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Today 02:39 PM
From where does your team but its wires?
Good choice on the monoprice for practice robot. I actually got in this thread just to see if Allen Gregory had already pitched it, and if not I was going to. It's cheap and convenient to keep wire...
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Today 02:37 PM
High performance 3d printed plastics
Thanks jgerstein, do you have any photos of where / how your team used the markfroged 3d printed parts? it would be great to see them
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Today 02:37 PM
[FRC Blog] 2018 Safety Animation Award sponsored by UL
Thanks to everyone who replied lol. It did turn out that my problem was not being assigned as student submitter. Here's the safety animation we made, if anyone would like to check it out:...
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Today 02:21 PM
Plenum cable: Is it legal?
Thank you all so much for the great suggestions, recommendations and warnings. After comparing the costs of 100 feet, 12 ga, stranded copper wire with red and black pvc-jacket, we decided to purchase...
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Today 02:14 PM
Mounting an Encoder to a Live WCD Axle
You could also do #25 chain, or #35 chain if you wanted to be extra safe. But for a first-time WCD it's better to just have the tensioning in case something goes wrong. Exact C-C is completely doable...
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Today 02:08 PM
2017 Bay Area AI (Machine Learning) Workshop | Dec 16th
If you're interested in getting into AI, come join current and alumni members of teams 254, 604, and 1868 for our intro to machine learning workshop this Saturday, Dec 16th from 8am-4pm, hosted...
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Today 01:47 PM
An ethical supplier question
Coke is an example of a Trade Secret.
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Today 01:28 PM
RPI won't load shared libraries
Hi, thanks for your answer. I tried using nm on libntcore.so and it gave hundreds of line of incomprehensible stuff, here are a few lines : 0005fb10 T...
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Today 01:23 PM
Have you ever....?
Well... this summer during an offseason event they had a team mentor match and I graduated just last year so I was technically a mentor, and I had actually practiced before the season as an operator....
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Today 01:12 PM
FRCSim, Gazebo v7, and GearsBot example
Hi there, I'm currently trying to get FRCSim running, but every time I start gazebo, I get this error: Failed to load plugin /Users/****/wpilib/simulation/plugins/liblimit_switch.dyli b:...
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Today 12:52 PM
Candidly Speaking 12/5 8:30pm EST: Supplier Ethics, CAW and more!
While everything may have worked out for your team you have to consider what everyone else may possibly go through. Six weeks is clearly enough for most teams, but maybe we should be inclusive of the...
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Today 12:43 PM
2018 Championship Housing - Is it open?
It appears to be now open for all teams. The "Hold Rooms" button is available for me, and I was easily and successfully able to block rooms. There are sufficient choices with sufficient quantity of...
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Tim Sharp
Today 12:36 PM
The Problem With Events
We have seriously considered this as well. It is our "Plan B" if we ever fall on hard times.
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Today 12:27 PM
You know you're addicted to FIRST when...
When you can wrap presents better than the rest of your friends and family because you are put on bumper duty each year.
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Chris Fultz
Today 12:23 PM
FRCTop25 Popularity Poll for Charity! Vote, Troll & Win!
He can move to CA, but he has to leave my grandsons here in Indy.
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Today 12:18 PM
[FF]: Orange County Regional 2018
Wheat Coast Neat Coast 7:00 8:02 8:04 Questionable Decisionmakers 7:03 8:00 8:06 Blucifer 7:06 7:58 8:08 Hammerheads 7:09 7:56 8:10 First Pick ...
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Today 11:39 AM
What's your best match?
Despite the ultimate loss, this match at Asheville was incredibly close and is one of my favorite matches: https://www.thebluealliance. com/match/2017ncash_f1m4 Unfortunately, no videos( that I'm...
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Today 11:19 AM
using wood cnc for metal
As stated before, one has to understand the material in order to get the most out of it. Most of your houses and the furniture in them are made from wood. There are many grades of wood, just like...
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Today 10:38 AM
[FF]: Sacramento 2018
Ah my bad, I didn't even notice. If you could swap 2367 in for Hammerheads, that'd be great! Sorry again :P
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Kevin Leonard
Today 10:35 AM
What separates the good from the great?
This is probably the crux of it. There's a saying that the last 20% takes as much work as the first 80% combined, and I think that's very true in FRC. Getting the really little details right in every...
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