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Today 06:14 PM
[FF]: South Pacific 2018 Tier 2
Wheat Coast Neat Coast 7:00 7:30 7:32 Blucifer 7:06 7:28 7:34 First Pick 7:09 7:26 7:36 The Lunch Company 7:12 7:24 7:38 Cup Of Joe ...
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Brian Maher
Today 05:39 PM
[FF]: Fantasy FiM
The Questionable Decisionmakers had a great time with Fantasy FIM and plan to participate again. Plus, the group chat is fun :)
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6101 Robert
Today 05:21 PM
4th Annual F4 CADathon
Alright, I'll bite.
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Today 05:17 PM
Drive Team Selection
Here are a few recent threads that discuss this topic: White paper 2017 Thread 2016 Thread 2015 Thread These threads have some good info, but here are two in specific that I thought I would...
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Today 05:15 PM
3d printers
We've been printing 100% fill polycarbonate prints for 3 years now. It's pretty great but it's hard on the hotend being pushed that hot all the time. We use a sheet of garolite on top of the glass...
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6101 Robert
Today 05:08 PM
The Problem With Events
I'm not going to list all the responses because they were very detailed, but thank you to everyone that responded to my queries. As usual, the truth resists simplicity. While the registration costs...
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Brian Maher
Today 04:45 PM
[FF]: Waiver Draft 1 (2018)
Everything is in EST (offset to CD time) unless otherwise specified.
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Today 04:41 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #700
The aliens continued to observe from overhead, still unable to determine if there was any intelligent life below....
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Today 04:15 PM
controller response curve approaches
This is a good implementation, but an even better one is to just allow scaling by an arbitrary polynomial. You can even do a generalized polynomial and allow fractional powers. It's very easy to...
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Landon K
Today 04:04 PM
Mounting an Encoder to a Live WCD Axle
I think I've attached what I have so far... Let me know if you can open it. I added a square slot to allow the bearing blocks about .15 inch of travel to tension, loosen bolts - slide, then tighten...
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Today 03:47 PM
pic: Offseason Training: CAD & 3D Printing
It just so happens that I've modeled something very close to this before! A few months ago I put together this assembly to keep the encoder concentric with the axle. Mine is for a CTRE Mag instead of...
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Today 02:05 PM
Unofficial Detroit Champs Blog
It's obviously not going on during Worlds, but Maker Faire is held at Henry Ford/Greenfield Village during the summer months, so if you have been to that location, it'll be familiar to you :)
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Today 01:43 PM
Introducing Limelight for FRC
Thanks! The ability to receive multiple targets has been added to the Software Roadmap. This is one that we can certainly have before launch.
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Landon K
Today 01:22 PM
Class of 2018, Where are you going?
I am planning on going to Michigan Tech for Mechanical Engineering and I've already been accepted!
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Richard Wallace
Today 11:43 AM
pic: Everything in Tube Drivetrain (Sample Frame)
I don't recall a rule requiring motors to be visible for inspection, but you might be asked to show that they are legal. In 2012, my team used a legal motor inside a DeWalt XRP plastic case. We...
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Today 09:06 AM
2018 Game Speculation
I'm thinking a game of multiple elevations. Starting position options of those different elevations(recruitme nt poster reinforces this) . A team could design their robot climb (or not). Threshold...
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Tom Bottiglieri
Today 01:28 AM
FRCTop25 Popularity Poll for Charity! Vote, Troll & Win!
Nice. Welcome to the team Collin!
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Today 12:26 AM
The Compass Alliance
I love your idea. Thanks for it.
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Today 12:06 AM
DataZ for FRC: Mo DataZ Mo Problems?
I took a pass at analyzing the provided matches, applying some heuristics to detect what potential events happened for each robot per match, and then a performance based assessment of capability...
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Connor McBride
Today 12:05 AM
What were the best FRC matches?
2008 Waterloo match 17
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