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Today 11:33 AM
FRC Blog - 2019 Motor Controllers and MXP
Wanted to give a little update from 225. We successfully installed the motors and controllers in our 2018 robot using 2 REV brushless motors per transmission (previously 3 mini-CIM). Here is a...
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Today 11:24 AM
NEO Hall Effect Res
In our case the rpm of the motor and our wheel velocity are decoupled. We have a cvt on our swerve. We need to measure wheel rotation. Works great with a talon srx. Not sure if the complications of 2...
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Today 11:18 AM
Jaci pathfinder build issue
This year, we are trying to implement a pathfinder to our code (https://github.com/JacisNonsense/Pathfinder/blob/master/README.md#part-of-the-first-robotics-competition). However, after uploading...
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Today 11:08 AM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #750
Dean Kamen, struggling to answer the search bar question in CD that asks "what is Dean Kamen's last name?" I actually did struggle with that search bar question the first time using CD and ended...
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Mr V
Today 11:07 AM
[FRC Blog] New Regional Being Added in California in 2019
While I'm not close to the CA power structure, I can say from experience that it is too late to successfully make the switch to the district system in CA unless they have already been working on it....
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Today 10:39 AM
Build a bot, scrap a bot; build two, scrap two or one?
For the past few years that we've build second robots, the twin has been taken apart and the competition robot lives on to some degree - whether it's fully in tact or stripped of controls components...
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Dan Katzuv
Today 09:19 AM
Autodesk Synthesis with CTRE Motor Controllers
Thanks, but we currently use Java.
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Today 01:58 AM
pic: 3 NEO Low Profile Reverse Mount Gearbox
You'd get more support/strength if you combined the idler and pinion plates into one, but otherwise you've got the right idea.
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Ginger Power
Yesterday 11:44 PM
2018 JUMPSTART Training Event
Last I heard it'll be 850 people for JUMPSTART and another 250 for the FTC event. So 1100 people in total which is our limit due to the fire code in the ballroom! This will definitely be an...
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Yesterday 11:27 PM
goto first new post broken with Chrome on Windows?
I've adjusted my browsing habits, since the first-unread-post button hasn't been working for me for a long time. I used to use it often, but now I click the thread title and navigate to the page I...
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Yesterday 11:09 PM
Sharing our Case for the CTRE Pigeon
I was asked if the LEDs were visible.
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Yesterday 10:37 PM
"The level playing field" in FIRST
I need... a person... who was around FRC in 1999. Preferably somebody who remembers the initial iteration of the alliance system better than I do. Which means they'd remember that there were in fact...
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Yesterday 10:28 PM
C# is Open Source. Is Anyone Using it?
Eh, I don't think so, especially considering how more teams use text based languages (with java being the most popular) than Labview. The way I've thought about it is, CSA support can be highly...
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Yesterday 10:23 PM
[FF]: 2019 Season Long Fantasy FIRST
Registration is now CLOSED. That means that no new teams can be formed. If you get someone who really really wants to be on your team, let me know and there's a decent chance we'll update your roster...
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Yesterday 10:22 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #749
Hey, let's do the thing! First place goes to: Second place goes to:
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Mr V
Yesterday 09:27 PM
One of the strangest FRC matches
Thanks for uploading these Jim, it is great to see stuff from before I was involved and it is cool seeing younger versions of many people who are still active.
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Yesterday 09:21 PM
paper: Preliminary REV MAX and NEO Stall Torque Testing
So, when are we going to push one of these to failure? I think that is the big question that still needs to be answered in my mind to determine if this motor will truly be able to replace CIMs and...
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Yesterday 09:05 PM
Nintendo Switch Control Input
WINE is not capable of running the DS. Speaking from experience unfortunately... You may not be required to use Windows, but you are required (per 2018-R72) to not modify the software. Therefore,...
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Yesterday 08:29 PM
Help Send Afghan All-Girls Robotics Team to USA!
Last year I briefly worked with these girls when they were competing in Ontario and I can honestly say they are the most passionate and committed FIRSTers Iíve ever seen. Also, a huge kudos to Torque...
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David Lame
Yesterday 07:25 PM
2019 Game Speculation
I'm suggesting something else. Many games, including Steamworks, had an "end game" condition, where there was a scoring opportunity only available in the final seconds of the match. I was talking...
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