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Today 01:34 AM
From a team whose mentors largely foot the bill, I'd recommend going as small as possible - how much stuff can you fit into an 8-by-8 pit, anyway? Also, depending on the tow vehicle, consider its...
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Today 01:14 AM
pic: 4 775pro compact gearbox
interesting. Consider counter sinking the bolts not counter boring. Additionally if you you are just running 2 by 2 consider belt in tube.
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Today 01:00 AM
2018 in 6 words
I sawed this boat in half!
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Today 12:57 AM
Talon SRX Problem Measuring Motor Current
I know I'm reviving an older thread, but this thread was relevant to an issue my team was having when reading what the Talon reports as "output current" on the SmartDashboard. There were a few...
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Today 12:56 AM
FedEx Crate Shipment Mishaps
oops it somehow got recreated in cad before it got sent back how did that happen
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Caleb Sykes
Today 12:02 AM
2018 IRI Invite Prediction Contest
Well, here's some not very good predictions: team IRI Points invite probability 1 1544 0.8% 16 2050 100.0% 20 1713 50.2% 33 1973 99.9% 48 1474 0.1% 51 1553 1.0% 67 2090 100.0%
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Yesterday 11:51 PM
Team Time Clock - Open source?
Extremely easy solution is to just have a clock in and clock out Google Form. But that's no fun. We looked at a bunch of different options a few years ago and just weren't really happy with any of...
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Yesterday 11:02 PM
Looking for old game pieces
Will check our frisbee status. I know we have a few. One is being displayed and one we were actually messing around with at our meeting tonight. I'll get back to you on Wednesday.
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Yesterday 11:00 PM
T-Shirt Cannon Calculations Spreadsheet
After kicking it around for a couple years, our team has decided to make a T-Shirt Cannon robot this offseason. We've read all the posts on here and done a bunch of research and it's been helpful...
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Yesterday 10:34 PM
T shirt Cannon barrel material and adaptor
We're also starting on a project like this in our offseason. So far, the best material I've seen is DuraPlus...
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Yesterday 10:14 PM
Chezy Champs 2018
Sad I'm going to miss this one, I'll be on the other coast. It was always a great time, the 254 folks put on a great event and I've been honored to work with them the last two seasons.
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Yesterday 10:03 PM
Versa BS Gearbox WCD Config + #35 sprockets?!
Can you get 18or 20 ft/sec with 6" wheels with out brown out? I am not doing well with this JVN spreadsheet. How much current Draw per gearbox is to much? Thank you for your help Bill
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Mads Eskildsen
Yesterday 07:15 PM
My First Swerve (Feedback Wanted)
I'm planning on 3D printing the Face gear and the encoder gear. In the CAD I'm using a SA035XPO bearing. I'll try to play with the gear ratios when I have more time to get a higher speed, thanks...
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Yesterday 07:05 PM
Cooler Master Gaming Tournament
So based off the poll for what game should be played in the tournament, I guess CS: GO is the winner. Looks like Fortnite will also be played if they decide to go two games.
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Yesterday 06:26 PM
Machining Circular Parts (Gears/Sprockets/etc)
This isn't exactly speaking to your question, but I thought it'd still help to share. NYC CNC's has been a great channel to help me learn CNC without a dedicated machinist on hand. Here's a link to a...
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Yesterday 04:22 PM
pic: FLL 2018
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Yesterday 04:22 PM
Rookie Mentor to a Rookie Team: Teaching Programming
1) Others have posted the suggestion to reach out to NI. I'd strongly encourage the same. ni.com/frc has a link to a support number you can call and explain what you're doing. I'd recommend this...
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Yesterday 04:08 PM
Rookie Team Help Request - Software and License Keys Missing
https://forums.ni.com/t5/FIRST-Robotics-Competition/Connect-with-NI-FRC-Technical-Support/ta-p/3734560 I found this by going to www.ni.com/frc and clicking on the Support link. Call in to...
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Yesterday 04:00 PM
Teaching new Students
Whatever the approach, use projects to teach. Make their learning actually accomplish something interesting, if not useful. Also cover commenting, version control, and structure relevant for FRC.
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Yesterday 03:53 PM
pic: Swerve Module, 2910 Off Season
The 2 green parts in the model are plastic. We printed them from polymarker PC max and didn't have a single failure. 3d printed toothed pulleys tend to work better then gears because the load is...
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