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Today 04:56 PM
No more pesky HSV tuning, just use machine learning
Ah the glory days of being the lowest rank and having to manually annotate images. I wouldn't trust a DL model fine tuned on only 20 images. There is no way it is not overfit, and there is no way...
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Today 04:54 PM
Drivetrain encoder PID help
Lol same, we've literally spent the last four hours today figuring out this exactly same problem here. If you guys figure it out, please let us know.
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Andrew Schreiber
Today 04:46 PM
Team Update 11
I will expand this and say they should be given in October. And I will put my money where my mouth is, I'll take 25 frames :P
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Today 04:41 PM
How to make lights on a robot flash
So we have a Blinkin. We have a 20 Amp breaker from the PDP powering it. We're using 12V LED strips. The lights are doing the default pattern. Our status light is falshing blue which means that it's...
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Today 04:33 PM
Network Tables not propagating from RoboRio
Thanks. I was actually sitting next to the guy who posted on google group. He posted there and I posted here. Thanks for the help.
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Today 04:28 PM
Team 1339 Robot Teaser [2018]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9ptRb_crdM& feature=youtu.be (Based off of the original Back to the Future Teaser Trailer) https://i.imgur.com/TqPTLSu_d.jpg Unfortunately, we think we've found a...
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Today 04:20 PM
frc 179 2018 release
I love the way you solved the problem of keeping the elevator rigid by making the claw go around the bar at the top. Really neat controls solution to a mechanical problem.
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Today 04:13 PM
My crazy freshmen and sophomores want to use our cube distribution arm/bucket to intercept or block cubes that are catapulted at distance. They built an alternative "box scoop" from thin steel...
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Today 04:06 PM
2018 Miami Valley Regional (MVR)
Hello Miami Valley Regional participants! Since 2016, Team 128 has been collecting and donating toiletries to those in need. This year, we will be handing out bags to teams at the competition and...
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Today 03:58 PM
Power Up Driver's Test
Could I also get the answer key please. Thanks!
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Today 03:53 PM
How to configure my second controller for my robot's pulley and claw?
Ooh, I got you. Simply copy and paste the code to open Joystick 0 in Begin. Then change the port to USB 1 and the name to whatever you like. Go to the Finish.vi and do the same to the Joystick 0...
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Today 03:46 PM
Rookie Team 7094 Labview Autonomous Code
If we could make visible "likes" on posts, this sentiment would likely have a lot of them. That's a very weak motor value. Tweaking that (with a defined duration) will likely change what you're...
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Today 03:29 PM
Shifting Issue with WCP Flipped Gearboxes
This is our second year using these WCP Flipped DS gearboxes. We haven't had too many issues with the shifter /cone interface. Loctite on Jam Nut helps as well. There are two different shifter...
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Today 03:24 PM
Maximum Points For Scale
The mathematical maximum a team could get from only taking the scale and switch is 342. This number comes from assuming that in auto one robot takes the switch in 1s and another from the same...
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Today 03:21 PM
FRC 95 2018 Build Thread
Not really. The rocking observed in the video is because our deck material was too flexible in a few spots. We're going to reinforce it where appropriate to stabilize things. Also keep in mind that...
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Today 03:15 PM
Bagging your robot
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Today 03:15 PM
Team Dave 3683 Robot Teaser
That's hardly even a tease :) Can't wait to see it.
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Today 03:13 PM
Stalling motors when attempting to turn
I don't recall exactly where I originally read this, but it was during research for 2016 STRONGHOLD; solid tires with lateral grooves and pebbletop patterns were recommended for increased forward...
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Today 03:13 PM
pic: Team 2544 Teaser
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Today 03:09 PM
Question about Bag and Tag
2410 was unable to get to our school district build facility today to finish some things up and bag. They instructed us to bag as soon as we have access to the robot. Unfortunately, we were given a...
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