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Today 05:38 PM
FRC Team 1296 Annual 2017 Car Raflle
Hello, I'm a student on 1296 and I'd just like to thank anyone who bought a ticket for the raffle this year, it really goes a long way toward helping the team.
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Today 05:30 PM
Build fails when uploaded over radio wirelessly and RoboRIO can't be pinged
Thank you so much!! This worked!! I have been trying to fix this for two weeks. Thank you!!
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Lil' Lavery
Today 05:22 PM
Professor Copioli, Since you're answering our burning physics questions, any chance I can drag you further off topic to answer something that's been bugging me the last week or so? While a student...
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Lil' Lavery
Today 05:13 PM
MAR 2018
Jealous. We tried last year but never got in. :(
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Today 04:38 PM
[FF]: Smoky Mountains 2018
Excuse you, my avian comedy is top notch. I could be a comedi-hen.
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Today 04:28 PM
Introducing Limelight for FRC
Are you willing to share an estimation of when we can buy this?
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Today 01:16 PM
[FF]: Orange County Regional 2018
We'll take 7042
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Jimmy Nichols
Today 12:27 PM
Miami Valley Regional Team Social
Should Probably merge this with the Official MVR thread so all info is there.
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Mark McLeod
Today 11:25 AM
Registration 2018
Here's a stab at showing what teams were lost from where. Each color represents a specific number of team-years, e.g., lavender represents teams with 1-year experience. Colors may be a problem...
(60,318 views, 401 replies)
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Ryan Dognaux
Today 11:15 AM
Where to buy 12 volt battery caps?
This seems like a great opportunity to take a look at the BattHawk - a product developed by FRC 1720 and sold by AndyMark: http://www.andymark.com/BattHawk-p/am-3824_4.htm If you're in the market to...
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Ryan Dognaux
Today 10:59 AM
Possible Applications of new Brushless Motor?
Literally just showing it in various FRC-type applications on a robot, in action. That's all they needed to do. It looks like FRC 4330 from the St. Louis area is featured and it would be interesting...
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Today 10:08 AM
BunnyBots 2017
BunnyBot was great. This video clip shows a highly unlikely sequence that resulted in a win for 3711G. https://youtu.be/oahOrVRXt3s
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Brian Selle
Today 09:43 AM
Vision or Gyro-Encoders? Where to put time?
^^This - except I'm going to raise it to 100 times out of a 100. Encoders and gyros are the basis for all FRC control systems. You need to walk before you can run. Start with encoders, don't even...
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Today 09:18 AM
Homemade CAD system?
To answer your question directly: the three reasons no one home-brews CAD are that it is incredibly hard, if you're any good at it you better be getting paid for your time, and...
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Today 09:16 AM
Team 900 Role Call
Hello! I'm Chloe Hawes, a junior at Science and Math! :]
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Today 08:57 AM
pic: Looking for feedback on our drivetrain
Here is MORT's 2017 drivetrain being assembled during the build season with the same...
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Al Skierkiewicz
Today 08:50 AM
Breaker Modeling
The point I was hoping to make is that loose connections heat the outside terminals significantly and that heat is conducted directly to the parts inside. I can't tell you how many robots I see each...
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Today 08:34 AM
paper: Using JeVois camera in FRC
oooooooo! This might just be the secrete sauce we were missing! I don't know if it's worth posting or not, but I did get a curl of what the webcam was streaming. It was producing the usual --boundary...
(2,062 views, 29 replies)
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Today 07:12 AM
FRC Apple Grant?
Reach out to the FIRST contact on the Application page. She found that Apple couldn't "find" my employee. I forwarded a copy of her "apple id" screenshot and had our money the same day. You need to...
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Today 01:04 AM
[FF]: 2018 Season Long Fantasy FIRST
Right now? (Forgot and got tied up elsewhere. Thanks for the reminder!) TSIMFD Blucifer The Breakfast Company Falcon Cup Of Joe ...
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