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Today 09:46 PM
Single Belt West Coast Drive
And a bunch of idler pulleys to guide the belt--more holes to be drilled, precisely. Machining possibly just got worse, depending on your exact setup. Tensioning gets easier, though--slot one of the...
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Today 09:43 PM
paper: 2928 pre-season project
There's a lot more to designing a drivetrain than 'more speed' or 'more torque. While it's certainly true that, for the same gear ratio, a MiniCIM is slightly faster and a CIM has about 50% more...
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Today 09:42 PM
Robotics Statistics Correlation Project
Also not a student. As a mentor I would be interested in seeing the results. I know how most of my students would respond but..
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Today 09:36 PM
2 robots at competition
At load-in. Inspectors check all bags and tags and ask about the withholding. *This statement not valid past 2019, or at either Championship Event.*
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Today 09:22 PM
Accounting software advice
I'll confess up front that I'm the wrong guy to ask. I was treasurer of my church for a couple of years and did it all (donations, pledge tracking, federal donation letter tracking and generation,...
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Today 08:58 PM
pic: 195 6 Stack
The highest I've seen us do in a match I believe is 4, I know for certain we got 5 in a practice match at NEDCMP but I do not know how high we've had to go in official play. I would look at IRI for...
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Today 08:54 PM
[FF]: [SLFF] San Francisco 2019 Tier 1
Final results:Mechabytes 254 4990 7478 The Breakfast Company 971 5940 3390 The Good Attempt 604 6418 5507 Salty Spitoon ...
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Today 08:53 PM
[FF]: [SLFF] San Francisco 2019 Tier 2
Final results:Questionable Decisionmakers 254 5700 7419 The Dinner Company 971 4159 5507 Falcon 100 5940 7478 Flux Capacity ...
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Today 07:54 PM
FRCSim 2018 Supported?
I've continued researching this topic. HAL I believe stands for hardware abstraction layer. Built into WPILib is the ability to detect when it is not running on the robot and provide a global...
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Today 07:42 PM
FRC Deep Dive with FRC1678 Citrus Circuits Tues 8:30pm Eastern
I'd like to know how you evaluate the growth or atrophying of teams, scouting-wise? Your own team's story is well known, and is a great example of a team rising to the top. Sometimes it seems like...
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Today 06:56 PM
Never, Never, Never, Ever Use CommandRobot
In my final video, I describe how to gain the testability desired without the drawbacks of tedious factory classes or long object graphs as shown in intermediate videos in the series. See...
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Today 06:31 PM
Post on the Nvidia developer forums in the embedded/TX2 area and they will get you straight. Dusty doesnít check CD regularly but there are a host of people who check the NVIDIA embedded developer...
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Today 05:28 PM
Drivetrain design for difficult terrain
Yet another: Octocanum!
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Connor McBride
Today 05:24 PM
paper: JVN's Mechanical Design Calculator 2016
Are there plans for the calculator to support the NEO Motor in the near future?
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Jon Stratis
Today 05:11 PM
FIRST Choice What did you get?
Exactly what I expected we'd get - control system parts, encoders, and some pink hex shaft collars.
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Today 03:46 PM
2018-19 National Instruments Grant
It blows my mind that so many of these types of grants are given out so late in the offseason. Nothing like not knowing how much money you're gonna have.
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Today 03:45 PM
"Black Friday" - Robowrangler Sheet Metal Giveaway 2018
I have been wondering what you guys are using against the round tube. Iíve seen the CAD but was wondering if you ordered them from somewhere, or if you made them, what are they made out of?
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Today 03:36 PM
A profound thought
I have checked TBA and there doesn't seem to be any fortnite related names. (yet)
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Today 03:27 PM
Protopipe - Spectrum 3847
FWIW, similar pieces are available commercially. I noticed "saddle tees" at Lowe's yesterday when shopping for stanchion materials.
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Danny Blau
Today 03:18 PM
AndyMark Ri3D Sponsorship Application 2019
Hello Ri3D Teams, AndyMark is excited to continue supporting Ri3D teams, and is offering sponsorship again for the 2019 season. In order to best serve the community we ask that you provide some...
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