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Today 02:04 AM
Recursion and Instance Variables in LabVIEW
I think what you are looking for is how to make your sub-VI re-entrant. Go to your VIís front panel and right-click on the VIís icon in the upper right corner of the window. Select ďVI...
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Today 01:44 AM
Bending Polycarbonate - best methods?
If you're realllly on a budget, you can always just use a heat gun, set it on high, stay about 12" away from your material, and go back and forth at a medium pace. It's what we do, and its worked...
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Today 01:27 AM
Rev robotics linear bearings...any others?
Goodness I'd rather cut copies of those parts with a hacksaw than pay 70 bucks for that.
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Today 01:06 AM
Are Sleeve Air Bags Allowed?
Why would this have to be submitted to the Q&A? It's obviously a pneumatic actuator that satisfies R83.J, and it's rated to above 70psi (satisfies R81.B). It's a legal part, you don't have to...
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Today 12:48 AM
[YMTC]: What determines a robot's intentions?
I would say that if a robot got hit in the act of launching, regardless of match timing, that would hopefully be taken into account by the referees. I would also say that that would be a good...
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Tom Line
Today 12:41 AM
Greyt Universal Cascade Elevator and Powercube Claw
Your hostile and confrontational stance and casual dismissal of the opposing viewpoint is not an appropriate way to hold a discussion on a semi-controversial topic. This is an issue that FIRST has...
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Today 12:36 AM
Using shuffleboard widget
The Gyro and PID widgets are fancy and require you to use the method SmartDashboard.putDa ta(Sendable sendable) where sendable sets its type to either "Gyro" for the gyro widget or "PIDController". ..
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Today 12:34 AM
SD540C Motor Controller native library issues
I have sent a follow up request to MindSensors to see how it's going with this issue.
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Tom Line
Today 12:21 AM
Compressor not auto powered- pneumatics help
Somewhat correct. The switch will turn the compressor off - but you can do that programatically as well. For instance, if you're climbing in the last 20 seconds and don't need the compressor you...
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Yesterday 11:46 PM
Musical suggestions for competition playlists
Robot reveals would be amazing. Chairman's videos are great too, but I think that robot reveals for 1-2 of the robots that will be playing in the next match would be really good at building hype.
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Yesterday 11:35 PM
Motor Controller options
Pretty straight shooting overall. My additions: - SPARK has ports for limit switches built in. If you're wondering about motor controllers right now, I'd say they're the answer because they're...
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Yesterday 11:33 PM
CTRE Srx Mag Encoder Help
It's been answered but here's my two cents... You only need two encoders, one on each side of drive train. Have the encoders plugged into the master Talon (I'm assuming your working with TalonSRXs...
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Spencer Lu
Yesterday 11:30 PM
"Quotes" that were said during build season
1) *Points to some tape stuck on a table* "Can I use this?" "No, it's structural." 2) "If we raise my laptop above the robot, gravity will make the code work faster!"
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Yesterday 11:28 PM
Eclipse C++ "not resolved" error
I'm trying to create a command based robot. A very simple one just for testing. I'm following a tutorial where the guy doesn't get any of my errors When I go and make a joystick in the OI, that is...
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Yesterday 11:16 PM
Pit Organization
Plastic shelving lets you store things nicely. I have yet to have a better solution for anything (save hardware) than 4901's storage system: STEP 1: Sort everything into a shoebox-sized plastic...
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Yesterday 11:14 PM
Deploying wirelessly using Gradlerio Not working
Try updating GradleRIO to 2018.01.22
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Yesterday 11:00 PM
Compiling raw data from FIRST
As promised, here is the VBA code I have for pulling in the data from API into Excel. You will need your own account and token, instructions for that are on the site you linked. I'm sure there are...
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Yesterday 10:52 PM
Note to self: Bring earplugs to PowerUp
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Chief Hedgehog
Yesterday 10:39 PM
Electrical planning
Chalk another team up to CAD (Cardboard-aided design). Before this we had very ugly electrical/wiring. Getting better each and every year. By the way, check out GreenHorn's wiring this year - it...
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Yesterday 10:29 PM
GRIP and CameraServer?
Ah! I did that earlier and I guess I didn't wait long enough for it to come up because I thought it wasn't working. Thanks Guys!
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