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Today 12:47 PM
Southern New England Advocacy Conference (SNEAC)
We would like to get all registrations in by the end of the month. If you are interested in going to this event please sign up as soon as you can so we can plan accordingly.
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Akash Rastogi
Today 12:15 PM
Post Your Prototypes & Resources Here!
Wow, this is fantastic!
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Today 12:01 PM
Pathfinder returning infinity?
What techniques did your team use to cut down on path generation time?? Are you estimating the paths with arcs, like 254? Thanks
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Today 11:55 AM
Robowranglers 2018 Season Recap
My favorite bits were the small jokes slipped in: 'turkish delight', the microphone shot during auto during Einstein final 1. Congrats on an amazing season! Also good song choice:D
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Andrew Schreiber
Today 10:39 AM
Best Practices for Modular Intakes?
As mentioned, the CD7 intake was fairly popular in 2016. I know 27 built it in 2006 and again in 2008 (yes it's giant and glorious) I believe 973 has used it a few years with reasonable success as...
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Today 10:31 AM
FIRST Global: Push for Global STEM Ambassadors
FIRST Global is now up to 192 teams. These teams will be competing in Mexico City, August 15-18, 2018. Global STEM Corp volunteers are part of an Advisor team that remotely mentors a FIRST Global...
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Today 09:28 AM
KC Regionals
3 smaller events? Could we have districts coming to Missouri/Kansas in a couple of years?
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Today 06:58 AM
BIG BANG! 2018
As of an 8:00 pit walk: 33 280 280b 308 7178 503 548 815
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Today 06:53 AM
Swerve Module feedback pt 2
It's unfortunate that the 9015 is going away. For us the 9015 at 100:1 has turned out to be excellent. I disagree with the statement that more powerful motors do not cause problems. We have used 550...
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Today 06:37 AM
calling all prediction accounts
Cheese is mold between wax. Down with big sammich!
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Yesterday 11:35 PM
Is it a sammich?
Someone will have to break this to the kids.
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Brian Maher
Yesterday 10:12 PM
[FF]: [OFF] MidKnight Mayhem Tier 2
Brandon_L 2590 10:07 10:09 Brian Maher 225 10:05 10:11 BrennanB 1923 10:03 10:13 Hailey.faiella 369 10:01 10:15 Hitchhiker 42 9:42 9:59 10:17 Kingthefirst ...
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Yesterday 10:04 PM
Shaft Collars
Having spent about a year at sea working, I have definitely experienced what Frank is talking about; nothing exposed outside, and little else, is smaller than about 3/8". However, I have to go with...
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Yesterday 07:31 PM
1678 Citrus Circuits 2018 Season Recap
Thanks for allowing us to follow your journey! Again, AWESOME team, and an amazing inspiration.
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Hitchhiker 42
Yesterday 07:27 PM
[FF]: [OFF] Big Bang 2018
* Kablooey! Done.
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Yesterday 07:10 PM
Team Time Clock - Open source?
So I did add the Time Sheet display but not with a method of editing yet. For the event registration feature. It is focused on events where you need people to sign up, volunteer.... not so much...
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Yesterday 06:03 PM
Class of 2018, Where are you applying?
I applied to the following University of Washington Seattle (UW) University of Portland (UP) Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) Washington State University...
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Yesterday 05:16 PM
Should colleges recruit FIRST students
I graduated from a college with 9 other Math majors. Yes, that's correct, 9. Let's just say the school is not known for STEM. I'm currently a Software Engineer. Your choice of college is definitely...
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Tom Ore
Yesterday 05:07 PM
2018 China Robotics Challenge
We've always had a good time at the events in China. We couldn't make it last year or this year - but the years we made it were great. Here's a picture from 2014 - there was some dancing going on...
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Yesterday 05:06 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #728
“Each lifter should place his/her feet close to the robot and adopt a balanced position.” — 2018 FIRST Robotics Competition Safety Manual, p. 13, section 5.3 "During the Lift"
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