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Today 08:44 AM
FRC Top 25(40) Week 3 Results. Show Link
I would like to see where our team, 4557 ended up on the list. Thanks!
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Eugene Fang
Today 08:43 AM
Blue alliance api: Match Number
set_number would need to be included as one of the items in the tuple. So something like this for play order: comp_levels = matches.sort(key=lam bda m: (comp_levels.index(m ), m, m)) And like...
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GDG 2337
Today 08:42 AM
Looks good Mike I took a slightly different approach to match Mini CIM to 775pro free speeds for testing purposes. A VersaPlanetary Lite, 3:1 reduction with metal ring gear, CIM output shaft and...
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Today 08:37 AM
pic: Everybots - Ryerson University 2018
No clue but I do have to say that I briefly stopped into this event as I was in Toronto for work and man, the number of everybots was amazing!!!! Also, it was great being able to introduce one of my...
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Today 08:37 AM
G14: The Pinning Rule is Broken.
It is, but the point is to hit the e-stop so the other bot can get out of the pin. This would have prevented the red card.
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Eugene Fang
Today 08:33 AM
paper: Caleb's Event Simulator 2018
That makes much more sense.
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Today 08:27 AM
This is the quality content we come here for folks! See y'all at Arthur Ashe over the weekend :D
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Today 08:27 AM
The MARtian: The Times They Are Exchangin'
good luck to all of our MAR friends this weekend :))
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Today 08:22 AM
Randomness of the Scale in the Playoffs?
Well you did what what I asked, so props. If that is the reason for the non-randomness, it seems like a very, very strange way to go from 8 to 4 combinations. Presumably the original code would not...
(8,218 views, 66 replies)
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Today 08:14 AM
[YMTC]: Is ramming okay?
Ramming is not against the rules. Defense is not against the rules Damaging other robots is against the rules. if the contact is bumper to bumper only and is not forcing 'exposed items'...
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Today 08:10 AM
First PowerUp Game Simulation
haha wow nice idea for the game! I really like it! I have to play with my teammates! You can add some powerUP music in background!
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Dan T.
Today 08:09 AM
2018 Shirt Trading Thread
I have one medium black on orange 340 shirt and one medium black on black 340 shirt that I am willing to trade. I will be attending Detroit champs. PM me if interested. My wish list (all shirts in...
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Today 08:07 AM
Shuffleboard starts slowly
So... where does one get the new Smartdashboard update from?
(1,211 views, 24 replies)
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Today 08:04 AM
NMRC (Northern Minnesota Robotics Conference)
Week 2 Update Another Great Weekend of competitions for our member NMRC teams! We had 9 teams competing in the 2 Duluth Regional's this weekend. 4 teams made the playoffs and with an NMRC team...
(236 views, 2 replies)
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Today 07:59 AM
When using a star configuration, you would only need one of the sets cables provided by the Talon SRX. What do you guys do with the other one? Coil it up? Hide it? Cut it?
(531 views, 12 replies)
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Today 07:55 AM
help getting PID to finish turning to an angle with gyro
Thanks for your reply and explanations as well. Setting a minimum power to the motors in the pidTurn is what we did, and appears to have solved it. It's pretty reliable, consistent, and accurate...
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Today 07:54 AM
NY Week 4 Preview: The Miracle on the Hudson
One last addition for Week 4, and definitely too late. Team 2638 is heading down to the Smoky Mountain Regional in Knoxville, TN. 2638 rebelled against the New York Regionals occurring this weekend...
(896 views, 7 replies)
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Today 07:46 AM
FRC 95 2018 Build Thread
Since our student drive coach isn't available for DCMP the drive team picked me to coach for Pine Tree and DCMP. Oh boy...
(48,576 views, 170 replies)
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Today 07:03 AM
INsight: 2018 Plainfield
Looks like 829 isn't going to be slept on this year...:cool:
(511 views, 4 replies)
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Today 06:52 AM
SHOCKING NEWS: This year's field hurts!
The difference being the fabric on the cube and the rubbing that occurs is more so than any other year I can remember.
(9,574 views, 78 replies)

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