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Today 04:36 PM
Are veteran mentors out of touch? 8:30pm Eastern Tonight
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Today 03:34 PM
Class of 2019, where are you applying?
Phew, after four years I'm finally here! I'm applying to: Stanford Cornell MIT Olin University of Michigan, Ann Arbor UC Berkeley UCLA
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Wayne Doenges
Today 03:28 PM
BAN the person above you!
Banned for having no Avatar
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Nate Laverdure
Today 03:21 PM
Is a battery screw terminal legal?
Could you please elaborate as to why these should be illegal, from a technical perspective? My thinking is that when you're tightening the fastener into these blind threaded holes on the terminals,...
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Thad House
Today 03:13 PM
Alpha release of Visual Studio Code for FRC C++ and Java
In Java 8, there were major differences between a stock openjdk 8 build, and the Azul openjdk build. The Azul one added a JIT, which didn't exist in the openjdk sources directly. However in 11 they...
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Today 03:05 PM
B.E.S.T. Robotics
We did best for a good bit. In some respects, I miss it. We built wooden geared robots most years with hand-cut gears, and the shop skills students learned from that are kind of hard to replace in an...
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Aaron Li
Today 03:02 PM
New items for 2019 season
I don't know the resolution http://i.imgur.com/hBGnCkd.png https://i.imgur.com/EttkLQ4.jpg
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Today 02:40 PM
FRC at ROSCon 2018
Windows VM image running on mac. Inside the VM image run a Ubuntu container running ROS. Should be straightforward :) ETA - or for real, try one of the options here : https://hub.docker.com/_/ros/....
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Today 02:39 PM
Pneumatic System Help
But I'm able to release all the air from the valve connected to pressure switch so shouldn't teflon not be an issue then? I'll use the multimeter method to check the pressure switch. Just to confirm...
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Today 02:38 PM
new to CD and in need of help
The FAQ covers this pretty well. https://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/faq.php?faq=vb_faq#f aq_reputation_faq
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Today 02:28 PM
2018-19 National Instruments Grant
The open grant application post has been made a sticky in the 'General Forum' and will remain so at the top of the forum until the application period closes on November 9th, 2018.
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Today 02:27 PM
2018-2019 FRC Season NI Grant Applications are Open
This thread has been made a sticky post in the General Forum and listed in the User Announcements. It will remain stuck at the top of the forum until the application period closes. TEAMS PLEASE...
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Today 02:21 PM
WPILib is adapting GradleRIO - Jaci has become too powerful and we must stop her
+1, except for Linux command line + VIM ... and was temped to try a Win10 VM for running a DS within Linux but never got around to it.
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Today 02:16 PM
What gauge wires for 775pros?
I don't know what the conductor thickness is on the Ozzyboards board, but it was tested at 40 or 60A (can't remember which) continuous. We have yet to smoke one, even though we have killed a couple...
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Today 02:01 PM
Why I love OCCRA
OCCRA was a major source of inspiration when we started our "BetaBots" game here in Quebec (http://betabots.ca). It's been quite popular here and this year we're doing three competitions each with...
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Today 01:46 PM
water game confirmed!!!!!!!!!
My meme quality is my own and does not represent the meme quality of my team.
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Al Skierkiewicz
Today 01:36 PM
Huge voltage drops and hot battery wires
This could still be a bad SB50 connector on the robot side if it occurs with more than one battery. Remember that temperatures on the inside of the battery will not transfer to the case immediately. ...
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Today 01:29 PM
[FF]: [OFF] IROC Tier 1
Caleb Sykes 1731 10:37 10:39 CurtisB42 612 10:35 10:41 ThatSoftwareGuy 1885 10:33 10:43 Hailey.faiella 10:09 10:31 10:45 Big-b 10:12 10:29 10:47 BrennanB ...
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Today 12:40 PM
CNC Routers for FRC Robotics
The single flute endmills do chip pretty easily if abused, but AFAIK there's no vendor for corner radius single flute endmills. You just need to be careful with whatever process you use to set Z0.
(85,260 views, 354 replies)
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Today 12:35 PM
[FF]: [OFF] IROC Tier 2
Golfer4646 10:00 10:42 10:44 drwhorx 10:03 10:40 10:46 TDav540 10:06 10:38 10:48 Abbymarie 10:09 10:36 10:50 LukeB 10:12 10:34 10:52 SPang ...
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