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Yesterday 10:32 PM
Command-Based with persistent command?
Thanks again everyone for the replies and the help! We ended up going with the "run the default command all the time" and only changing the subsystem target value in our auto routines. We were able...
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Yesterday 09:20 PM
[FF]: [OFF] Fall Fiesta 2018 Varsity (tier 1)
brennanb 865 6336 5834 attention 610 1285 1246 spang 1241 6378 907 golfer4646 1325 1310 4343 caleb sykes ...
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Yesterday 09:17 PM
[FF]: [OFF] Fall Fiesta 2018 Varsity Tier 3
drwhorx 610 6378 999C PJ 4476 3683 1310 hailey.faiella 865 2706 1285 rkap51 1325 9991 4343 michelle.pitre 1305 2708 5834 lukeb 1241 4678 1075 miklast ...
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Yesterday 09:15 PM
[FF]: [OFF] Fall Fiesta 2018 Varsity (tier 2 electric boogaloo)
akod 1241 1285 6378 tmpoles 865 188 4343 abbymarie 1325 1310 5596 stryker 4476 2706 9991 kevin leonard 610 2708 6867 pchild ...
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Yesterday 08:59 PM
[FF]: [OFF] Fall Fiesta JV (tier 1)
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Yesterday 08:44 PM
how just how
My favorite was from 2013, when we found that our climbing sequence could hit the main breaker button on the pyramid crossbar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbFL9FL4BKU We relocated the breaker...
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Yesterday 08:44 PM
FIRST Team 1296 Annual Car Raffle
I never miss this raffle. I have my tickets in hand already :-)
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Yesterday 08:28 PM
pic: Bash @ the beach quarterfinals match two
More fun still : next QF match 2168 tips over again in auto (they were trying some new unproven auto codes). - we (2067) were trying some unproven 775 drives and burning up motors all day - we...
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Yesterday 08:01 PM
Motion Profiling & CSV Files Help
Don't worry too much about jerk. Read the drivetrain characterization whitepaper in my sig for information that will help with velocity and acceleration.
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Yesterday 07:56 PM
RoboRIO DNS issues
Install this and see if you can use the mDNS addresses: https://support.apple.com/kb/dl999?locale=en_US
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Yesterday 07:43 PM
pic: 2910 CAD Release 2018
Something that's immediately catching my eye is how you ran your belt for your elevator. Why did you choose to use this belt-in-tube approach over something more traditional, like a spool and winch?...
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Yesterday 06:38 PM
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Yesterday 06:31 PM
Why I love OCCRA
There are very few organizations/programs/companies/products within the robotics community that I've heard universally positive feedback about. OCCRA is one of them. I love their game design...
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Clayton Yocom
Yesterday 05:29 PM
FRC at ROSCon 2018
if you look at my profile picture a little closer you'll see that ROS coming to Windows doesn't help :P https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/972/40952539305_291f9488 47_k.jpg
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Mark McLeod
Yesterday 04:21 PM
Robot Signal Light
I think they got off track from the thread conversation about the RSL connector. Since that's just the connector for the roboRIO power.
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Danny Diaz
Yesterday 03:38 PM
B.E.S.T. Robotics
Team 418 in Austin, TX did BEST Robotics and FRC for almost 13 years before deciding to ultimately drop BEST. We had a lot of mentor burnout over the fact that we were doing robotics non-stop from...
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Jon Stratis
Yesterday 02:44 PM
Tinder as a platform for alliance selection?
In the worst case, you really don't even need the paper and pen - they put the available teams up on the screen for you, you just have to pick one of the numbers. The problem is more basic than...
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Yesterday 02:35 PM
pic: Det vs Hou: Travel Time- Sincerely, A Geographer
Ok, there is a limited number of cities on the "east side" that have a convention center and a stadium within walking distance, so keep that in mind. But I'm down to give this combo a shot.
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Yesterday 02:30 PM
am i going to go kaput
Colin Furze on Youtube has some great advise on this.
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Jon Stratis
Yesterday 01:44 PM
Is a battery screw terminal legal?
I've found them on the shelf at my local Batteries+, they're relatively common.
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