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Joseph DeRoest
Today 04:28 PM
Live Scores Issue with TBA?
Ah, I see. I'm aware that it's not perfect. I've just never seen it THIS bad.
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Richard Wallace
Today 04:25 PM
2018 Archimedes Subdivision
Might have to go wait and find out. Several robots have the mechanical capability for 2+ cubes, and are still working on the sensing and/or software.
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Today 04:18 PM
Opinions on Swerve Drive
This has happened... and 1102 didn't win. https://www.thebluealliance. com/match/2018tur_qm42
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Mike Marandola
Today 04:08 PM
2018 Curie Subdivision
316 is very excited to play on Curie! Here is the preliminary match schedule
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Brian Maher
Today 03:59 PM
2018 Darwin Subdivision
This division is amazingly deep. Shaker Robotics is very excited to see old friends and make new ones this weekend!
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Today 03:43 PM
A-stop Button: A modest proposal
I apologize, I completely missed this post in the thread until now. We need some notification system for when you're mentioned in a post! 1. Why should we introduce human interaction to the...
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Robo Hamsters
Today 03:40 PM
2018 Daly Subdivision
Same here. See you there!
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Today 03:36 PM
District Champs: What did we learn?
Side-stepping 2017 data (not relevant to this thread) in a scramble to try to prove your original point... What did you hope to accomplish by posting what you did? How was it relevant to the topic...
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Today 03:30 PM
Detroit Divisions
Shoutout to all of you who watched the twitch stream, I thoroughly enjoyed the chat
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Today 03:25 PM
2018 Shirt Trading Thread
I have one 2791 shirt, 2 2168, 2 340, and 1 694 shirt to trade. PM me for any offers
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Today 03:24 PM
2018 Tesla Subdivision
21 Michigan teams! (Including a State Champ!) (I think I have it correct now) https://i.imgur.com/ySGMdZZ.png
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Max Boord
Today 03:18 PM
2018 Detroit Championship Pre-Scout
2018 Detroit Championship Pre-Scout There is a different tab for each division at the bottom of the page. Additional categories or drop down options may be added on request. Please only enter data...
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Today 03:18 PM
Houston Venue
Maybe one day, a "perfect" venue will be designed and built around hosting robotics competitions instead of a football game (or trade show).
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Basel A
Today 02:37 PM
Kung Fu 32: the 32 best robots of 2018
Detroit division breakdowns Archimedes: 13. 1325 - Elo: 2393 - z: 4.07 29. 4003 - Elo: 2316 - z: 3.71 Carson: 14. 225 - Elo: 2356 - z: 3.9 17. 217 - Elo: 2328 - z: 3.77 25. 25 - Elo: 2389 - z: 4.05
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Today 02:17 PM
2018 Championship Userbars
I have a Photoshop file that I set up several years ago, which you are welcome to leverage. Every object is on its own layer and everything is labeled and grouped. The font I'm using is Century...
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Today 02:00 PM
WPILib is adapting GradleRIO - Jaci has become too powerful and we must stop her
Really looking forward to VS support, I'm biased since it's my day time IDE. I've been working with our programmers this past year on software engineering principles, gradleRio will be another cool...
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Today 01:35 PM
TBA Graphs Look Odd
Yup, the data comes from doing OCR on the webcast. There are a ton of variables that can affect the reading being wrong. \_(ツ)_/
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Mike Marandola
Today 01:30 PM
2018 Top 5 Teams In Your State/Country/Area [Pre-Champs]
MAR: 225 2590 25 1640 1712 HM: 365, 1218, 1923
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Today 01:17 PM
Highest Quality Camera Stream
In today's testing, it turns out that this goes far past the 7mbps cap enforced by the FMS. I'll probably tone it down to 480x360 @ 30fps until I figure out how to get the Playstation Eye camera...
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Today 01:14 PM
Scouting App
One scouting app that I found at worlds last year really stood out to me. The Fires software from team 3138 absolutely blew me away I really recommend testing it out it had so many feature. They keep...
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