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Today 08:11 PM
BIG BANG! 2018
The reason I wondered was to create a bracket challenge for myself, where I tried to predict the outcome of the elims of the event. Using the 6/1/18 list, this is what I have come up with: 1) 3604...
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Today 07:31 PM
1678 Citrus Circuits 2018 Season Recap
Thanks for allowing us to follow your journey! Again, AWESOME team, and an amazing inspiration.
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Hitchhiker 42
Today 07:27 PM
[FF]: [OFF] Big Bang 2018
* Kablooey! Done.
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Today 07:10 PM
Team Time Clock - Open source?
So I did add the Time Sheet display but not with a method of editing yet. For the event registration feature. It is focused on events where you need people to sign up, volunteer.... not so much...
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Today 06:10 PM
Favorite 2018 Robots
Coolest: 4613, 6502, and 4607 Most Elegant: 2910, 2481, 2767, 1533, 254, and 1323 (basically 254 and swerve drives) Most Effective: 254, and even though it never played a match, 254's practice...
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Today 06:03 PM
Class of 2018, Where are you applying?
I applied to the following University of Washington Seattle (UW) University of Portland (UP) Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) Washington State University...
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Today 05:16 PM
Should colleges recruit FIRST students
I graduated from a college with 9 other Math majors. Yes, that's correct, 9. Let's just say the school is not known for STEM. I'm currently a Software Engineer. Your choice of college is definitely...
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Tom Ore
Today 05:07 PM
2018 China Robotics Challenge
We've always had a good time at the events in China. We couldn't make it last year or this year - but the years we made it were great. Here's a picture from 2014 - there was some dancing going on...
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Today 05:06 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #728
Each lifter should place his/her feet close to the robot and adopt a balanced position. 2018 FIRST Robotics Competition Safety Manual, p. 13, section 5.3 "During the Lift"
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Tyler Olds
Today 04:29 PM
Big Bang! Competition Webcast
Catch the Big Bang! webcast this Friday and Saturday on First Updates Now! Awesome teams will make for a great competition. Watch: https://www.twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow
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Mark Wasserman
Today 04:09 PM
Swerve Module feedback pt 2
Our preferred azimuth drive: 9015, 100:1, Motion Magic, 10 amp current limit. Since the 9015 is going away, we'll go back to the RS550. If not that, then a Bag motor. Never had a big issue with...
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Today 02:44 PM
Pathfinder returning infinity?
Smaller periods allow you to be more accurate, but doesn't necessarily make it slower to calculate. All of the heavy calculation is done when you generate the path and store it to a .csv file. The...
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Eli Doggart
Today 02:21 PM
BAN the person above you!
Banned for waiting a year before joining CD
(276,052 views, 3,680 replies)
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Andy Baker
Today 01:45 PM
An Update from the Non-Engineering Mentor Organization (NEMO)
Thank you, Jenny and Kathie for your tireless hard work for the entire FIRST community. Your impact is deep. Countless teams used your resources, developed them into their own working models, then...
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Today 01:25 PM
Post Your Team Handbooks Here
Dang, This is good insight into the workings of a constantly elite team. It also hit me that Rachel is a former co-worker of mine. Tell her "hi" from one of her former fellow PICS residents.
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Today 01:25 PM
AndyMark Open House - July 11
https://s3.amazonaws.com/cadfiles/OpenHouse/openHouseInvite.png On behalf of AndyMark, I am pleased to extend this invitation to teams, volunteers, and spectators that will be attending the IRI....
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Today 11:30 AM
Texas Districts: Questions that need answers!
I am breathing sighs of relief -- no travel costs for my team if we qualify (which we intend on doing)! Also, Palmer sounds like a great place for a DCMP. Big, roomy, and close to the action in...
(8,415 views, 80 replies)
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Today 10:05 AM
Power Up in HTML
Thank you! Feel free to modify it how you like. If you do anything particularly interesting, Id love to see it... Ive got plans for a few things like customizable robots but nothing big like...
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Today 10:05 AM
Vex VersaPlanetary 180 Drive Cad files
Hi all, I'm very interested in the VersaPlanetary 180 Drive, and I've grabbed the cad files both from Vex and 3847's database. What I've found thus far is that the subassemblies offered are not...
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Today 09:25 AM
2018 IRI - Indiana Robotics Invitational
Do we have a confirmed list of teams yet (now that payment has been due for a while)?
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