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Today 12:02 AM
Being A Better Leader
2338 Gear it Forward is hosting a leadership seminar/webinar (live on YouTube) on August 6-9. You might want to take a look at this thread:...
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Brian Maher
Yesterday 11:52 PM
[FF]: [OFF] China Robotics Challenge 2018
1. Golfer4646 2. pchild 3. nomythicalbeast 4. Hailey.faiella 5. mman1506 6. Vale 7. Brennanb 8. miklast 9. 10. Thayer McCollum
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Chief Hedgehog
Yesterday 11:46 PM
2019 FRC events
So this is how it is shaking out for the 8 Upper Midwest Regionals Scheduled Week 2: Duluth Regionals (Lake Superior and Northern Lights) Week 4: Iowa Week 6: Seven Rivers Yet to be Scheduled...
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Yesterday 11:32 PM
Robots@CNE 2018
Current Team List (Will be updated) 865 1241 1310 4992 5719
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Yesterday 11:18 PM
[FF]: [OFF] Gitchi Gummi Get Together 2018
Brian Maher 3130 10:27 10:29 ThatSoftwareGuy 10:03 10:25 10:31 niklas674 10:06 10:23 10:33 Golfer4646 10:09 10:21 10:35 mman1506 10:12 10:19 10:37 pchild ...
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Yesterday 11:14 PM
[FF]: [OFF] Gitchi Gummi Get Together Tier 2
nomythicalbeast 3130 10:27 10:29 MikLast 2491 10:25 10:31 Thayer McCollum 2169 10:23 10:33 Jeremy Germita 4607 10:21 10:35 BrennanB 10:12 10:19 10:37 tmpoles ...
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Yesterday 10:59 PM
Electrical help
Your TBA links to a CA team but your location is MN. Were are you at?
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Yesterday 10:45 PM
RoboZone Podcast Episode #067 - The 2018 IRI Champs are Here!
SoundCloud Link: https://soundcloud.com/robozonepodcast/episode-067-the-2018-iri-champs-are-here Episode Description - In this episode, Andrew, Chris, Josh and I discuss the 2018 IRI Competition...
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Yesterday 10:37 PM
Thrust in a drivetrain?
Depends on how big your jet engine is: The bigger the engine, the more thrust it generates, and the faster you can go. Also works for rocket engines and rocket motors. And what you're ACTUALLY...
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Evan S.
Yesterday 09:42 PM
2338 University 2018
Hello! As some of you know, 2338 has been putting on a leadership course for some teams in our surrounding area for a few years now: The 2338 University. This course trains team members in the 2338...
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Yesterday 09:39 PM
Fan for 775pros
The thermal mass of a 775 pro isn't really high enough to take advantage of active cooling in between matches. Heat wasn't an issue at all for our 775 pro drive train this year. Our only 775 pro...
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Yesterday 09:33 PM
2019 Speculation Again
I would probably have a floor intake and just push it around, because FIRST would not make us throw it.
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Yesterday 09:30 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #732
Preparing the Nerd Sniping Machine. Your choice of being sniped by the machine with a basketball, or being Nerd Sniped trying to figure out how it wor--too late, basketball.
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Yesterday 09:22 PM
Mentor coded robots
I can see how it can be taken either way. FWIW, I'm 90% sure and certain that the disclaimer was not there prior to editing. Try reading the opening post, ignoring that the disclaimer exists. I just...
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Yesterday 09:07 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #731
Camps will wear you out! First place goes to: Second place goes to:
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Yesterday 09:04 PM
Ramp Riot 2018: The Official Thread
Ramp Riot Hype!! 225 is looking forward to playing with everyone at one of the best off season events!! RAMP RIOT HYPE!! :)
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Tyler Olds
Yesterday 07:13 PM
FUNalysis Tonight 8:30pm ET IRI Match Breakdowns
Starting in a few minutes! Hope you can join us: https://www.twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow
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Kevin Leonard
Yesterday 06:49 PM
2018 IRI - Indiana Robotics Invitational
Thanks for the high praise, Marcus. And thanks to your team, as well as 20, 340, 694, and 2791 for joining our scouting operation, we couldn't have performed as well as we did without your help, and...
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Yesterday 05:47 PM
Announcing CHS Bunnybots!
FRC Team 449 is starting a new Chesapeake offseason event called "Bunnybots". Modeled after FRC Team 1540's popular event of the same name, Bunnybots consists of a separate, three-and-a-half month...
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Yesterday 03:56 PM
[FF]: 2019 Season Long Fantasy FIRST
1. Falcon (EricH) 2. 1.21 GW (Hailey.faiella, mikexcao) 3. Questionable Decisionmakers (Brian Maher, TDav540, saikiranra, Kellen Hill) 4. The Breakfast Company (BrennanB, Golfer4646, Tmpoles,...
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