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Yesterday 10:26 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #732
Mentor: "Why is there so much space here?" Girl: " For all the activities! "
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Yesterday 08:37 PM
Understanding PID Controllers
I'm pretty sure this is essentially a units question. What are you plugging the controller into? If you're doing this on the RoboRIO, you should probably be generating a desired voltage and then...
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Yesterday 08:26 PM
ROBO-CON FRC Off Season Competition
Huge thank you to 1684, 5460, and everyone else who helped put together this wonderful event, 226 had a great time! Pits were close to the field and the queue and field staff kept everything on track...
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Yesterday 08:12 PM
Spark controller issues with CIM
What motor is it working with? VEX makes several different motors. A picture of your setup may belie an electrical issue, or at least help us understand your not-FRC-spec system. (Which may be...
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Yesterday 07:42 PM
Name the Planet Contest
Name it "field" bc I think we all know that it will be generally collectively called "the field" Also, I think the toxicity of the planet comes from the surface, see the surface is a certain plastic...
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Landon K
Yesterday 07:01 PM
pic: 775 Pro Compact Gearbox
Whaaa... that will come in handy, thank you for the helpful tip!
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Caleb Sykes
Yesterday 06:02 PM
paper: Caleb's Event Simulator 2018
Forgot that you can't attach files here. See the pahat.csv file in Miscellaneous Statistics Projects.
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Yesterday 05:54 PM
Great news for Nevada And FIRST Nevada....Congrats!
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Yesterday 03:30 PM
OMIO Router Setup and Operation help
Thanks Chief! You were right and the USB driver was in their files they sent. I had put all the files in the Mach3 folder and simply moved the .dll files to the plugins folder inside Mach3. She spun...
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Yesterday 02:46 PM
Should FIRST try replaying some old game concepts?
I suggested in a similar thread about game pieces to fill beanbags with the left-over fuel, could be fun (or maybe powercube covers XD). Other than squishy balls we haven't had an amorphous gamepiece...
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Yesterday 01:57 PM
Differential Drivetrain Velocity PID Tuning
This is correct. Nope. The velocity loop outputs to the motors, not to the gyro loop, and so is the inner loop. The gyro loop outputs to the setpoint of the velocity loop (after being added to...
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Yesterday 11:29 AM
RAMP is back!
https://thumbs.gfycat.com/SandyLeafyAmericanbu lldog-max-1mb.gif
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Yesterday 11:28 AM
Mouting a work piece on an Omio CNC router
We have a permanent tube jig set up with three of these vises (we should probably add one or two...
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Yesterday 11:22 AM
5th Bi-Annual F4 CADathon
You should have only seen the "time available" question if you selected "random placement" as your choice (which means you want to compete with a partner, but you don't already have a partner so you...
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