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Today 09:34 PM
Good looking robot! Can't wait to see it and the lift at Pittsburgh this year!
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Today 09:33 PM
Team 195: CyberKnights 2018 Chairman's Video
You guys definitely deserve it! You guys have the outreach, the skills, and the passion. I can't imagine someone deserving it more than you guys.
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Bryan Herbst
Today 09:26 PM
Robot disable
A red COMM light on the RoboRIO indicates that no user code is running (source). The description of your problem indicates to me that your code may be crashing. Have you checked the driver station...
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Today 09:17 PM
PID for Gyro oscillating all the way to setpoint
you should keep tuning your PID, trying to increase the D terms and if it's oscillated to much you should lower a little bit your P gain, and I would suggest you lower the maxOutput of the PID.
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Today 09:16 PM
Trapezoidal Motion Profiling w/ Position Feedback (Pure Pursuit Controller)
This will get you there very smoothly in 8 seconds with max accel = 3.92 max speed = 10 max jerk = 3 Probably too much time? What is causing the Vmax=10 restriction? Is that your bot's top speed?
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Today 09:14 PM
I think I would be in millisecond because every loop in the iterative class are executed every 20ms, I guess.
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Today 09:11 PM
Drivetrain encoder PID help
I would suggest you, if it's possible to use one of the drive base provided by the library, like the differentialdrive class or another one. And can I see how you set up the encoders in the code?
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Chief Hedgehog
Today 09:00 PM
Bagging your robot
Welp, throw your whole robot away /sarcasm. You do not need them in sequential order. I mean, maybe you do if you are ocd - but it is not a requirement.
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Today 08:59 PM
Shifting Issue with WCP Flipped Gearboxes
You can stick the magnet to a piece of steel and drop it in, use some loctite 641 or 680 to hold it in, once it cures, pull the steel piece out. We do this but with a spacer involved which allows...
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Today 08:58 PM
Advanced Networktables
Our team has an idea, and we are kind of lost as far as how to properly carry it out. What we want to do is send groups of variables over networktables to the native file system on the driver...
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Today 08:54 PM
auto mode using encoders without pid?
Strangely, it was because we were trying to tune with I gain, and it just affected it so much, but as soon as we did P & D only, it worked in both distances.
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Today 08:52 PM
Pid working differently at different distances
Yes! That was our issue. All the documentation we were finding was telling us to do P, then add in I, and it was causing us to way overshoot. So, a with the gracious professionalism of FIRST, we...
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Today 08:44 PM
Team Update 11
If I can get 10 by Thanksgiving Weekend, I'll have them built by New Years so they can make it to kickoff sites. On the VEX half of the world, we have roboteers build the clawbot, since you can...
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Today 08:41 PM
5826 was ready a while ago. Bag and Tag for us is a play night. Robot playing "catch the cube", robot doing Jenga with various objects, robot grabbing a broom and sweeping........ T. Wolter
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Today 08:23 PM
Car Nack Predicts 18-1
Well, good enough allies, it might happen...
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Mark McLeod
Today 08:22 PM
Frame Perimeter & Cubes
A couple of supporting Q&A answers: Q&A 112 Q&A 82
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Michael 4499
Today 08:07 PM
Team 1339 Robot Teaser [2018]
Great choice for the theme this year!
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Joe Ross
Today 07:57 PM
Web Dashboard not showing CAN
Any time you re-image the RoboRIO.
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Joe Ross
Today 07:56 PM
When to End a Command That is Using TalonSRX PID Control
What version of Phoenix do you have? It was added after kickoff. https://github.com/CrossTheRoadElec/Phoenix-frc-lib/commit/7fd99292d012727040c4 575767b40fa93a877d49
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Today 07:39 PM
2018 Shirt Trading Thread
I have a ton of 973 shirts and hoodies (mostly medium), and a few shirts from other teams that I'm looking to trade. Looking for medium shirts/hoodies from 118, 148, 330, 987, 1114, 1538, 3310, and...
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