faster in the future?
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Today 02:05 AM
Machine Learning for Game Piece Detection
According to the description, 216 photos taken from the team's workspace. OP: It sounds like your test accuracy is surprisingly acceptable given such a small training dataset. Did you separate the...
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Peter Johnson
Today 02:02 AM
Robot shutoff issue
This was fixed in the 2018v17 RoboRIO image. The symptom there was complete loss of robot comm, not a momentary blip.
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Today 02:00 AM
pic: Team 1768's 2018 Robot Teaser
That's a lot of elevator you got there.
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Today 01:58 AM
Last minute 2nd year team help
Mount a magnet to the front of your elevator and another to the top of your intake. Attach the two at the start of the match and in auto move the carriage up slightly to vertically displace the...
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Today 01:28 AM
Not sure how effective this is going to be considering the only two places your opponent can legally shoot from are their neutral zone (which is protected so that's a tech foul if they touch you when...
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Jeremy Germita
Today 01:26 AM
Team 3647 2018 Teaser
Looks great, guys. Can't wait to see it up close at SD and AVR!
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Today 01:24 AM
WiredCats 5675 Teaser
Triple digits on the tape? https://i.imgur.com/e2Y13ou.jpg
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Today 01:20 AM
7048 Robot Reveal
Really impressive looking, love the color scheme ;)
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Today 01:19 AM
Team 2053, TigerTronics Presents our 2018 Robot: Crouton Cruncher
The craziest feature is our neatest wiring and electronics board / belly pan ever :yikes: Zoom in on back picture: Hi-Res Back View
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