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Greg Needel
Today 04:40 PM
CANifier 5V LED Support
As some have mentioned the REV Blinkin not only supports 5v strips and 12v strips natively, it also create the 5v with a power converter inside of the unit. We designed this so it is as easy as...
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Today 04:38 PM
Motor Controller options
The Talon reads the sensor and updates the motor command all within the space of 1 millisecond. In the RIO, you not only have a slower control loop frame rate, you've also got comms lag commanding...
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Today 04:37 PM
Availability of Power Cube Covers
You're right, it's not to difficult to make one. Cut one piece 13x37.5 Cut the other (11.5x39.5) sew the zipper along the 39.5" side so that it FINISHES at those measurements as a cut piece....
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Today 04:32 PM
Double Solenoid programming Labview
We couldn't get the double solenoid to work either. We followed the example from Team 358 on their site and still no luck. We wound up coding both sides of the double solenoid as single solenoids...
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Today 04:18 PM
App to Analyze Statistics for Scouting
We only worry about our partners and the other alliance members (foes) upcoming and take detailed scouting notes until we play with them that sometimes means we watch them 9 times before they are on...
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Today 04:11 PM
Inlcude a file with paths as depedencies in GradleRio
Hey all! This year we're using GradleRio to build both our framework and robot code. We also want to load paths into pathfinder from a file on the rio. Is there a way for us to include our path...
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New Post
Today 04:06 PM
2018 Shirt Trading Thread
I'm Jay, from team 1732. Our shirts have a cool cyborg ram on them and I'm a medium-largish size, if your shirt looks cool I'll be willing to trade.
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Today 03:57 PM
FRC 2363 Triple Helix gripper prototypes
If you haven't yet, look into using sketch blocks (on Solidworks). They make it easy to drop in a complicated sketch, so that you only have to draw the tab/hole profile one time.
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Today 03:50 PM
pic: Team 701's Custom Single Speed Drive Transmission
Kudos for you to do the hard work to actually design and build a custom transmission. It looks like two full-CIMs and you said only one speed. Why is this better than the toughbox mini? ...
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Jarren Harkema
Today 03:46 PM
[FUN] FUNalysis MCC Matches Breakdown Monday 8:30pm ET
Get in my podcast player right now! Thanks for the RSS!
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Today 03:33 PM
Onshape Quick Loading Versa Planetary
All, My Team, 4909, has switched to OnShape this year and its working out great. Thanks to the Milkenknights for their awesome CAD library. We have made a quick loading Versa Planetary v2 derived...
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New Thread
Today 03:16 PM
Motion Magic and Mecanum
Okay, so I've got what I think is a strange problem. Motion magic works perfectly fine and beautifully the way I want it to... as long as the Talon isn't instantiated as part of a mecanumDrive...
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Richard Wallace
Today 03:11 PM
[YMTC]: What determines a robot's intentions?
Deja vu: in 2005, the vision target was green. As a field resetter on Curie that year, I stupidly let the green collar of my team shirt show above the collar of the volunteer shirt that I was...
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New Thread
Today 03:11 PM
RoboZone Podcast Episode #045 - Procurement and Design Iterations
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/robozonepodcast/episode-045-procurement-and-design-iterations YouTube: https://youtu.be/TggvK1Njq3g Episode Description: In this episode, we have a quick update...
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New Post
Today 02:47 PM
Cube orientation
That is correct, one of the the wheels is direct driven from the output shaft of the VP. The VP is mounted through a window in the tube, so that way only one tube thickness (1/16") of the output...
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Today 02:43 PM
Electrical planning
Plus you can always unify around blaming programming when things don't work right?
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New Thread
Today 02:38 PM
Central Indiana Week Zero Scrimmage
Red Alert will be hosting our annual pre-bag scrimmage on Saturday, Feb 17, 2018. Information and sign-up can be found here: http://www.redalert1741.org/scrimmage/ I've also put the information in...
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Today 02:22 PM
Rate the Scouting Apps
Hi Alex! Is it still possible to join the beta program for this season?
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Today 02:20 PM
Programming CAN vs. PWM in C++
We plan on using it for the encoders.
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Today 02:13 PM
Anchor Labs Sponsorship Now Open + More
We've been monitoring our load to try to predict the last day we will be able to process orders to ensure they are delivered by stop build date. Right now, that date appears to be February 7, 2018....
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