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Today 04:29 PM
Detecting Collision
I agree that it is better to avoid collisions, and I think teams wishing to implement any sort of sophisticated autonomous should strive to do so. Two points to add to that: 1) Collision avoidance...
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Today 04:29 PM
Where to find pneumatic relief valve, micro valve
Which pneumatic relief valve are you using? Anyone have a good plastic valve source? The ones I have used leak. The Parker mini ball valves are heavy. Thanks ahead.
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Today 04:25 PM
They said weigh the robot: https://image.prntscr.com/image/BEutgNBQTQmtqgEbL3s3 3A.png
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Today 04:25 PM
Launching cubes to the scale
I expect G05 and R08 to be clarified with some Q&As and perhaps some blue box entries. If you're in legal position and launching at a legal target, you'd have to overpower the throw by about a...
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Today 04:13 PM
Musical suggestions for competition playlists
Can confirm that We've Got the Beat was played at least twice at the St.Louis Regional last year
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Today 04:05 PM
Electrical planning
You beat me to it. Also note, the Spark motor controllers actually come with a cardboard representation of them in the box. Kids were asking me what it was for...I knew when I saw it.
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Today 04:03 PM
Help with Java on Raspberry Pi - creating a runnable jar/exe
Error output: Regards, Rich Meesters
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Today 04:03 PM
FIRST Choice round 2
I received a packing/shipping notification email this morning. Hope it arrives this week!
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Today 03:58 PM
Climbing Strategy
interested to know if most robots plan to just take a small portion of the rung and leave the rest for teammates? Right now we're designing a robot that hopefully can latch left, right or center ...
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Today 03:46 PM
The Robonauts 118-Everybot
Little did you know the Disco Ball Power Up will be added at Houston Champs only this year, because photon cannon windows aren't challenging enough. Great write up, really liked the use of the Igus...
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Today 03:44 PM
How many motors of the same kind can we use?
I, for one, am excited to see teams use CIMs as ballast this year.
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Today 03:15 PM
pic: Spectrum Intake Prototype
I believe the key is in the slippery backstop. As the wheels provide roughly equal torque about their axles, if the corner hits the backstop a bit off center, the one farther away will provide...
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Today 03:07 PM
Build error when trying to deploy code
We tried this, and it worked. Thanks!
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Today 03:04 PM
Bosch Seat motor 6004RA3194-06
Kudos to AndyMark for providing the schematic. It's educational (and inspiring) !
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Today 02:48 PM
FRC 2363 Triple Helix gripper prototypes
At least with our similar intake geometry, the cubes can still get stuck. It's probably >50% of the time if the cube is perfectly centered with the point coming into the center of the intake. That...
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Today 02:30 PM
Bumper "Overhang"
Sorry I meant unsupported frame. That's what I get for posting before 1pm. If that sketch is just the frame then you should be okay.
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Today 02:13 PM
Rookie Team Help Request - Looking for parts in Michigan!
Thank you for all of your help! I will send some private messages and coordinate! Thanks again!
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Peter Johnson
Today 02:09 PM
CAN Timeout Errors and Loss of DS Comms
Each WPILib class registers what data gets sent for telemetry. The telemetry is collected and sent to NT each periodic/timed loop iteration, but at present a NT flush is not called, so how...
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Today 01:30 PM
Greyt Universal Cascade Elevator and Powercube Claw
Allow me to answer your question (bolded) with a question. What does competing with low-performing robots do that helping to raise them to at least moderately-performing does not? Are there teams out...
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Today 01:21 PM
C++ Won't do anything
I've seen this behavior many times and it has been solved with "Right click on project -> Index -> Rebuild" ... so I agree with maccopacco here. I also tell my students that when things get "strange"...
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