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Today 01:36 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #698
First entry to the Weird FIRST book. Second entry.
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Today 01:30 PM
Breaker Modeling
By applying the model OP created, I think I have a pretty good framework for breaker simulation that just requires information available on the breaker data sheet, knowing the electrical resistance...
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Today 12:53 PM
Code Ran successfully but not being able to deployed
Although the RobotInit method is called by the framework/base class code once at startup, it is not a replacement for a constructor. C++ code expects that the constructor for any class will...
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Today 12:37 PM
2018 PCH Project
Dear our honorable fellow Peachtree District FRC Teams (and everyone else ;), I hope everyone’s preparing well for kickoff next season! I’m definitely excited to see all of the teams at the five...
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Today 12:37 PM
paper: 120A Main Breaker Thermal Analysis
First of all this paper was extremely helpful in building an accurate (I hope) breaker model (more on this in a sec). Thanks so much. I think found a minor mistake in your paper, if you look at...
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Today 12:32 PM
pic: Pneumatics - Electronic Speed Control sketch
Would this work? This way there is always an open outlet. https://i.imgur.com/Ekvgfbq.jpg?1
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Today 11:49 AM
Reviving the old cRIO
Here is a similar post that links to some resources that may be useful, including instructions for imaging the cRIO from 2014: https://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=157 515
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Today 11:22 AM
DataZ for FRC: Half Hollow Hills Invitational!
Hi Sam, We are glad to hear you are already kicking around ideas of how to make use of the data. We encourage anyone with ideas to please post on the thread or PM us as we would love to have...
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Today 10:42 AM
Meals during build season
Our Parent Booster club goes to local businesses to see if they can get lunch donated or provided to us at a lower cost. We only need to have meals arranged for lunches during our Saturday meetings,...
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Today 10:04 AM
RoboRio Successor Wishlist
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Paul Copioli
Today 09:57 AM
VexPro Short Shifter Shaft Question
No changes planned for the 3 CIM Ball Shifter this season.
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Today 09:37 AM
1407... who needs a 2 rotor auto? https://imgur.com/glzJemV
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Today 07:32 AM
Net Neutrality
Okay, let us help save Net Neutrality! Let us be ware about how we can help protect our free and open internet.
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Today 07:29 AM
Newbie Here!
Hey everyone! Newbie here. I appreciate to be one of you here now. Anyway, let me greet you a "Happy Thanksgiving" to all!:)
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Today 07:07 AM
Using Pixy with Java and roboRIO
I2C is a bus. You can connect multiple devices to it. The four wires are Vcc, GND, SDA and SCL. As long as each device has its own unique I2C address, you can connect them parallel to each other.
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Today 12:30 AM
MAR 2018
341 got into Midwest today.
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Yesterday 11:39 PM
[FF]: 2018 Season Long Fantasy FIRST
And the first draft order, for Montreal, is... Wheat Coast Neat Coast Hammerheads NASUH The Breakfast Company The Kellen Hill Fan Club Falcon The Lunch Company Blucifer
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Yesterday 11:34 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #697
At last! First place goes to: Second place goes to:
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Yesterday 11:07 PM
Ethernet Switch
Sorry if I came off snarky. What I meant is if you have external Ethernet devices you probably already have a switch or understand why you would want one and if you don't have any external devices...
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Dominick Ferone
Yesterday 10:58 PM
Creating an Event Page Help
I am going to work this weekend on the layout design of the site. We are going to revamp hopefully the whole first page for suny poly. Having it be better set up for all programs and an events tab...
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