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Mr V
Today 06:24 PM
Registration 2019
This is the idea behind the reserved spots. The exact number is negotiated between the RD and FIRST and it is on the RD to select teams from the waitlist with some rough guidelines. Rookies, Teams...
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Today 06:23 PM
Average Foundation
What they lack in quality, they make up for in quantity. You can't escape the eyes of the Great Potato.
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Today 06:16 PM
Age breakdown of CD
OK, curious statistics: I opened the 10 "most recent" polls. Sorting them by number of responses and noting whether they were anonymous with an *, I get: 308 *Who do you like the least? 280...
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Today 06:05 PM
Uses for Spike Blues
No worries, we have no plans to throw them out. Fairly soon we’re going to start testing them all to see if they’re any good. If we don’t have a good use for them we may try to sell them (as it is,...
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Today 05:50 PM
RoboZone Podcast Episode #078 - Its ALL about that SWERVE!
I get that Robozone likes to focus on Michigan, but it might have been interesting to get some out of state teams to comment on this (such as 1323 or 16).
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Today 05:35 PM
Greyt Universal Cascade Elevator and Powercube Claw
I'm curious how many made it on to robots at all. I don't remember noticing any while I inspected robots, but that might just be a region thing.
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Today 05:34 PM
Issues with Teleop
Couple things I can tell you: Your button to toggle VI is messed up - it assumes that each instance will act independently, but is set up for shared memory. (I'll attach my tester VI where you can...
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Today 05:32 PM
[FRC Blog] 2019 Awards Update
Seems a little reminiscent of the 2011 "and their kits" Team Update. Dave Lavery was quoted in that thread and I think it still applies today.
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Today 05:24 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #745
You put your right arm in, you put... Hey! put your right arm in!
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Today 04:43 PM
[FF]: [OFF]: South Carolina Robotics Invitational & Workshops VIII 2018 Tier 2
abbymarie 1102 8:52 8:54 pchild 5190 8:50 8:56 drwhorx 8:36 8:48 8:58 Hailey.faiella 8:39 8:46 9:00 tmpoles 8:42 8:44 9:02
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Citrus Dad
Today 04:33 PM
Fouls requiring multiple robots
It sounds like the issue was an incorrect ruling, not the reliance on a replay, and that there was discretion allowed to the referee. If the rule explicitly calls for a replay and that is taken out...
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Today 03:54 PM
Running Grip Pipeline On Jetson TX1
That's for an old version, there is probably other dependencies that have been added since then.
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Today 03:53 PM
bus error opencv on jetson tk1
__mem does not look valid (2). It appears to be an invalid pointer.
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Today 02:07 PM
Strictly speaking, the valve directs air. The solenoid is the coil of wire & metal piece that moves in response to electric current that actuates the valve.
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Today 01:29 PM
2019 St. Joseph (Michigan) District
Definitely a great candidate to be the Week 2 RoboZone event of the week. Excited to get to watch these matches since we won't be competing week 2.
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Today 01:27 PM
pic: 973 2018
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Today 11:04 AM
Simulate flywheel for linear LinearMotion
Long story short, I "solved" this problem by moving from using PIDSubsystem to using ClosedLoopControl on the TalonSRX. I also had to disable braking on the motor. Maybe everyone else knew that but,...
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Today 10:51 AM
pic: Cabon Fiber Reinforced Nylon Filament 3d Printed Parts - FRC 3986
That is awesome! So many questions! Do you have issues with first layer adhesion or the Nylon delaminating? Do you use the default Nylon profile for the machine? Do you have the Prusa MK3 in an...
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Today 10:49 AM
Class of 2019, where are you applying?
Oh God, it can't be that time already? *panic ensues* My List, doing some 1 - .95^n kinda math here real quick :) Math Major, Private: CalTech, MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia,...
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Today 10:46 AM
Rah Cha Cha Ruckus 2018
To all our teams attending Ruckus, or anyone from the community coming to spectate: The Ruckus web site's Event Information pages have been updated with several key pieces of information! For the...
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