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Seth Mallory
Today 08:01 PM
Mentor to Team Relationship
All teams have different cultures and there are good reasons for that. On my team I am Seth mostly unless the student wants to us Mr Mallory. On the other 2 teams that I am involved in I am Mr...
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New Thread
Today 07:53 PM
CST-100 Starliner
Hello all of Chief Delphi, We have a LEGO set modeled after the CST-100 Starliner, which is made by Boeing. As some if you know, LEGO will review any model that gets 10,000 supporters. A couple...
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Today 07:29 PM
Deep Learning/Neural Network Use In Scouting
Check out part 1 of Fastai's MOOC. I developed all the predicted match scores/robot stats features for my team's (Team 2102) scouting application last year using key principles from this course. I...
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Today 07:24 PM
Chezy Champs 2018
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Today 07:20 PM
chain in tube experiences
5987 made a chain-in-tube WCD as our first custom chassis last summer. We used 60x40x2.5mm tubing for the drive rails, and double 12t #35 sprockets, which gave us about 0.4" of clearance (some of...
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Tyler Olds
Today 06:47 PM
FRC Trailer Breakdown & Future of CD 8:30pm Eastern!
You've seen the trailer: https://clips.twitch.tv/ResoluteNaiveNigiriN otATK Now come speculate live on air and breakdown what this years game could be! Watch at...
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Basel A
Today 06:35 PM
Design and Communication
I can't say I'm surprised that the top teams are focused on individuals and key people making the important calls. While this isn't the direction Adam was going, it really just leads me to ask: (a)...
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New Post
Today 06:26 PM
[FRC Blog] Teaser Almost Here and Event Ready???
Teaser clip: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/311830489?t=00h35m28 s
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New Post
Today 06:20 PM
Team: 973 The Greybots is seeking mentors!
Thanks Akash! afaik our rules are to use as many greyt puns as possible and to always assume the right thing.
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Today 05:43 PM
If You Could Choose Where the FIRST Championship Goes Next Where Would it Be?
A Seattle champs would be nice, because then we wouldn't have to travel if we qualified.
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Today 05:43 PM
Changing CD for the better.
I think that regarding the reaction gifs problem, it would be reasonable to have a rule along the lines of "keep it relevant." There can occasionally be times when a reaction gif is warranted or...
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New Post
Today 05:38 PM
robotPy Interfacing with driver
Thank you. As a follow up, perhaps unrelated, but I did not think it warranted a new thread. When I run on the simulator, or attempt to run on the robot (We are having major unrelated network...
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New Post
Today 05:34 PM
paper: New Motion Sensor
Ha! Yes, maybe, but eventually it will all leak out.
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Today 04:32 PM
US Digital E4T-360-250 Encoder. Slipping?
My team hasn't had any issue with slippage, however I have a few reasonable suggestions: -Ensure the sleeve/adapter is installed correctly, there's a final step after putting on the metal top cover...
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New Post
Today 04:23 PM
Helping North Carolina Teams Affected with Hurricane Florence
Our team does annual hurricane relief drives for schools- ill pass this on to them.
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New Post
Today 03:17 PM
Ratcheting Shifter
https://grabcad.com/library/ratcheting-shifter-2 Link that should work
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New Post
Today 02:05 PM
FRC Blog - Teaser Release and a Free Registration!
probably because it updated with it yesterday.
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Today 02:04 PM
Is Rent Tax-Deductible?
Unfortunately the only one who would be able to give a firm answer to that question would be the accountant/tax adviser of the organization donating the space. It's crazy how a good one can spin...
(936 views, 7 replies)
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Today 01:46 PM
[FF]: [OFF] EMCC 2018 Tier 1
Congrats on showing up and picking for once! Unfortunately, you neglected to sign up before the draft started. Best of luck next time!
(184 views, 6 replies)
New Post
Today 01:33 PM
[FF]: [FF]: [OFF] BOB 2018
1. pchild 2. nomythicalbeast 3. BrennanB 4. Attention 5. Caleb Sykes 6. Niklas701 7. abbymarie 8. Electronica1 9. tmpoles 10. Big-b
(131 views, 10 replies)

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