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Today 01:25 PM
The Fifth Annual Red Stick Rumble
Daniel just sent an e-mail. Also attending: 5785 The Shield 5863 Brusly High Robotics 5864 ROBO PELICANS
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Today 12:26 PM
Factor of Safety in FRC
The VP gearbox is an interesting case study. It is entirely possible to follow all of the load guides and mounting instructions perfectly and still break them. They can break when the mechanism they...
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Today 11:09 AM
Scrapbook Ideas
Every year we've made a scrapbook and it is nice to have that team history. Alumni have enjoyed looking at past seasons and remembering them. I don't know how many teams document their history,...
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Today 10:16 AM
Volunteer Culture & Burnout
As a person who volunteers at any event my team attends (I help them design it and build it and teach them to maintain it, but I can't watch) I will say a huge part of being a repeat "visiting...
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Today 09:52 AM
FRC in one slide
QFT Bold by me
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Loose Screw
Today 09:17 AM
FRC Varsity Teams
Bedford Express has been since 2010. We always try to help other teams earn this recognition, so if you PM me I can get you the contact info for our main coach.
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Today 09:17 AM
EV3 software will not load
I am having a bit of a dilemma where my EV3 software will not load. I have checked my Silverlight and it is up to date and I have uninstalled and reinstalled both the ev3 and silverlight and neither...
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Today 09:06 AM
SCRIW VII (South Carolina Robotics Invitational & Workshops 2017)
August in South Carolina means three things (this year...): The eclipse, Gamecock football hype, and SCRIW starts accepting B-teams. We've got two already, from 3489 and 4935! 283 - The...
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Peter Johnson
Today 06:23 AM
Trouble with RoboRealm and network tables
Are you using LabView on the robot? Most likely the issue is that RoboRealm is a 2.0 client and while the Java/C++ implementation of NetworkTables 3.0 is backwards compatible with 2.0 clients, the...
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Today 06:12 AM
Greatest FRC upsets of all time?
Speaking of that year (2004) and the Killer Bees, I think the one regional they lost was a pretty decent upset. 313 and 5 won the event, despite the fact 33 was there :p
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Yesterday 06:08 PM
Humble Book Bundle - Mindstorms and More!
Hi y'all. Never one to pass up charity giving (or a good deal) I wanted to share that the Humble Book Bundle right now is a boatload of books teaching programming for Lego Mindstorms, as well as a...
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Yesterday 06:04 PM
Teaching Newbies Code
I understand that Gixxy (aka G3) used the slides he prepared a few years ago for the first two days (those were for about 2 hour sessions). I'll contact him directly and ask him to update this...
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Yesterday 05:52 PM
Teaching Newbies
Thank you guys for the suggestions. While, yes, it is different for every team I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything major, as us having workshops is entirely student led. As much as...
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Yesterday 05:11 PM
pic: Don Bossi
Frank would have been in the picture too, but he was still in line.
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Andrew Schreiber
Yesterday 03:32 PM
[FRC Blog] Preference System for Event Registration
Yup. Once more 2018 events are posted I'll import the 2018 events and run the query again. It just seemed garbage right now.
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Yesterday 03:32 PM
Dealing with "No Storage" at your build site or school
That is true. Up until our 2014 season, we worked out of a single shipping container. You can buy a used one for about $2,000. You just need to find a good patch of solid ground to place it on!
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