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Today 12:01 AM
Why do some teams disappear after a few years and others last for decades?
I remember speaking with one of your mentors about the great work your team has done helping other new teams. I was also extremely impressed with the quality of the design and the quality of...
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Yesterday 11:55 PM
What's next? (Offseason projects)
I should get our students to document our learning process. Maybe make some kind of tutorial for other teams to start with.
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Yesterday 11:54 PM
The elephant in the park
I'll admit I too was avoiding this thread. I must be too old to even know who Emma is. I did a quick Google search and the first FRC related video are from 2014 https://youtu.be/XRkbzH7O1Fc She must...
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Yesterday 11:29 PM
Packing Essentials for Detroit Champs
Yes One Up that
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Yesterday 11:27 PM
Offseason competitions in California a bad team can get into
As one of the hosting teams for CCC, I will admit, I have a bias. Here is how I break down the 4 off season events in N. Cal: Chezy Champs. An extremely well run event that can provide the highest...
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Yesterday 11:12 PM
[FF]: 2018 Daly Division
And here is your 2018 SLFF Daly Division Draft! Times will be enforced 4/24/2018. Draft slot times are Eastern. (CD time) Lists received: None. The Breakfast Company ...
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Citrus Dad
Yesterday 11:11 PM
2018 Houston, what went well
I liked that teams were much more mixed, but there is a way to do that so that I didn't have to check my phone each time and stare at the floor to look for the pit #s instead of the team #s. A robot...
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Yesterday 11:10 PM
[FF]: 2018 Archimedes Division
Swap 5724 for 1493, please.
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Yesterday 10:57 PM
Mountain Man's Quick Championship Recap
We didn't film it unfortunately. Don't despair, we will have Elevate Your Game returning in September, and this time we will both film it and have it broken into sessions. Details to come.
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Yesterday 10:41 PM
How do I help my team understand why we weren't picked?
Last year after ONDCMP we asked one of the powerhouse teams if they would share their scouting data on us, and if they had any suggestions for what they would have liked to see. Their data was...
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Yesterday 10:38 PM
Team 291 Battery Cart
here's a picture of it. Neat! kind of tall....I expect it's quite scalable.
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Yesterday 10:28 PM
2019 FRC Game- "Destination: Deep Space"
Lunacy 2: Static Electric Boogaloo
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Yesterday 10:15 PM
[FF]: 2018 Carson Division
Updated Final Results: The Breakfast Company 1885 5050 2771 Questionable Decisionmakers 225 4476 3015 FIRST Pick 3357 1640 384 The Lunch Company ...
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Yesterday 10:05 PM
[FF]: 2018 Curie Division
Final Results:The Breakfast Company 195 4976 7021 Questionable Decisionmakers 3707 379 70 FIRST Pick 230 3452 302 The Lunch Company 1747 1718 2175 TSIMFD ...
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Yesterday 10:03 PM
2018 Turing Subdivision
I'm thinking it is a tribute to your scouting organization. I didn't get to go to Houston but the students told me how your scouts noticed the disparity between our cycle time data, auton efforts...
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Yesterday 09:49 PM
NY Takes Detroit: Champs Preview and Season Reflection
These numbers are actually higher than I expected -- I just checked and Long Island had the highest auto mobility at 94.76%! I suppose it helps being later in the season but a good amount of the...
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Yesterday 09:40 PM
2018 Shirt Trading Thread
Just an update for my original post in the season, I would be open to any trades at Detroit this week. I have shirts from between 2016 to now that I would be willing to trade (just depending on which...
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Yesterday 09:24 PM
[FF]: 2018 Season Long Fantasy FIRST
Is 11 EST too late to start Archimedes so it actually gets done...
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Yesterday 09:11 PM
WPILib is adapting GradleRIO - Jaci has become too powerful and we must stop her
Dude! We’re talking about text editors here, not operating systems. ;)
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Yesterday 09:10 PM
Class of 2018, Where are you going?
Anyone else besides me going into machining? Would love to compare and share knowledge and tips/tricks and what kind of shops to look for!
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