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Today 04:20 AM
CAN Timeout Errors and Loss of DS Comms
Does this mean you were able to re-create our issue? If so thats great news!
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Today 03:19 AM
Catching bad wiring connections: any tips?
Can you compare the voltage the RoboRIO is seeing to the voltage the Talons are seeing? That would at least tell you if there’s a bad connection somewhere in the 6awg wire between the battery and...
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Today 03:08 AM
Question on Feed Forward Gains
In an ideal brushed DC motor, there’s a direct relationship between applied voltage and rotor speed. You give the motor 0V and it doesn’t spin, 6V and it spins at half speed, 12V and it spins at...
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Today 02:53 AM
Getting Game data for autonomous
Check this out: https://wpilib.screenstepsli ve.com/s/currentCS/m/getting_started/l/826278-2018-game-data-details It should help you with getting the data. If you need any more help with it feel free...
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Today 02:48 AM
navX-MXP Java Problems
We've found that if you try to reference it from two or more different subsystems at the same time, it will drop its connection. Not sure how thread safe it is. Will be working that out this week.
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Today 02:43 AM
Power Cube Damage
We hadn't done too much testing with ours before it started to rip. Didn't change the performance of the intake too much luckily, but a little more and it'll probably come off. Luckily we just got 4...
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Today 01:45 AM
Practice Bots
It really has snowballed to a point where to be the best, even building two robots isn't good enough anymore. I really hope FIRST evaluates the current state of affairs for 2019 to reel this back in...
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Today 01:13 AM
Help Reading Network Tables
That fixed it, Thanks
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Today 12:45 AM
Power Up One Color Logo
I'm sure I must be missing the obvious somewhere, has anyone found a one color version of the FIRST Power Up logo on the FIRST website? The logo DLC pack has light and dark background logo versions...
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Today 12:40 AM
Musical suggestions for competition playlists
Now, that's a great idea! As long as the song in the video isn't cotton eyed joe. And it's a better idea if they play a reveal video every time the DJ has an urge to play cotton eyed joe.
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Today 12:34 AM
Polycarbonate VersaFrame Arm
Thanks for the input everyone! We are going to use a Versablock around the 2x1 as suggested with the larger bolt size since we have old AM sprockets lying around that expect #10 holes anyway. After...
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Peter Johnson
Today 12:26 AM
FRC 2017-2018 Java Code Failing to Deploy/Failing to Connect
The issue is the filesystem on your roborio is full ("write error: No space left on device"). You probably copied something you didn't intend to to /home/lvuser (you can log in via either ssh or use...
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Today 12:25 AM
PIDController usage?
Thanks for the help! We'll try some of those options when we meet again this Friday :).
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Yesterday 11:54 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #707
Things that balance on two wheels are so overrated.
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Yesterday 11:47 PM
pic: Coach-Mentor Pin 2018
Super cool that you have all of these! I love seeing how they've evolved over the years. It's definitely a collection to be proud of for sure :p
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Yesterday 11:41 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #706
At last, Google Drive decides to cooperate with me! First place goes to: Second place goes to:
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Yesterday 11:25 PM
Rookie Team Help Request - VersaPlanetary Gearbox Assembly
Although it's not a full video assembly guide, this video does show you how to swap gear stages, which should be help you learn to put the gearbox...
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Yesterday 11:24 PM
Trying to decide cylinder sizes
Would something like this work? If so, would the reverse type be better? Also, why do they have three wires? Is that just so they're compatible with AC and DC? Which of the two wires could I hook...
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Yesterday 10:59 PM
Team Update 05
Try adding "from a Vendor" after "purchased". Same thing, just makes it clear that any team has to be able to get your discount.
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Yesterday 10:52 PM
Tuning Pathfinder PID / Talon Motion Profiling/Magic Etc
First- thanks to all the people who did the work to make these tools possible (Jaci, Oblarg, 254, CTRE, and more). I've searched through all of the Pathfinder and profiling threads to get help...
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