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Today 01:11 AM
Problems with CTRE Magnetic Encoders
I had great success with this. Thank you very much.
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Today 12:38 AM
start-of-school recruiting help
One of the important things to advertise is life long skills. We often tell incoming team members that the skills you learn here will help you in the real world, and not just in STEM. The skills...
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Today 12:36 AM
2017 WRRF Fall Workshops | Sept. 2nd @ Santa Clara Univ. (CA)
Western Region Robotics Forum invites teams in Northern California to come to our fall (late summer) workshops this year, presented by FRC teams 8, 100, 254, 299, 604, 668, 846, 1868, 1967, & 3501...
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Yesterday 11:00 PM
Methods of strengthening material?
Preach. We tried welding some aluminum (5052) in the thicknesses you want to try for your aluminum bellypan test. It went horribly and warped an insane amount. And this wasn't some novice screwing...
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Cothron Theiss
Yesterday 10:44 PM
[FRC Blog] Preference System for Event Registration
But did you do it?
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Yesterday 10:15 PM
Dual Input Versa Planetary Gearbox
You could probably print the housing using the models on VEXs website, I don't think I would print the gears though due to the loads involved.
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Yesterday 09:43 PM
FRC Varsity Teams
In Minnesota FIRST robotics is recognized by the Minnesota State High School League. Students can letter as they would in any sport. Just recently a group of us started the Northern Minnesota...
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Yesterday 08:24 PM
offseason event - FRC Roboday
This is going to be an epic event. I am really looking forward to seeing all the teams out to compete it STEAMworks! Ferris State is really planning to pull out all of the stops for the kids.
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Yesterday 06:34 PM
Ground Gear Intake speeds
Using an encoder for a pickup is often overkill. Experiment with it and get it right with just the input voltage. Then you can add a tiny bit of complexity by scaling up the setpoint as the system...
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Thayer McCollum
Yesterday 04:24 PM
[FRC Blog] Surprises
Or you know... they can pretend to be Nigerian Princes. :rolleyes:
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Yesterday 02:13 PM
Peak Peformance 2017 (PNW Offseason)
We are glad to see so many teams excited for this event! Currently the event is at full capacity with 30 teams registered, but teams are still welcome to sign up to get placed on the waitlist in case...
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Yesterday 12:39 PM
Developing Robotpy
As mentioned in gitter chat (posting here in case someone else is wondering), you can't run hal-roborio off the RoboRIO, you need hal-sim installed instead.
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Yesterday 12:16 PM
The FRC Part Exchange
We didn't really consider this during development, but you're totally right. Because of how the site works internally, it isn't a quick fix to add accounts not connected with teams, but I'll add it...
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Koko Ed
Yesterday 12:07 PM
Volunteer Culture & Burnout
If only the volunteer lounge wasn't four stories away.....
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Yesterday 10:36 AM
"Outside-In" 775pro gearbox
I didn't even think about that here. We ran Toughbox Minis that year and I think our (custom) front gearbox plate was just held to the tube in two places (and a dose of hopes, dreams, and memes). ...
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Yesterday 09:16 AM
Class of 2018, Where are you applying?
Applying for ARCHITECTURE: (in alpha order) Cal Poly SLO Cooper Union Cornell University Illinois Tech (IIT) New Jersey Inst. of Tech New York Inst. of Tech Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute...
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Yesterday 08:52 AM
Pneumatics without RIO
Just make sure that none of your solenoids require 24v, otherwise you will have to get a boost converter to get 24v.
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Tim Sharp
Yesterday 07:03 AM
Tennessee Valley Fair Robo-Rodeo Sept 8-17, 2017
3959 would love to attend. I'm filling out the paperwork this morning. Sorry for the late notice. We just had our first organizational meeting of the year last night.
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