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Today 07:05 PM
Pittsburgh Regional Scouting Presentation
Here's the final presentation! Special thanks to team 870 for providing us with some of the images. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jizmiHEGoE8 ebBKxyGhgsVVRCGbuoqh t
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Today 06:15 PM
Better or worse?
I think it would be better if the platforms were not so dang slippery.
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Today 05:56 PM
Autonomous Chooser Not Appearing in Default Dashboard
Are you using Smartdashboard? Open the save file in Notepad++ and delete the sendableChooser widgets.
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Today 05:51 PM
Talon SRX don't Work
The problem was resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling the Pheonix Lifeboat config on the roboRIO. Still seems to be an unusual bug.
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Today 05:28 PM
CommandGroup Irregularity
Just a minor point - your QueueCommandConditio nal interface is unnecessary, you could just use a BooleanSupplier.
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Today 05:28 PM
Randomness of the Scale in the Playoffs?
It's entirely possible. That looks like quite an easy fencepost error to make.
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Brian Maher
Today 05:24 PM
Blue alliance api: Match Number
What is the representation of your match information? I'm assuming it's the dictionary/JSON received from a TBA API call.
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Tyler Olds
Today 05:20 PM
FRC Top 25(40) Week 3 Results. Show Link
FRC5987 86th
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Today 05:10 PM
Timeout Error Getting Current from PDP
sigh, pdp firmware was 1.3.3 :( I had asked for that to be checked and was sick one day and told they did it (with some others I know they updated) & I never checked. Robot is in bag and practice in...
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Today 03:29 PM
Handling Cancelled District Event?
What do you mean the "county is closed"? No one can go in or out? Michigan, especially western and northern areas, will get a storm every decade or two with greater than normal snowfall. They...
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Today 03:24 PM
2018 Driver Station Autonomous Selection?
We had the lock up very frequently. On the shuffleboard, we had a competition running clock and other sensor status displayed and at times even if the robot is completely operational, all the status...
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Today 03:22 PM
Testing PID with a Potentiometer
Aaah, FMEA. Basically, to solve the issue you mention, you need redundancy. Multi-turn pots help add a margin of error for sw dev, but don't help if the shaft breaks, or the wires break, and no...
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Today 02:53 PM
2018 TVR
Guys, It took too long to do, but the 2018 NY Tech Valley Regional if finally done. Check out the highlights! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXzWCSwk8ug
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Today 02:41 PM
Team 7013: Two Cube Auto
Wow! Awesome auto! Kudos to your programmers.
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Today 02:40 PM
Pushed off Lift?
Watching that a few times, here's what I see happening: 3161 got pushed through the null territory and picked up a tech foul. They wanted to get back to their side for end game and tried to move...
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Today 02:35 PM
Set the value of sendable chooser
Even when the code is deployed the sendable choosers retain their value from the previous selection. In many cases this is ok and possibly desired. I was looking for an API that we could...
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Ginger Power
Today 02:25 PM
Iowa Regional
It's been significantly better in recent matches.
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Today 02:12 PM
Ignored Students in FRC
Thanks, these are a lot of really great resources. I'll be studying up and keeping them in my back pocket as we start laying out the framework for next year (and those to come).
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Steven Carmain
Today 01:48 PM
G14: The Pinning Rule is Broken.
I watched the match, I agree with the red card. If you watch the match, 5450 cross the auto, pinned 3711 for 35 sec (rewatching it, it was actually 60 sec, they released with 75 sec left in the...
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Today 01:47 PM
Chairmen's Equipment Provided
It is up to the team to present in any way they want as long as it's 7 minutes or less. As a chairman's judge, I want to hear a great story about your teams impact. I don't want to be distracted...
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