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Today 03:47 AM
5940 BREAD | 2018
fixed link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MV0DrFbeFOI looks like a great robot!
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Ozzy Boards
Today 03:25 AM
Encoder Cables
So I just conducted some primitive testing on the strength of the connector-ribbon cable connection and found that it is actually quite resistant to failure (probably around 15-20lbs of load...
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Today 02:38 AM
Saving your Pathfinder paths (and how you can save yourself a bunch of time)
Thank's so much for sharing this resource with us! My team is using pathfinder for auto and im not sure if they know this. I will be sure to share it with them... Thank's one last time. You must be a...
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Today 02:32 AM
OpenRIO 2018 Season in Review - The Numbers
How many from 2521? Curious to see if our number is inflated from our 400+ Travis builds... Also, proud to be one of the three Oregon Kotlin + GradleRIO teams! Have no idea why the number is so high...
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Today 02:30 AM
Pathfinder EncoderFollower not giving good values?
That worked. Thanks.
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Today 02:09 AM
How Many Cubes?
The Nevis Week 0 Event was bumpin' then. There were probably around 5 of 24-ish teams that were tossing (and placing) cubes up on the scale left and right, there were matches with 15+ cubes scored....
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Today 01:58 AM
FIRST in Minnesota 2018
I'm a Region Recap host for F.U.N., Does that count? That being said I am hosting co-hosting South/Southeast, the land of.... hmmm this one may take a little thought.
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Today 01:53 AM
2404 robot / bag day
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Today 01:49 AM
Me and 3 Captains attempt to make a meme and it goes very wrong.
They've become sentient.
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Today 01:38 AM
When is it acceptable to switch teams?
I had a similar experience for 3 years on my team. I was the only person who knew any CAD or programming and I put in the most time out of everyone on my team. As a result, I ended up programming and...
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Chief Hedgehog
Today 01:32 AM
FRC 4607 C.I.S. 2018 Robot - Pitchfork
I am not scared. We have a nice polycarbonate shell for that - and an incredible pit team that know this robot inside and out!
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Today 01:20 AM
FRC 2648 Presents: Havoc
I think I have to agree. This takes "touch it own it" to a new level for this year.
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Today 01:14 AM
PID for Gyro oscillating all the way to setpoint
Thank you. Yes, our D was causing it. It was over-dampening. Finally I think we’re getting an understanding of what P, I, and D look like on a robot.
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Today 01:06 AM
Team Mean Machine 2471 Presents Atlas (X-post from Extra Discussion)
Here is a link to the unveil video. I made this thread after realizing that our team didn't have anything posted in the Robot Showcase sub-forum. Here is a link to the original discussion and...
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Today 01:03 AM
2630 FRC Robot Reveal 2018 - "AnTony"
Awesome triple climb option! Excellent robot all around!
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Today 12:30 AM
Starting Autonomous Without The Robot
Make sure you can at least cross the line in autonomous in your first match (and every match after). Even if you have to ignore encoder data and just drive straight(ish) for a set time, it's better...
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Chief Hedgehog
Today 12:26 AM
7048 Robot Reveal
About 42. I think. ~Douglas Adams
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Chief Hedgehog
Today 12:24 AM
5172 Gators 2018 Robot Reveal
Are 3d printers not yet available that far north yet ;) ?
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Today 12:23 AM
2609 BeaverWorX: 3 cube auto teaser
Fantastic. Can't wait to see you guys again at the Robodrome
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Brian M
Today 12:18 AM
Skunk Works 1983 Power Up Robot Teaser 2018
Aweosme robots, love the song too! I noticed you have a dual input VP somewhere on your bot, please be weary because those have been known to fail fairly easily.
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