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Today 06:22 PM
Robot Height Rule Clarification
You'll find several other threads about ROBOT height in the Search feature: https://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/search.php?searchid= 8701016
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Today 06:18 PM
Encoders for Kitbot Drivetrain
Do you have a source for this? Just to ease my mind. So to be clear, the CTRE magnetic encoders should work with the shaft as is (on the KOP drivetrain)?
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Today 06:14 PM
CTRE Encoder - Can't Zero / Reset Encoder Values
Hello, I am on the same team as Doug and am working on the same code. We tried again and three of the talons resets to zero for our quadrature encoders but one was not working. There are no...
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Today 06:10 PM
Radio Connectivity Issues with 2018 Driver Station
Thanks Joe for diving into this. Here are core dumps for the FRC_NetCommDaemon processes, taken while the roboRIO/DS are stuck with "No Robot Communication". Thanks - Ron
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Today 06:08 PM
987 Tragic News
On the behalf of all of us on team 3234, we extend our condolences to team 987 and Oscar's family.
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Today 06:03 PM
On Board Compressor Question
It's in R85. 1.10 CFM @12VDC maximum. Your specific compressor may vary, but if you can't show that it meets R85's volume flow rate limitations (by using a manufacturer spec document or something...
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Today 05:56 PM
LiveWindow, SmartDash, SmartDash 2.0, Shuffleboard?
Hi All Experienced programmers, but still fairly new to FRC. Need to add much more information to our drive station from the various subsystems. Would welcome comments on the various options...
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Today 05:53 PM
Problems compiling with raspberry pi as a coproccesor in c++
I am using a raspberry pi as a coproccesor for vision processing in c++. when i am trying to compile using g++ -std=0x -I -L/home/pi/ntcore/build/libs/ntcore/static -llibntcore Main.cpp -o vision...
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Greg Needel
Today 05:45 PM
REV Extrusion compatible components
Chris, I'm sorry you are having difficulty getting our parts, we are doing everything we can to try and keep up with demand. For things like inside corner brackets a good (but more expensive)...
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Today 05:41 PM
Spectrum Build Blog 2018
Is their a CAD of this I can download would like to have a closer look
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Today 05:39 PM
Just a Quick Question(s)
These have been asked a bit here (and in the Q&A). The second question is also covered pretty clearly in G17. But, I'd challenge you to find a better solution. If you are successful in finding a...
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Today 05:34 PM
Project Type not showing up on Eclipse, Help!!!
Strange. Have you checked the eclipse error log (Window-> Show View -> Other -> Error Log)? Clear the log, attempt to create a new project, and see if a new error occurs. If you can extract an error...
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Today 05:26 PM
254 Vision Setup
Does anyone have any leads on how to resolve the OpenSSL dependency issue mentioned above?
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Rob Heslin
Today 05:26 PM
XboxController Command Based
Joystick class works with Xbox controllers. It just reads the data and has differently named methods than the XboxController class. Also both Joystick and XboxController classes extend GenericHID....
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Today 05:23 PM
Eclipse IDE Unsolvable Error
Figured it out, there was folder there that was messing it all up and some otehr weird errors so i fixed it all now it works.
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Today 05:21 PM
What size drive train is your team making?
1293, cognizant of the teams that went around with tape measures in 2012, is going skinny to ensure everybody fits on the platform. I believe our no-bumper number is 22", which should even permit...
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Today 05:21 PM
Chiptunes Music
For those of you interested in learning how to create chiptune music yourselves or how a lot of artists in the chiptune scene make their music, I recommend looking into tracker programs! Personally...
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Today 05:19 PM
Talon can't be accessed from anywhere but RobotMap
Nevermind, restarting eclipse fixed this. Thanks for your help!
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Today 05:09 PM
775Pro's in Canada
Good to know, I hadn't realized they were already available at Studica.
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Today 05:08 PM
Issues with Spark speed controllers
If the SPARKs are blinking blue or blinking yellow they are not getting any input signal. (SPARK Users Guide page 14) Some decent resolution pictures of their setup might be helpful. The RSL on...
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