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Today 03:20 PM
Go check out our official robot reveal and see this year's bot,"Bast", in action! https://youtu.be/VNOwk83avBo
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Today 03:17 PM
Starting Autonomous Without The Robot
If you are using java you can use this simulator to test your logic. It is not meant to give you a real world physical representation of your robot, but is good enough to practice tuning a PID...
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Today 03:14 PM
FIRST in Minnesota 2018
If 3083 visits from Israel, I am sure we can organize a 3081-3082-3083 at some point :D
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Today 03:13 PM
Awe. No videos of the lift? :rolleyes: Looks really good! I can't wait to see it in person next week! Hopefully you can give us a lift :p
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Today 03:08 PM
IHOT 1414 - 2018 Reveal Video
All of our plates (including those on the arm) were done by a waterjet. The reduction is actually 800:1 for the arm. Like others have said, it makes controls easier while remaining plenty fast.
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Nora Krakishyan
Today 03:02 PM
The Robonauts 118 - 2018 Video
Amazing Robot as always!
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Bruno Inácio
Today 03:00 PM
Help!!! - New York Tech Valley Regional
Thanks Brian and Fletch. Your help was very important to us. :yikes:
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Today 02:58 PM
How Many Cubes?
We did 2 in the alliance switch and 8 in opponent switch in a practice match. Anyone else worried about running out of cubes before match is over? This game is gonna be crazy!
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Today 02:55 PM
Brownouts , PDP and roborio
1 Check your chain tension 2 Are you using a drop center? 3 What kind of wheels are you using? 4 Check to make sure your wheels and sprockets/belts are square This summer we had most all of those...
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Today 02:54 PM
Adopt an AndyMark Engineer
I feel like AM engineers say that to Andy about us...
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Today 02:47 PM
Ramp Bots
I'll be interested to see how defense of the NULL TERRITORY by the opposite alliance will play out here. A robot in the null zone can make loads of tech fouls against a robot approaching ramps though...
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Today 02:43 PM
2018 FIRST PowerUp Rules Quiz
Could you pm the key please?
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Today 02:41 PM
Team 346 RoboHawks Reveal 2018
sure hope so, want my senior year to go out with a bang!
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Today 02:27 PM
Saving your Pathfinder paths (and how you can save yourself a bunch of time)
We tried that, but were having a lot of difficulty getting the paths generated from the Gradle task. Definitely something that would be pretty useful and we should keep trying to do, though.
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Today 02:17 PM
Controlled Acceleration/Ramping
To add on to Ether's excellent suggestions, underweight robots that are tippy can also consider adding weight to reduce tipping by lowering the center of gravity. Ideally you want to place it to...
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Today 02:16 PM
FRC 2648 Presents: Havoc
Can't wait to ride down with you guys to SE Mass. We also are giving your robot a ride in the newly renovated Blue Crew trailer. Hopefully we can play together because your robot goes well with our...
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Today 02:13 PM
4388 Ridgebotics Presents our 2018 Robot- Skydeck!
hoping we can keep up the tradition of playing with you guys through the finals. Good luck in KC!
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Today 02:11 PM
FRC 548 Robostangs 2018 Reveal
I'm glad someone went with the single stage flip-up elevator.
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Today 02:06 PM
Team 3117 robot reveal : STATERA !
Can't wait to see your robot, last year you guys were amazing by winning ! The semi-final against 20 and 195 was CRAZY !!!
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Today 02:05 PM
KOP Solenoid Valve
When you get there, enter VUVG-LK10-B52-T-M7-1H2L-B. Or maybe this or this will work. If looking to buy something, this and this aren't the same model, but they should be valid replacements, and...
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