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Today 03:19 PM
Week Zero 2018
During the match the score board displays the red on the right side and the blue on the left side, however, once the match ends the end game screen switches. This causes red to be on the left and...
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Today 03:17 PM
Pit Crew
There is no limit to how many people you can have in the pits at any given time, but keep in mind that if all 70 team members are there (for a larger highschool) it will sometimes get a little hectic.
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Today 03:07 PM
Jetson TX1 does not power on
We have 2 Jetson TX1, and both work when plugged into the 120Vac power supply. However we are unable to get them to power on while on the robot. We have a regular robot, battery to a breaker, to a...
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Today 03:06 PM
Greater DC Preview 2018
I can relate to this. Also I'm waiting for that week 0 review. Living in SC does have a few downsides.
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Joseph W. Horth
Today 02:51 PM
Open Mesh OM5P-AC
Hi all, I'm having an issue connect to any RoboRIO via the OM5P-AC I'm able to connect to the Radio when it's on but I cannot see any communications to the RoboRIO (Driver station shows only WIFI...
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Today 02:47 PM
Brownie Recipes - The Great(est) Debate
*flies in under the radar*
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Today 02:44 PM
The FIRST Devil's Dictionary
Swerve (n.) A type of drive configuration that only masochists or 2767 attempt to use.
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Today 02:36 PM
Rope or Chain for Elevator
I recommend checking to make sure your knots are indeed correct, and that you donít have any other points of the system bending/flexing. There is also a way to add spring tension to the rope pull...
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Joe Ross
Today 02:32 PM
Want to Add a "Command Prompt" but Not Sure How
In the past we've used either the Preferences class, or SmartDashboard class to get data from SmartDashboard/Shuffleboard. However, given how fast deploy times are now, we've gone back to embedding...
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Today 01:56 PM
pic: 3355
Meltdown alert. We were mounting up our electrical boards and one of the team members noticed that the right and left rear wheels weren't mounted in the same hole. It's a breakdown the chassis...
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Today 01:54 PM
Stacking Victors
Just remember with either of these that whenever you get inspected you'll need to show inspectors that you are using the correct breakers for the wire diameter. So you should plan on having to remove...
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Today 01:54 PM
Angled bumper corners?
2)O'Hare and jgormley appear to be talking about using the bumpers themselves as a funnel to get cubes into the gap. This is also not allowed, because the bumpers are not on the frame perimeter at...
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Today 01:52 PM
Issues on NAVX
Hi Charlie, just wanted to check in - were you able to resolve this issue?
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Today 01:50 PM
Play Record Macro for LabView
I successfully implemented it on 423 in 2015, but I don't have access to that code anymore. I think I remember hearing at least one other team post on here that they implemented it too, so hopefully...
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Today 01:43 PM
NavX MXP Problems
Even though the PID Controller is on target at some particular instant in time, that does not necessarily mean that the robot is not moving. One case would be that the robot is still swinging past...
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Today 01:41 PM
Help with Java on Raspberry Pi - creating a runnable jar/exe
I see. I'll copy the java code into my project directly and hack out the dependency to DriverStation. Thanks again.
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Travis Schuh
Today 01:20 PM
Wire Rope for Climbing
You can buy wire rope from McMaster, but pricing is not the best. We bought a spool of wire rope from better pricing from e-riggings.com, but I am sure there are other vendors out there. If you are...
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Today 01:16 PM
Space bar E-Stop not working
I don't know about this issue but hitting enter should disable the robot and stop the auto routine. Hopefully someone else can help you with the E-Stop.
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Today 01:16 PM
How to enable Talon SRX
Does it have something to do with the Talons physically?
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Today 01:13 PM
gyro not found
The LED on the sensor is lit, I have copied the exact code that I used for the robot on which it works, and I have cleaned out all of the ports on the RIO. Still does not work, still not found.
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