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Brandon Holley
Today 12:05 PM
2018 Beantown Blitz - October 6th 2018
Greetings Teams! We’re wicked excited to have your team attend this year’s Beantown Blitz! Please read through the information below for details on this year’s event! Check out below for all the...
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Today 11:58 AM
2019 Deep Space Tour
Planning on OCR, one of the two L.A. events, Ventura. Trying to spread out me being away from work a bit.
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Today 11:18 AM
Talon SR Datasheet
The datasheet won't have anything regarding the components or schematics or anything. If you're looking to develop your own DC brushed motor controller, H bridge design is pretty easy to find on the...
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Today 09:58 AM
2009 Driver Station
Details for the components Set up instructions (including a link to download the 2009 Control System manual) Since that driver station was only in use for one year, and that was before FIRST...
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Today 09:36 AM
Java on Mac
I have the alpha VS Code plugin running both natively on my mac and in a Parallels (like VMWare) Windows Virtual Machine. Last year I had no trouble using IntelliJ and GradleRIO...
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Today 08:05 AM
Programming languages
Python used highly in: finance, healthcare, government, startups. I'll let Scala, R and Kotlin know your prediction. I'm sure Python will suddenly have just one ODBC for databases on different...
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Today 06:29 AM
High speed photography in FRC
The Sony RX100 and RX10 (V version I think?) both provide ~1000fps shooting but the resolution is lower than the cameras mentioned here. That being said, the RX100 has been an invaluable tool for...
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Yesterday 11:21 PM
Best bandsaw for aluminum sheet?
For your sheet work, have you considered a nibbler? Perhaps a nibbler for sheet and a chop saw for tubing is a useful combination? Jason
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Yesterday 10:44 PM
Pneumatic System Help
Shine a bright flashlight into these areas. It makes any extra metal bits that shouldn't be in there show up much better. Also, look (and shine the flashlight) at different angles.
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Yesterday 10:38 PM
Offseason drivetrain (X-009 style)
Our Head Mechanical Designer at work thought that there might be difficulties in making all the folds for the bumper support (shown in your 3rd picture) unless some special tooling is used. Such...
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Yesterday 09:48 PM
Religious affiliated teams and outside mentors
We have Public Catholic school boards in Ontario (4 different school systems actaully all with local boards). They sometimes have similar requirments. Anyway, I'm reffering to whatever the decision...
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Yesterday 09:38 PM
Drive Station Not recognizing connection
Well the issue has been fixed. It was one of those situations that when you do enough troubleshooting steps, something was bound to work. I am not 100% what the fix was, but we were able to get it to...
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Yesterday 09:22 PM
Can we Suggest Rule Changes for Next Season?
Would it make the ref's job easier? Probably. Would it cause something ELSE to be worse? Almost certainly. For example, let's assume that the Null Zone and Platform Zone have identical requirements....
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Yesterday 09:06 PM
[FF]: 2019 Season Long Fantasy FIRST
I might throw a few of those in there, but it'll depend somewhat on how badly we need breaks and how many draft days we don't have. (They were always the third draft on their draft day.)
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Yesterday 09:01 PM
Newegg.com has been hacked
2FA: It's great, it's easy to use, it's very easily integrated into major services, and everyone who is on a forum like this has no excuse not to use it. Some sites (google) even lets you have a USB...
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Yesterday 07:13 PM
Chezy Champs Ranking Projection Contest
That actually went easier than expected; I got it integrated in under an hour. When I reran the numbers for IRI I got a slightly worse RMSE of 19.3, but that could also be due to unlucky random...
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Joe Ross
Yesterday 07:04 PM
pic: Average Travel Distance for FRC Teams to US
This is probably because of the large international presence at South Champs. A South Champs (USA only) would probably be more relevant).
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Yesterday 06:38 PM
Colorado Off Season Event: BIG NEWS!!
Here it comes! Hoping to see many of you tomorrow at the event. In anticipation of Energy Day my team was invited to appear on Fox31 News this morning. Here is a link to the story. Nice job...
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Yesterday 06:21 PM
Robot Randomly Disconnects
The most egregious incident of this happening at one of my events was a rookie team going through 4 different laptops that they brought before finally going with a loaner Classmate just to get...
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Yesterday 05:55 PM
Sign of Encoder Value Randomly Flips?
Thanks for your reply! We have the encoder wired straight to a talon. As for the code, we haven't changed anything except adding the negative sign that I referred to since April. Here is how we get...
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