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Yesterday 09:08 PM
WVROX 2018
Glad we put our team on the waitlist this year because it paid off! 5549 is definitely looking forward to WVROX. See you all there!
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Yesterday 07:29 PM
Istanbul, not Constantinople.
Y'all all wrong, it's İstanbul. not Istanbül or Istanbul, or Constantinople
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Tyler Olds
Yesterday 07:17 PM
FUN Trivia Live is back on Tuesday. We need your questions!
Thank you to those who responded. I am still looking for a few more for the two Tuesday airings!
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Yesterday 06:57 PM
Absolute encoder gear ratios
you've made various different threads now I think n same - issue Swerve and steer - absolute encoder Most (I believe) swerve teams advocate (as we do) using absolute encoder with a one to one ratio...
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Yesterday 05:45 PM
Robotic Lawnmowers
Seen that,. I'm looking for peoples real world experience
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Yesterday 05:22 PM
How do independent teams find build spaces?
Team 4926 has had 4 homes in six years! Three of those have been in unoccupied industrial building spaces. I would actually recommend driving around, looking for big buildings and then contacting the...
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Yesterday 05:14 PM
A Comparison of Streaks: 1678 and 177
Having worked with 177 on numerous occasions throughout the Connecticut regional, CT State Champs, NE District and Worlds, both during their streak and after, they are are one of the most strategic...
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Yesterday 05:09 PM
Grasshopper End Mill Giveaway
Thank you again for doing this. You might want to take a quick spin through some of those users w/ 0 posts and make sure they have a team number and an address that's at least close just in case...
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Yesterday 03:18 PM
Absolute Encoder Mounting
Everybody so far has given great responses as to how to actually mount to the encoder shaft, but with regards to coupling the encoder to the turning motor, you actually have a couple of options. The...
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Lil' Lavery
Yesterday 01:42 PM
Team 1241: THEORY6 2018 Detroit Champs Recap Video
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Yesterday 12:08 PM
Cheap Motor Torque Measurement / DIY Dynamometer Revisited
The frame holding the bearings that allow the load motor to rotate slightly would have to be very stiff. Any flexing would cause the bearings to be misaligned leading to extra friction. Also, flexing...
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Yesterday 11:41 AM
Is it worth it to opt out of the KOP chassis for a low resource team?
For one or two of the teams I have worked with in the past, money was not the greatest limiting factor. Factors such as being able to design a robot that was manufacturable and having enough students...
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Thad House
Yesterday 11:22 AM
WPILib is adapting GradleRIO - Jaci has become too powerful and we must stop her
If I were to ever restart work on RobotDotNet I definitely would, however I currently have no plans to do that. With other commitments I just no longer have the free time to support the actual...
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Mr V
Yesterday 10:46 AM
District Team Adoption Policy
It is still up to FIRST. Yes the team from AK asked the PNW if they could join, however FIRST had the final say in that matter. They did make the stipulation that they had to commit to staying in...
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Yesterday 10:41 AM
Power Up in HTML
Thank you, that should be fixed now. It's not pretty, but here you go:
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Yesterday 10:41 AM
All WOWnd Up : Headed to That State Up North
I can’t believe I didn’t see this when it was first published. Great job!
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Yesterday 10:25 AM
2018 Hudson Valley Rally Offseason (New Location: Brooklyn, NY)
Are you letting teams register two teams if they have a practice robot?
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Yesterday 09:55 AM
Beach Blitz 2018
We're at the half way point of the app window! Please take a break after watching World Cup matches to get those team apps in. We're already getting a lot of submissions from some awesome teams and...
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Yesterday 06:59 AM
Electrical Needed for Swerve Drive?
You can use whatever motor controllers you want. If your intention is to develop a design that you can implement in-season, then you will probably want to use the types of motor controllers that you...
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